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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 3 Chapter 4

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited By: crimsonwolf8439

2/3. I guess this is a form of mini mass release? There was supposed to be 5 but ;_; my poor arms. I guess you only want chapters not my feelings so here it is xD


Chapter 9 It progressed beyond my imagination.


There’s too much thing i wanted to write, i can’t put it together as a story.


even so this is the okay part, well then ….



[ ——— then, next one is the last question …… ]


Oo-klan kingdom, Capital City Klahklan, west gate guard station.


In that station, me(ore),………no, I(watashi), Carla Grace was being interviewed by D**k the Knight.


[ ——– Then, the next one is the last question …….. ]


Or so D**k said.


— It was long. It was really long.


After I was dragged into the guard station, although I was receiving questions for the sake of issuing a temporary pass, the subject of the questions were really wide.

They started from the name, age, sex (you can see it clearly right!?), hobby (is this a marriage interview!?) and such; there were various questions.

Since I didn’t hide anything, we talked a bit just like that, but would it be fine if things dragged on like this?


—— Well then, I wonder what the next question is?


[ ——— ….. You, what is the reason you came into this country?]


Ah. This is quite troubling. There was nothing that I particularly wanted to do……





—– Let’s just go with the standard reincarnation-type novel noble path ….


[ ——- I’ve been thinking about starting an inn ….. ]


Eh? It didn’t have anything to do with the noble path? ……….. Don’t say such stupid things! ! Isn’t the cuisine in this kind of other-world quite primitive?! The main characters always try to improve the world through their strenuous efforts! —– But for a young main character, they can’t do anything for that cause………. thus, in the end, they sell their technology to their village cafeteria or the bakery in the city to improve the quality of meals around the world.


It is a magnificent heartwarming story.


However, since they have to sell their technology, they wouldn’t be able to monopolize it! ! !


” ” ”  Isn’t this is a grave situation?! ” ” “


They have to sell their technology since they are unable to use it. Maybe this is because they are young ———– …….. if it’s like that, then I, who is already an adult, will become the source myself ! !

If this is not an noble path, then what is ?!  I will become the God of Meals in this world! ! !



—- Well. The other reason is that most inn mistresses are kind, right~?


While I thought that in my head while not really understanding to whom I was explaining to……


[ ———  ……..  An inn huh? That’s nice. But for that, you need the approval from the king, and for the approval of citizenship you have to become at least a B-Rank adventurer, you know? You aren’t one, right? ]

[ ——— ……… how do you know?]

[ ….. That is because you didn’t bring any pass. If you were a citizen then you would have shown a citizen’s pass and if you were an adventurer you would show a guild-car which would count as a pass.]



Having spoken to this point, D**k removed a splinter-like card that was connected to a chain from under the robes of his armor.


[ This is the citizen’s card. The storage medium that holds information about your name and your job in it. The reason that this is made splinter-like, is so that it is easy to differentiate that it is actually some kind of magic metal. For the guild card, the difference in ranks will make it change in color to become more metallic. If you look at the card and the card is splinter-like, then it’s a citizen’s card; if it’s metallic then you can tell that it is a guild card. It’s quite an excellent thing, you know]


The technology in this world has progressed more than expected!


[Well, if you want to set up an inn as quick as possible then you should probably go to the adventurer’s guild and become a B-Rank adventurer as soon as possible. But, you have to be careful; the adventurer’s guild is a gathering of hoodlums. Well, the ones who have higher ranks and have already completed various jobs can be considered veterans and so they’ve learnt quite a bit of manners, but the ones who are in the low rank are the same as hoodlums … I don’t know what they will do to a beautiful woman like you, you know?]


As the conversation flowed, he smoothly slid in some lines to make me feel better. Should I say, as expected of a playboy?

What? So he really is aiming for me ? Carla had some random thoughts as she raised her vigilance while looking at D**k’s handsome face. (EN: Temporarily switching out to third person for a line. A LINE GOD DAMMIT)



[Is that so? Thank you]


[Ah and just a little more; if you want to go to the adventurer’s guild, then from the castle gate, you need to follow the main street that goes straight towards the royal castle, make one round detour on the castle walls, then follow the northeast path. It’s the biggest building after you come out from the noble’s block, so you’ll find it immediately —- ……. It’ll become a building that you have to go when you have some business whether you become an adventurer after this or not. There’s no loss in remembering the way now.]



——- Is his strange gentle-manliness an effect of his [Opportunism]?


(No no, he clearly has ulterior motives, right~) – Unshin


I felt that I could suddenly hear the supreme god’s voice from somewhere.


[ ———- …. Oh yeah, this is the temporary pass, don’t lose it okay?]


[ …..  ! ? Just now, from where did you take it from?]


The thing that D**k presented to me was a pure white plate. However, until now, that thing had not been there; it just suddenly appeared from nowhere.


It may have been that my surprised face was charming for him (it was just my eyebrow raised) by his handsome face made a broad smile and begun to explain.



[This table may look like a normal table but it’s actually a magic item, you know? By inserting the paper that is written with information, it can issuing a temporary pass. Quite the excellent thing, right?]

[Indeed, it is………..say, what happens if I lose the pass?]



—- It really is advanced technology, eh? But with this, reissuing seems easy too, doesn’t it?.


[—–……….  Forced labor equaling four thousand pieces of gold and one piece silver coin for reissuing.]

[ —————–…………… Isn’t the punishment too harsh?]

[Although it may seem simple to just ask for a reissuing every time you lose one, the number of people who will flock to us for replacements will be an endless number. Still, it’s not bad since it’s only four thousand pieces of gold. If you lose your citizen’s card of guild card, it costs up to nine thousand gold —- …… Well simply said, it is designed to make a rascal work until he is a refreshing young gentlemen. Isn’t that easier to understand?]



——– Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The punishment is too scary ! ! !


What do you mean by working hard for years until those rascals turn into young, refreshing gentlemen? In the first place, those rascals won’t listen to you for three or four years, right??!!


[ Well, you don’t need to worry that much. If you get [[Auto-return]] magic applied to your card as a supplement when you become a citizen or adventurer, then automatically it’ll come back to your hand, you know?]


——— What? So there’s actually a way people won’t lose it after all.


[ —– I understand, I won’t lose it . For now, can I go already?]

[ Ah, it’s alright. —– Aside than that, what about your inn for tonight?]


———– ?


[What are you planning when you ask me a question like that?]

[What, you just arrived at this city, right? I just wanted to tell you about my recommended inns.]

[ —– ……….. Well, it’s alright. Tell me that so called recommended inn.]



I proceeded to listen to D**k while showing my wariness frankly.


[Don’t be so wary. I’m not going to recommend you a shady place. If you are planning to start an inn………….it would be better to go the <<Garden Of Happiness Pavilion>>. That’s forward east three buildings after the guild building.]



<< Garden Of Happiness Pavilion >>, eh?…….. what an remarkable name.


[I understand. Thanks. Well then……]



As I spoke, I rose and left.


[The first place I must go is the guild, eh? For now, I must quickly become a B-Rank adventurer and start the inn.]


This would later on become a legend, the vigorous start of the adventures of [Carla – Grace].

Afterwards, Carla would learn about it.



—– The fact that her statement become a flag…….



Author’s notes.

Did you come to understand something like this?


It become something like an explanation chapter again……


What should I do, I wonder……


Well, please treat me well too, in the next chapter.


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