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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn – Idle Talk 1

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: Crimsonwolf8439

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Idle talk  man’s monologue 2


I post the idle talk to have continuity.

it’s blessing to me if you have fun reading this.

well then


[So it’s here…….this place is quite gloomy, eh?]

That was the impression that I received standing in front of the inn known as『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』.

Since it was an inn that recently became famous, I had expected it to be of similar scale to the『Delight Garden Pavilion』inn.


The inn was not situated on the main road, nor did it look like it was overflowing with customers.


There was a signboard placed in front of the inn for formality, but with so little people walking about here, no one would notice this place or the sign.

Is this really the inn which has become a hot topic around here?


[Well, whatever. The person who made the bread must be in here, so I wonder if they are willing to work for me in the castle?]


As I said that, I entered the inn.


— Cling cling

A bell gently clinked as the door opened.

[Welcome to the 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』!]

I was welcomed by an extremely beautiful woman.

As I looked at the girl, I sort of understood why the inn had become a hot topic recently.

The beautiful woman’s facial expression did not change even though there was a customer. Did she really want to welcome me like that?


[I wonder if I should stay here? It might be a little troublesome since the inn has become a hot topic recently…]


Actually, I wanted to begin discussions with her to employ her into the castle straight away, but I continued to conceal my identity for a bit more.


[I’m sorry, but the guest rooms are full today. But if it is his highness, there should a spare room in the castle, no?] – (TL : she speak with polite form)


[ …..what? I was already exposed?]


[When I opened the inn, I recall I had to ask you for permission first, although it seems his highness was too busy to remember me. What is his highness here for today?]


While being slightly angry at Carla for her slight sarcasm, I told her the reason I had come.


[Well then, I’ll go right to the point. I want you to [ I decline ] (TL : this is carla suddenly talking here) ……….. I was still in the middle of talking, you know.]


[ I already grasped the gist of it with just that. It should be, perhaps, “Please go to the castle and make bread there!” , or something like that right?]


[ ! …….. hooh, how do you know?]


I was curious how she able to foresee the part that I wanted her to make bread, so I asked her.


[ … … there’s no contract between me and his highness. Because of that, I cannot think any reason for me to get called to the castle by his highness.

However, those customers who became regulars recently kept asking about my bread, so I inquired why.

I quickly learnt that the bread had been sold to some noble.


And so as I tried to learn about it more, I was told by the merchant that the bread had been taken and given to the king as a presenting article to the castle by that noble.

— I myself understand that the bread that I make is different from common bread, and I will not tell anyone else the way to make it.

I think that the only reason why people are coming is because my food tastes better than the food out there already.


And so, this, this should be the reason why his highness has come, I think.]


That girl said all of that in one breath.


[hoooh …….amazing.

It’s amazing how you can get to such a conclusion with just those words.


Well then, I’ll say it again……

Mistress of 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe 』Carla-Grace. …….,

Will you work in the castle and make bread for me?] (EN: Arrogant Bastard xD)



[I refuse ]

[ ……… why ?]

[There are customers in this inn after all, and there are also customers that already reserved a place and are looking forward to it too.

It will be troublesome for those people who have already come here, especially if I am the only one who is working and I leave.


And so, I am very sorry, but I cannot respond to his highness’s demand.

Also, if his highness just wants to eat bread, as long his highness comes to this inn, I will prepare as many as his highness likes, you know?]


I got completely rejected.

Well, there are plenty of other days to do this, so I shall give up for now.


[Will I still get food even if I don’t stay at this inn?]


This is the only matter that I have to make sure of.


[Well, it’s not like i can prepare it everytime, but at noon and sometimes during the evening I also open an eatery -like place.]


[If that is so, then tomorrow noon I will come again. Until then, please think again about your answer.]


[No, I think no matter how much time has passed my answer will not change …. ]


[ Well, maybe you will change more easily than expected you know? ]


Leaving behind a half-joking smile, I left the inn.



In the end, Carla still rejected working at the castle.

However, there’s also a change that happened.



[Welcome, Kail.

Will you eat your lunch here again?]


[That’s of course, right? The meals that Carla make are delicious after all. Yep, marry me]



Firstly, I always come to this inn in the noon and stay for a moment.

Secondly, I always eat my lunch at this inn.

Thirdly, Carla calls me by my name, and we are able to talk casually.

Fourth, I called Carla by name.

Finally, there was a change in my mental state.


[Thank you. I am honestly happy that you praised my skill at cooking. But, I still won’t marry you, okay~]



This conversation has already become a daily thing.


I had truly fallen in love with her. It was not something like a political marriage or a rite-of-passage, it was genuine.



There’s no lie in her beauty.

There’s no such mask as a thick make-up.

There’s no one side where she scorns other people.

I understand that she is truly beautiful woman.


It’s not like I have no interest at all in woman by nature.

It’s just, those toady women who always make that oppressive attitudes except in front of their companions.

That kind of thing is normal among the noble.

And thus I came to hate women.


I want to normally love someone, I want to date a woman in an equal relationship without minding our social status. Of course I would have such a mindset.


It just can’t be helped if I opened my heart toward Carla right?


[What are you going to make today?  Is it going to be honey-coated fried bread ?]


Well, my marriage proposal always gets rejected though.


[I wonder if i should make something different today?]

[Well, I am fine with whatever you make, you know?]


I wonder if someday she will really come to my house and cook a meal just for me ?


Even now, everyday I am full of motivation.


I will not give up you know, Carla !


Author’s Notes


Here is a slight explanation,


Since Carla is also a human, she also have negative part about her. (TL : the fact that she wanted to become girl is one of that negative thing i think]

However, since she didn’t have that jealousy towards another person’s beauty, her negative part didn’t appeared in Kail’s eyes.


He’s a king that has bad eyes as well as being quite pure hearted right~ .


Will there any change in Kail and Carla’s relationship?


Please treat me well too in the next chapter~


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