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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 3 Chapter 5

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

No words, just chappies. And dead wolves.



Do you want to become an adventurer?


chapter 10


Author’s Notes

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then, here’s the continuation……



[ —- ….. Can you show me your citizen’s card or the temporary pass, and the certificate of passing the ability aptitude test?]


After I was told that by the guild receptionist, I,『Carla Grace』, was bewildered.


This is the kingdom’s guild main headquarters.

After I bid farewell to D**k, I managed to arrive at this place. However, I was completely lost for words…..


The guild main headquarters.

Over here, it did not look like a tavern where men challenged wild monsters; instead, there were orderly formed lines and receptionists greeting everyone politely.

They had a waiting tag number for the queue and the queue number was managed by magic.


Many of the adventurers were gathered close to the wall. Was it to confirm the quests?


In regards to accepting quests, it was not a system where you went up and grabbed any quests from a board, but instead waited at a queue and acquired a quest which was thought suitable for you. The quests were divided by rank and level.

Although I didn’t quite get that sophisticated system…..

This spectacle brought quite the shock to me as the scene I saw was quite different from the one I expected.


[ ….. Awesome. Even though I imagined this place to be something that looked like a bar or something………….]


I unconsciously thought to myself out loud. (TL:talking alone ~ )


[But truly, there are many people here……it will probably take some time……hmm?]


When I looked closely, there was a counter which didn’t have anyone in front of it.


—- When I looked about…..yep, this was the only place with no one in front of it. There must be something bad about it, right?…..


[Is this place open?]


I went to the counter, and called over to whoever was inside.


[Ye~~s ~ ~ . It’s ope~n]


An absurdly slow voice replied.


Sure enough, the one who came from inside was the receptionist(?).

Her unkempt hair was extremely messy,and because of it’s length, it also covered her eyes completely.

The clothes she wore were also not the standard, neat suits of the other receptionists, but instead a long baggy pajamas-looking-like thing.

It was an outer appearance that gave quite the untidy impression.



[Aah my name is Carla, I want to register as a adventurer……. ]

[Ye~s . Adventure~r registeri~ng rig~th]

[Ah, please.]

[Ye~s , well the~n adventu~]

[Ah, also ……


—– you don’t need to act like that with the slow way of talking you know?]


In an instant, the atmosphere froze.

However, I could not leave it as it was and avert my eyes. This woman was obviously acting like a untidy and unkempt person with her slow way of talking.

The proof of that as that even though she talked slowly, when she spoke I feel her eyes staring out at me, studying me.

….. Or rather, it is scary. I want her to stop.



[……… ]


[…….. ]


[ —- How did you realize it?]  (TL : cuz no people talk like that)


The aura this receptionist was emitting had completely changed.


[How did I realise it………..I’m just good at seeing through people, I suppose.]


That much was true. As I used to work in a company as a full-fledged employee, I learned to read the emotions and auras of people to some extent. (EN: Can relate.)

From the intuition I developed, I could tell her actions were to unnatural.



As for the woman in question, who had had her act uncovered…….


[ ………. pfft, ahahahahahahaha!—– You’re quite interesting, eh! It’s the first time that there’s been a person that is able to see through my disguise the first time we meet you know.

Also, to say such a line 『I’m good at seeing through people’s expressions』with an expressionless face …..

Pff fufu, are you trying to kill me from laughter?]



She started to laugh in a magnificent voice.


——– I wonder, what is weird about it?


Although I don’t understand, it seems there is something about my expressionless-ness.

Even though it was a side effect of the skill, it seemed it was a plus.



[I quite like you! My name is Ririka-chan! I may not look it, but I used to be an ex-A class adventurer you know. But now, I’m an receptionist onee-san♪

You, you said your name was Carla, right? Well, let’s get along together after this alright☆]


Her rank as an A-rank adventurer, wasn’t that very high? But her appearance……..

Ririka …..she is a person that I can’t make light of…..



[ ——– Well then, let’s do the work seriously…………


Good day and welcome, to the adventurer guild.]


As she said this, 『Ririka』, changed into her serious mode.

Her hair which had been wild and messy until a while ago now looked smooth and silky like she had just come out of a salon. In addition, she had changed into a clean suit that resembled the other receptionists..

