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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 3 Chapter 2

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ED :  Crimsonwolf
PR : Lebin


Chapter 7- But even so I didn’t do it

It’s short!

Well then ….


-Robber’s POV-

We were sure of our victory, while pointing our swords toward the girl in front of us.

All of us were ex-adventurers, plus I was a proud Level 20 warrior; there was no way we would lose against a girl who was at most, 20 years old.

Furthermore, our opponent was barehanded.

Thinking about all the pleasurable things that we would be doing after this, a delighted smile floated onto our faces.

I leered at the face of the girl who was supposed to be frozen with fright..

What the…..

That girl didn’t even twitch, just inclined her doll-like face and looked back at me with those eyes that could stare into my soul.

Not good ! This person is somewhat different !

I don’t know, perhaps it was my instinct as an ex-adventurer or my ability to perceive danger as a robber, but I knew that she was dangerous somehow.

Just when I was about to warn both of my henchmen …….

Swoosh ~ !

Splash !

The woman disappeared from my sight, and from Fatty’s position behind me, I heard a splashing sound.

[Oi, what hap—]

When I turned to look at Fatty, I froze in disbelief at the scene before my eyes.

Is it perhaps around the chest area of fatty ? That woman remained in a pose as if she had just kicked, while Fatty……

Only his lower half …

[ …Hah? …eh?]

Bchsyuuuuuuuu!!!! Petchsaa!

Fwoosh !

Pachi!! Splash !

From the lower half of what used to be Fatty, some kind of warm red fluid sprouted and soaked me.

At the same time, Fatty’s lower parts fell into a pool of red…… It was『blood』, and as the blood pooled, the woman once again disappeared from my sight.

[Oi! Brace yourself, skinn— ] (TL : skinny , the skinny guy)

Just as I thought to give Skinny(SU* husband) a warning, when I looked at him, he looked at me too, but…

His neck turned and kept turning until it completed a full round.

[Hiiii!!…Oioioioioioi! What is this!? ]

Because of this overwhelming scene, I ended up screaming without shame or even honor.

[What a noisy guy. You already decided to become a robber, so you should’ve already known what happens when you lose, right? For you to cry at this time is lame, you know…]

Normally, the calm, beautiful voice that came from behind me would charm most people, however, to me, it was an object of fear.

[…Then, sayonara]


An unpleasant sound that resounded at same time as the farewell voice of the girl.

As my head slowly drooped down, what I saw was the hand of the woman was my heart, which was slowly being extracted from the center of my chest.

The girl’s hand which pierced my chest somehow didn’t felt real, which confused me at the death’s doorstep.

The reason for that was obvious.

Even disregarding the fact that her hand had just pierced straight through me, there wasn’t even a single drop of blood on her hand. And…..

Haah!? Pierced? This—me? I, who raised my level until level 20, to the extent that I was about to be chosen as the hero candidate!?

From fright came understanding, and from understanding came pain.

For a brief moment, pain like I’d never felt before surged through my body, and my brain that was in turmoil because of what just happened suddenly started working, and I slowly processed what had just happened.

However, everything above only took a moment, and I lost hope instantly.

I, who understood the fact that there was no saving me, turned my face toward the girl. Ah, just as I thought. What greeted my dying face was..

The beautiful, the expressionless face of the girl which seemed like a work of art.

-Carla’s POV-

‘ve really done it, …. so this is the experience of the guilt of committing 『murder 』 for the first time that every Strongest-type of main character feels .It’s really come eh….But the opponent is also doing this with his resolution after all. So it can’t be helped, right?

Although it was slightly unexpected, for Carla, who came from modern Japan, she wasn’t the slightest got tormented by guilt from having killed someone.

[But, this body is absolutely overpowered, just like I thought after all.]

Even though at the start I just intended to make them surprised by showing them a sudden movement,but  the SPD value of 500 was just too much.

I attempted to stop myself by lightly kicking the fatty’s chest, but……

[To think it become something like that…]

The last two were just same.

I caught onto the skinny one’s neck to stop myself, and as for the robber who was called Aniki, I just intended to lightly pushed him away.

[This won’t become an obstacle in daily life, right? I hope…]

As she was muttering, Carla began to walk towards the imperial capital.

One hour after that, Carla safely emerged from the prairie, and arrived at the imperial capital.


Here’s a short and quick explanation.

It’s her first battle. However, due to a background setting, our MC did not feel any guilt even after killing someone. (EN: I’M FEELING CHUNNI! I’M A KUUDERE TOO~ *sees cat* >u<)

Well then, please treat me well too in the next chapter.

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