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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn – Volume 4 Chapter 7

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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Author Note:

daily life at the inn 7

hello, this is the author/

it’s finnaly night at the main story.

shall I show you some twist ! ? (TL : seriously, maybe we should remove this and put this on the bottom of the page or what ? )

well then, here …..


I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 7


A few hours had passed since I repelled those fools and got teased by the neighbourhood uncle and aunty.

And now, we had arrived to the hour of the night.

Today’s customers were all adventurers; the type of people who loved to eat a lot and drink a lot.

Well, since it was difficult (as expected) for me to manage the inn all alone at night, I had asked for the assistance of the old couple who had run the inn. The 『 Tirrep Couple』who had supposedly retired were also the 4th and 5th people to become fans of my cooking. Although they had wanted to continue managing the inn, their backs told them to stop, and thus they tearfully closed the inn. However, because they neatly fitted into such a role, I asked for their help and immediately received an OK.

My burden had decreased, you say? …… That’s absolutely not true. If my free time increased it means that the time when I had to work hard also increased.

Dinner time had passed, and now the inn had completely transformed into a bar. While I was rushing around everywhere to refill the glasses of my customers, the Tirrep couple were eating rice and preparing the alcohol and snacks.
If I had to honestly comment on whether I could relax or not, then I would say I could not.

[ Onee-chan gimme a refill on my beer here! ] [ Right now this onee-chan is still filling my drink! You just wait over there! ] [ More snack for mee ~ ] [ ……… Guuh ] [ Hear me siiing ! ! ! ! ]

( Really, noisy. The guy who is sleeping over there, go, go to your room.)

[ Yaaah ~ as I thought. If I go to the capital, it has to be this inn, right ~] [ That’s true, the food is delish, the landlady is also beautiful right ~ ] [ The beer is delish too, right ! ! ! ] [ Really, it’s as the name says, 『Goddess’s Inn』]

Thank you. When people say things like that I feel that it is worth it to keep the inn going.

[The only thing lacking, really, is to see the landlady smile ~] [ You’re right ~ It’s the landlady’s 『 Smile 』that no one has ever seen right ? I heard that if you can see it you’ll be blessed, you know ? Landlady-san, can you please smile a bit ~ ?]

The customer gave me some words expressing their gratefulness, but because of what they said, the previous clatter of chatter disappeared like a lie.

( Ooi ! ! What do you want me to do! ? If I smile, then the 『Devilish smile』will activate, you know?! Or rather, because of this skill, I became this expressionless.)

I became flustered on the inside.

[Oi , stop it . I heard that landlady-san had gone through a strong trauma as a child and now she cannot make any expression, you know. I think it’s better if you guys don’t make her remember about that.]

* silence * The entire inn fell silent once more.

(Wait, what’s with that false setting! ! ! )

[Eh ? From what I heard, because her smile is so beautiful, there was a husband who lost all interest in his wife after seeing her smile. Afterwards, he left their house feeling full of sorrow, and because of that, she stopped smiling. Or at least, that’s what the wife’s parents said.]

The inn became even more silent than before. (ED: Silence is silence…….can’t get any worse)

(That’s wrong because it was complicated…..but that is Maruta-san, right! ? What is the maid doing! ? ) (ED: Maruta-san is someone from Carla’s adventuring days.)

[Wait…….according to what I heard, it’s so rare for the landlady to smile that if you have seen her smile even once, you have used up all the luck of your lifetime, and that afterwards, only bad things will await you…….] [Wait, wait. If it’s my rumour, if you saw that 『Smile』, then it’s so beautiful that it will never leave your head, and from morning to night you will be unable to think of anything but the landlady, and eventually you will die from madness, you know?]

In the inn, there was not a single sound made.

(What’s with that kind of setting, huuuuh?! What do you think I am, some kind of demon, huh?! )

[ La-landlady, haha, well, really, it-it’s not like you have to force yourself to laugh, you know?]

The man who had begun the conversation said that nervously.

(I wonder if it is alright for me to get angry? Or rather, I will really get angry, you know?)

[Alright everyone, all of these gossips are lies you know? There’s no need to think so much about it, alright?] [That’s true, it was always hard for this kid to show her expressions since she was a kid; we’re sorry for the trouble.] – (TL : this old man speak with old japanese, and so supposedly translated to old english ( or that’s was what people usually do XD ) )

It was around the time when I had became angry? It was with such precise timing that the Tirrep couple came out.

(Oh ~ As expected from the Tirrep couple, arriving so precisely on time to make me feel better.)

While continuously giving my thanks to the couple inside my mind, I turn my head toward the customer.

[I am very sorry. Just like what Tirrep-san said, ever since I was a child, it’s been really hard for me to show my expressions. It’s not like I don’t want to laugh, but since it’s just hard for me to show it on my expression it seems I made some trouble for everyone.
Again, all of those gossip is just a baseless rumour. If by chance you see my smile, you wouldn’t die, so please rest assured.]

As I said that, the inn fell into a weird mood.

After that, in apology for the careless remarks they made for two hours, I observed as all the customers drank as much as they could.

[ Tirrep-san, thank you very much.]

Now, it was at night.
All the customers had already returned to their rooms, while the Tirrep couple and Carla had convened in the snack bar to have their own banquet. As they did so, Carla gave her thanks to the Tirrep couple.

[It’s alright, we understand that you have trouble showing expressions on your face, and after all, you are the one who runs the inn now.] (Male Tirrep san)
[That’s true you know~ After all, Carla chan is already something like a granddaughter to some old couple like us~ ] (Female Tirrep-san)
[That’s right, it’s alright to rely on us sometimes. After all, it’s one of the amusements of the grandparents to here the selfish requests of the grandchildren.] (Male Tirrep-san)
Really, these two said something that made me happy.

[The beer at this place also delicious after all] ( Male Tirrep-san)
[Thank you very much. Then, how about you take some back? I still have a lot in the back, after all…] [Hoho, then I shall receive it, shan’t I? Well then, it’s about to time we have to go back….bye.] ( male tirrep san)
[That’s right. Bye Carla-chan, see you tomorrow.]

Thank you very much.

Grandpa, Grandma,

see you tomorrow ] Even though they were already tired from the work, the steps of the old couple that went to their house, were light.


Author Note:
yep , this is it.

i tried to insert Tirrep-couple into the story
how about it ?

for now I think the part that explain about end will end with this .

by the way, the alcohol that they drink at the dinner, i set the setting as the “japanese rice wine” (A.k.a Sake)
carla’s handmade.
since a sake alreay come out,

『 if you want to drink some wait till you reach 20 years old ! ! ! 』

well then , what should I do in the next chapter ?

meet you again at the next chapter.

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