When she was wearing the appropriate clothing she looked like a reliable receptionist due to her beautiful face. However, she wasn’t wearing any glasses…..



——- Oi Oi Oi! Is it magic or something? Your speed when it comes to changing is too quick you know?!


As I gave such a retort in my head, Ririka said again.


[Well then, you said that you came here to register as an adventurer, right? Then…..


——- ….. Can you show me your citizen’s card or the temporary pass, as well as the certificate of passing the ability aptitude test?]


————- ha?


[ ….. What is that thing?]

[Ah, as I thought, you didn’t bring it.



Let me explain it. You are already aware that our king is an ex-adventurer, right? As well as the fact that the king was also chosen by the jewel……

Actually, in this country, it is common for kings in the past history of this kingdom to be adventurers selected by the jewel.


Because of this fact, lots of noblemen and people who lose their jobs want to become adventurers. However, because many of these people are unskilled or do not have powerful retainers to help them, they often die while on missions.

Because of this, we from the adventurer’s guild reached out and joined hands with the human resource part of the city to ensure that only those who had the bare minimum qualifications could try to become adventurers.


That’s the ” ability aptitude test”.


The test itself is something simple, but to acquiring the qualifications to sit the test, you need to attend the human resource development school so that you may learn the required knowledge and skill.



As for the adventurer’s registration, unless you bring the certificate after you pass the test, we will not do the registration.]


Ririka said it in one go.


[Wha!? I didn’t hear such thing, you know!?]


As she looked at my surprised self, Ririka’s aura changed from that of a reliable receptionist to a gentle neighborhood onee-san.


[Carla-chan, which gate did you take to come here? …. Perhaps, it’s the west gate right?]

[How did you know!?]



Ririka spoke with an assured confidence —— is this girl is an esper!? As I thought that and started to tremble,



[The west gate under D**k’s jurisdiction, right? Although that guy is called a『diligent playboy knight』, he is just a playboy bastard, you know? When he sees a beauty, he would be inclined to use his inborn power to hit on the girl, but would conveniently forget to include many important details in his explanations.]


『Really …….. he is really stupid ……… 』or so I heard Ririka mutter.


[So that’s it, Ririka is in love with D**k, heh?]


I said it frankly.


[I-I-It’s not like I think about him alright ……. ]

—– Yes Yes, tsundere-ty.


[Fo ….. Fo-Fo, For now, you need the certificate, okay! Quickly go and enroll in the human resource development school!]


[ …… Is there really a need to enroll ?]


This was something that I had to ask. After all, if it was just learning a bit of skill, I could do it easily. However, to the me who was hoping….



[Well, since you need to at least study at that place for one year……..

I guess it is unfortunate. However, it should be the perfect time for enrollment now and if you go now you should be able to be enrolled straight away.

If you like, I can give you a letter of recommendation from the guild. This will ensure that you will not need to pay the school fees.

Study hard, okay ~]


It could have been that Ririka was making fun of me, but right then, she showed me her best smile yet.


Even though I was dumbfounded, I still received the letter of introduction and left the guild.


Dear honorable mother-sama,

After coming to another world, it seems that there still much I need to learn.

Please take care of your body.




『Carla – Grace』, whose 20 year old school life is about to begin.

At that time,


『Ahahahahaha ! As I thought 『○Ki』is really funny eh~

Isn’t Yuu○rou(勇○郎) too strong? Let’s try to make the next otherworlder who comes out to be three times stronger than Yuu○rou kay~』



『Eh …. Ten-chan what is with that nice smile ……….? Eh, isn’t this somehow deja vu-ish? ….. 』


That day, the abusive voice of a certain angel came down from heaven in the the form of thunder.


Did you guys understand?


If you wanted to become an adventurer you had to change jobs to pretend to be a student.


Even though our MC is a power-type, there aren’t much battles. Instead, I’m aiming for a warm story.


At present, I receive a lot of advice from the ‘impressions’.

Since i’ll making the best of it from the ones that I can handle, please treat me well.


Please treat me well too in the next chapter.


1/19 – adding a bit the reason creating the ability aptitude test.


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