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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 3 Chapter 3

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ED : CrimsonWolf
PR : Lebin

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Arrived, but ………..
chapter 8  .

Well then …..
Oo-klan kingdom, Capital 『Klanklan』

At the capital of the Klan-continent’s biggest country, the Oo-klan kingdom, there existed a royal castle.
The royal castle, located in the middle of the city, had a beautiful white outer wall known as the    『White shrine of peacefulness』. The royal palace had strong fortifications due to several defensive magic skills such as [Resist spells] and [Anti-skills], and for the sake of preserving it’s beautiful appearance it was permanently applied with the magic [Purification]. Even though a thousand years had already passed since the castle had been built, the beauty from the olden days hadn’t disappeared. In this day and age, it made one wonder about the capability of magicians of old.
The royal castle was situated right in the centre of the city, and was surrounded by the noble factions. They, in turn, were surrounded by the commoner faction.
All around the city, the ramparts were lifted shut, with the exception of the four directional gates.

The city was divided into 4 divisions; the commercial district at the northeast, the developmental district at the southwest, industrial district at the southeast, and residential district at the northwest.
The commercial district was just like its name; it was a district that specialized in trade business. It was also the same for the industrial district and residential district.
The development district was the birthplace of various human occupations. In fact, the entire district was filled with what looked like vocational schools.

This was the kind of metropolis that the capital of the『Klanklan』kingdom was.
At the west gate of the city, there was the lonely shadow of a single woman.

[Fuu~ , finally arrived]

Carla muttered in front of the majestic gates.
It took a total of 3 hours before she reached this place.
The sun which previously hung over her head had now shifted towards the west and would no doubt set in a few more hours.

-(First Person POV)-

For now, let’s try to enter …. hmmm ?

[Stop ! You over there, Wait for a moment ! ]

Perhaps they thought I was a suspicious person due to the fact that I was standing there looking dumbstruck.
Even while slighlty surprised because sudenlly got called by someone, I turned my head and looked at the person who had called me.

Over there, there’s a knight wearing silver armour on his body.

[If you wish to enter the imperial capital, you need to have a pass. Do you have a pass?]

The knight towered over me (his face is handsome ….. tch —- ) and asked me politely.

Pass? I have no such a thing, you know ? ——– Dear Unshin , what happened with [opportunism]?

However, since I couldn’t keep silent like this either……

[I just came out from my village, so I don’t have any pass ……. ]

For now, I’m pretending to be someone who just came from from the countryside.

[What? So you didn’t have it. In that case, I would ask if my lady would accompany me to the station to issue you a pass?]

The man said, before turning towards a building situated at the side of the gate.

I guess this can also be counted as [opportunism]?

Even as that thought went through my head, a separate thought surfaced, namely that disobeying him wouldn’t bring any good situations, so I followed him quietly.

The inside of the station seemed to resemble most normal houses. There was a table for four, chairs, a fireplace for when it got cold, and a place to sleep. I sat down in the chair and began my interview with the knight.

[I’ll ask you a few questions, so please answer them…. Ah , my name is D**k, the manager of the west gate.]

The knight in front of me….. 『D**k』said so.
(TL : is this really a name? correct me if I’m wrong :3 ) (ED: Obviously our tl hasn’t heard of the great comedian D**k Lee. D**k-ly?)

-(D**k’s POV )-

[ I’ll ask you a few questions, so please answer them…. Ah , my name is D**k, the manager of the west gate.]

I casually told her this, while attempting to control my heart which was beating impossibly fast.

Today was supposed to be a routine day; stop people who want to pass the gate, check their passes, if they don’t have one then issue them one.. But, today is different..
The person I stopped this time just a girl. Just like always, she didn’t have a pass, which meant I invite her to the station to issue her a pass. However, as soon as I saw her, I realised one thing …..


She was beautiful beyond belief, an overwhelming sight which simply could not be quantified as either pretty or cute. To give an example, this beauty was like the moon floating in the sky. Even if I want to hold it in my hand, it would be impossible. However, it is equally impossible to resist the urge of wanting her. Such was the contradiction borne after I saw her.

She was so beautiful, even the top actress I saw at the opera last time could not compare; the actress would be left looking like a dumb girl from the country.

A line was so hypocritical as to make even myself become stunned floated into my mind.
Throwed everything that come in my mind to the woman in front of me, I really wanted to saw her smile shyly.

Regrettably..I have to do my job seriously..however, she is so beautiful.

I must have made a black face then, for the women open her perfect mouth and asked:

[… the question ?]

That voice, it contained a slight harshness.

At that moment, I realised something.
Her face hadn’t changed a bit. However, the light, the atmosphere, the swirl of the air; everything was solely changed just to suit her beauty. Everything was affected; and somehow, even though I thought I just saw the most beautiful woman, she proceeded to capture my heart again by showing me an even more beautiful face.
Because of that overwhelming beauty, I didn’t even remember feeling a shudder.
(TL: when you see something beautiful you usually shudder , happened to me once XD … it goes like *bzzzt* ) (ED: You sure it wasn’t a stirring in your pants?)

[..What is the question! ? ]

Ah, it must have been because there was no answer for so long that the woman became a little impatient.

[.. Ah …Sorry, sorry. I was just fascinated by your beauty.]

It’s not like I, who was known as the『diligent playboy knight』, didn’t have anything to say to this woman, who possessed the ultimate beauty.

[There’s no need for the flattery. Leaving that aside, what about the question for issuing the temporary pass?]

Really, even though I didn’t intend to flatter her but it seems that this girl in front of me didn’t see it as something like that.

[.. Ah, that’s right, first is your name. So, what is your name ?]

Although I wanted to get closer to her in various ways *ahem* but first came my job..

I begun the interview while holding a great amount of ulterior motive.

-(POV change)-

[..Ah, that’s right, first is your name. So, what is your name?]

Finally, the interview has begun for real. It seems as though I must keep an eye on this man…

I became cautious of [D**k].

Well, first of all because of his handsome looks he must be a playboy. He must be.
If it is just that, then maybe I could still see him as sincere knight.
But, for him to be able to naturally say such a line,

Isn’t that confirming that he’s a playboy bastard!!

Even while I was amazed at my first attempt at getting flirted with, D**k was still having fun with the interview.

In the middle of chatter, I wondered when I would be able to enter the imperial city, 『Carla』’s adventure was still just beginning.

-(Author’s Note)-

Did you come to understanding?

He will appear in the next few chapters you know ~

Well then, please treat me well too at the next chapter.

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