I’m OP, But I Began An Inn?! – Volume 5 Chapter 4

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Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: Axelia



A Letter From That Person


-Author’s Notes-

Hello, this is the Author speaking.


Somehow it devolved into something that I wrote as I please.


This is similar to that of the Idle Talk.


Even so, for anyone who wants to read it, here you go.


I think there’ll be a lot of critique regarding this chapter.



There was someone beautiful walking down the street. This person was beautiful enough to make everyone’s heads turn as that person passed by.



This person was so beautiful, people of both genders stared in amazement.



Looking at the direction of the beauty’s legs, everybody thought that the [Dragon Mistletoe Inn] was her destination.



(Is she one of Carla’s acquantainces? If so, then her beauty is understandable.)








Right after that, everybody began wracking their brains again.




(Have I seen that beauty somewhere else before?) – (TL : everybody’s thoughts )


Like that . . .



The girl arrives at the inn slightly past noon.

It was just before Kail appeared at the inn.



As Carla finishes the the preparations for lunch, the girl suddenly appears by Carla’s side and says,



“Long time no see. No, perhaps it’s more fitting to say how do you do right? Carla-san?”


“Welcome. That’s right, I think it’s the first time I’ve met someone as beautiful as you? ‘Long time no see’. If you say that, perhaps we have met somewhere before?”


“We have never met, you know. But I know you, you know.”


“*insert main character’s former name*-san”



The atmosphere inside the inn suddenly changed.



“. . . ! Where did you hear that name?”


“Please don’t be so wary. You’ll understand if I say [Saiko-Ushin] right?”



“Haaah~ So it’s that Ushin. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that name eh~

Then, are you this Ushin!”



Carla showed a slight surprised expression since it was a name she hadn’t heard in a long time and asked something in return to continue the conversation.



“No way, that name is to grand for me. I am just a reconnaissance corps angel. My identification code is [KRN-200], codename [Klan]”


Carla’s face became blank from surprise.


It has never crossed her mind that the one who stood in front of her was the sole god of this world [Klan].




Then as if she was already familiar with the inn, Klan sat down and gave Carla a piece of paper.



“Actually, Unshin-sama wanted to come here directly, but well, she was caught by Ten-chan. It’s just a little message for now,”



said Klan as she held out the piece of paper.


Rather than that, good job Ten-chan.



Carla gazed at the paper she received.


“Is that so. Hmm~mm, what’s inside I wonder?”


Dear Carla-chan,


It’s been a while~ How are you doing? I am doing fine. Have you gotten used to living at that place? I’m sorry I can’t go this time~. In exchange, I sent Klan to you. This time, there’s a thing I want to talk about with you, okay~? After all, Carla-chan’s status has currently become something unbelievable right~? That time I thought, ‘Eh? Did I really make a cheat character like you?’. Your status has already become beyond absurd you know? It easily surpasses Klan by 50 times, you know? So I thought, ‘What in the world happened?’

All the other angels also became confused to the extent that they began talking about sealing you away for a certain amount of time, you know~?

Well, since it became “It looks fun so let’s just leave this as it is”, you don’t need to worry about it, okay? Also, I added another [cheat power] in secret so give it a try when you have time, okay? It’s really hard to work in secret without being exposed by Ten-chan, alright? Be thankful.


Well then, again, I am always looking at you from the world far above.



From Unshin ☆







The heck is with this letteeeeeeeeer!



It was a short message with amazing content.



(The heck! My power easily overpowers the sole god of this world! And sealing me for a certain period of time they say . . . Scary!)


As Carla thought this, Klan suddenly stood up.



“Well then, it’s almost time for me to take my leave as I also have the job to scout out this world. Also, your power has already surpassed all of us angels with a momentum that may allow you to rival even Unshin-sama . . . However, if you ever intend to revolt against Unshin-sama, we will exterminate you from this world. We will call forth the full force of the heavenly army if we need to. Please don’t forget about that . . . Well then.”



After saying that in one breath, Klan’s body was engulfed with an intense light.



Klan emerged with an appearance appropriate for an angel with 10 wings growing from her back.


“I don’t have any intention to raise my hand against Unshin you know. Rather, I am grateful towards her for sending me to this world. I also want to become friends with you. Next time you should come and order something, okay? Well then, until next time.”




Carla raised her head with a slight smile on her face.


Klan flew away from the inn with her face dyed red.





In this day and age, a man walks down the road towards the inn.


Just a little more and he would arrive at the inn, but suddenly a pillar of light penetrates the inn.




“Wha! What is this!”



A pillar of light that descended from the heavens.


That pillar could surely be seen from everywhere in the royal capital.




“That is . . . Goddess Klan!”



The pillar of light disappeared at the same time Goddess Klan disappeared into the sky.



“Carla! Is everything alright!”



The man rushed towards the inn and what awaited him there was .  . .



“Welcome Kail. What happened? You look panicked.”



Carla’s there with her usual expressionless face.


How about it . . .


Hiii~ Critic is scary.


Kail with the near pin! It is regrettable for this man.


If he had been just a little bit faster . . . well it was supposed to happen.



There’s the possibility that I will revise this chapter in the future, for now I will post it as is.


Well then, please treat me well in the next chapter.


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nai wa!

The cliff are haunting me right now 🙁

nai wa!

Thanks for the chapter btw 🙂


Thanks for the chapter.

[Carla raised her head with a slight smile on her face.]
– You did it Carla, you did it.

[Klan flew away from the inn with her face dyed red.]
– See Carla!? Because of your carelessness our friendly Kail now have a rival!


ಠ_ಠ That’s a harsh rival… rivalry against the sole god of their world…


Wow, I noticed it now, she used [Devilish Smile] xD


Thank you very much

Porteur du fardeau funéraire

euh i’m perplex


ooookay… now she even make the Goddess of that world fallen for her….. poor King…. he already have powerful rival in love…..
and right now her status easily surpass the Goddess of that world…. she literally a “Goddess” now…. the rumour become true….. a beauty who even make the Goddesses fallen in love….. LOL

Vincent Lin

it is hard for her to smile, yet she smiled. That smile is the smile that can bewitch any being. 😀

Thanks for the chapter


The author just doesn’t give a f***, does he? XD


I really don’t want to complain but man this author really don’t give a fu*k about it and just randomly throw ideas in the story , well nevertheless thanks for the chapter

anna weber

waaa~~! hehe funny as always ..uuh Thank you very much~~

anna weber

i wonder if next time she comes back will she force a goddess to pay? …she…..she does treat everyone equally lol

Mac Mac Marinas

Is this dropped??

Neko Shiro

New chapter please

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