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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 3 Chapter 1


Heading toward the imperial capital

Chapter six.

Well then .
————————————— Chapter Start ——————————————————
There’s one woman walked on this vast prairie.

Tanned skin, white long hair that’s flowed until her back, shining beauty, splendid proportion, those superb balance that made one wonder if it’s something that arranged by god which is offered to this world in that 173 cm height.

There’s no way for such a girl to be able walk in peace in this world if she was just alone.

———– Without even realized the 6 pair of eyes that aimed at herself, Carla – Grace continued to walked.

——- It’s bothersome eh ~. It’s quite far away you know ? until the imperial capital ……

I kept grumbled inside my mind as I kept walk while looking at one sheet of paper.
Thought I supposed to be in the 『Marutai Prairie』which is located just a little bit west from the imperial capital, but even now I still didn’t able to get out from this prairie.
After I separated from Supreme God immediately I went toward the east and is already about 2 hours passed.
Right now the sun is already slightly pass right above my head.

——- However for the paper that I held to vanished, as expected the god civilization is amazing eh.

It’s truly like that. After I walked a little bit the paper is vanished like it was melted.—— what left is only one piece of paper in my hand.

Just as I thought that the only one piece of map(?) left.

The only thing that I able to see is the thing that’s inside my eyesight and the rest is blank.
It’s truly map that style can be usually seen inside a game where only showing the area where I’ve been there.
Though I saved since I’m able to know the only direction…..

——— Well, this is maybe something that’s called as Unshin’s consideration right ——— But even so, what are those three people sneaking around like that ? for about twenty minutes we were walked toward the same direction so I thought that their destination is also imperial capital …..

Carla realized it.
Well after all it cannot considered as espionage on this prairie with good viewpoint like this ……

[Aniki, what should we do?] [Such a beauty is rare around here right] [That’s true, well it’s not like they’re only accepting virgin after all,
Let’s just give it to noble-sama after we have fun with her]

As the man who’s called Aniki said that, those face which covered with sweat and dirt distorted ugly.

These guys is the so called Robber.
Even in this peaceful world there’s still bunch of stupid nobles,calmly using all of their authority to forcefully stole girls.
Received the request of those stupid noble, in exchange of huge pay robber job is to take the girl to those noble.
They are the one who are former adventurers.
Failed in their quest and loses their trusts, received the expulsion punishment from the guild the so called ruined adventurers.
Though even if they’re a adventurers who are loses their trust their physical power is slightly stronger than common people, thus if they’re wanted to live decently then there is a lot of place that will give them job ….
Those guys, got taken in by the appeal of the so called robber work that’s able to give then huge amount of gold without much hardship.
With just bringing one girl, they’re able to get hold of money that for a commoner then they will be able to live in luxury and play around for about five years….. thus that’s surely made them didn’t want to work seriously.
Because of that, there’s unexpectedly a lot of cases where  the one who’re failed in becoming an adventurer changed into robber.
As for the noble that had little girl preferences, or won’t accepted if it’s not a virgin or such, there’s also the one who’s pervert who’s like exposure too,
But these robbers is only take up the request from the noble who’s accepted that it’s OK as long it’s beautiful.

Their aim is of course —- so that they can also enjoy her too.

It’s the matter of course that they able to do their best in the request since they can also enjoy it too.
This time also they’re took the request from the nobble that become their frequent customer, they’re searched for their prey on Marutai prairie which had little monster, and its also easy to run away from the large royal capital protection knight unit,

For those guys to the beauty who’s walking alone in the prairie, there’s no way they wouldn’t put their eyes on Carla.

They’re hold their impatient feeling, then jumped out in front of Carla.

[What are you doin in this place? Ojou-san?]

The mans while smiled with vulgar smile started to talked to me.

——- really, you guys already watching me from some times ago right? they’re is something that called as robber right ? —— Ushin you bastard ! Didn’t you said that this was a peaceful world ! How you call this a peaceful world if the first person that you met in other world is a robber ! ! !

[Oi oi oi, ,Aniki is talking to you you know, how about you said something eh?] [That’s true eh. How about you say something]

As I complained toward Unshin, the skinny man who’s truly looked like MO○NE HUSBAND and a fatty that seems really love to eat onigiri started to spoke.

[ Just now, I am planning to go to imperial capital, is this is the right way?]

For now, I tried to asked a question.

[Aaa, you’re right]

As expected the man mutter with a grinning face.

[Is that so. Thank you very much ————– well then]

I didn’t had any more business with them, also they’re the really type of person that I wanted to associate with,
I tried to slip away from the mans side.

However ……..
———— Gah ! !

[Oi oi , wait. Did you think that we will let you pass for free?] [That’s true, take out the toll, the toll !] [That’s true]

Suddenly they’re grabbed my shoulder and forcefully turned me toward the mans.

—— As I thought it’s impossible eh ……. but I didn’t brought any money. I wonder if one gold is enough?

Luckily there’s the gold that I got from Ushin as the example of the real thing.
Though since I still didn’t understand the value of the for the gold(or the market price) thus I am worry about this but this is somehow will manage right ? or with such kind of feeling I prayed while asked.

[ ——— ….. Aah  ~ I didn’t have anything except this one piece of gold, is it enough?] [There’s no way that’s enough ! It’s already well known that for Aniki at least you need three piece of gold you know] [That’s right]

It was no good ……..

—– It’s truly bothersome eh ~.  Should I just beat them up? ————- No, that’s not good …………. I am right now is a frail young lady. For now, I somehow understand what will such girl said in this situation …..

[Three pieces ! ? I didn’t have that much you know ! ?]

I tried to said it with a voice that seems to be surprised. I thought it was pretty good act you know. I will received a starring actress award♪
Alas because of 【Smile of the devil】I can’t snicker or even laugh.
Or rather, I felt subtly that my variation of expression is started to lost …..
This is maybe also the skill side effect ?

[Ehehehe , it can’t be helped e~h —– maybe we will take your body as the payment]

The man who’re made the greatest disgusting smile as of now,
with the template which wouldn’t be able to surpass one imagination, it’s to common that there’s no bit of twist, they spit out the line which is had the strong smell of a low person.

—– To spoke the line just like what I thought to this extent is oppositely made me felt pity for them ….. well, I still didn’t intended to pay them though.

[ ——– …… eh ? I don’t want to such a thing. Or rather that line is totally sound like a low man you know. With such kind of servant like smell made me oppositely felt pity for you okay ….. How about you start to learn how big person is speaking?] (TL : BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

For now I tried to spoke that.
Thereupon the men’s face in front of me quickly become bright red and then ….

[Bastard, after we tried to tell you gently you become to get carried away ! ! ! We will rape you and make you panting you know ! ! ! ]

Said that, the man unsheathed the sword on his hip.

——— Dear Ushin, the first people that I met suddenly become my enemy. This world is no peaceful at all you know !

———————————————- Author Note ————————————————

Her first battle in this world seems to ended up not with monster but with the robbers.
Do you come to understanding.

I tried to wrote a simple provocation.

The next chapter will be the first battle?

1/18 Revision Bishoujo(beautiful girl) -> Bijo(Beautiful woman) Thank you very much to meecom-sama for pointing this out.
1/21 Revision 面度だなぁ~→面倒だなぁ~ (typo)  Thank you very much to Luminel-sama.

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