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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 2

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: Crimsonwolf8439


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Volume 4 Chapter 2 – Daily Life at the Inn 2


Author’s Notes

After a long time, I have finally gotten back to writing for the main story.

Well then.


—- cling cling


[ — Welcome to the 『 Drago …. ]


Kail had returned to the imperial castle due to state business, and since all of the other guest were out to sight-see and such,  the『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』that was supposed to be quiet until night time suddenly rang with the sound of the bell, signaling a new customer.


Carla, who was in the kitchen preparing for night time, tried her best to express her courtesy and welcome the guest while still being expressionless, but………..


A girl with really suspicious clothing looked around restlessly inside the counter.






—- Grasp !


[ Unyoo ! Painfuuull ~  ! Leet mee goooo ! ]


Carla quickly and silently approached. With a single hand, she covered the girl’s mouth with a cloth, while grabbing the scruff of the girl’s collar and lifting her up to Carla’s head-height with her other. (ED: Who is the real sus person here?!)

And of course, it would have been obvious for the girl to feel pain.

She had been grabbed by Carla’s thousand-men’s worth of arm strength. It felt like her backbone would make a creaking sound any time soon.


—– Crack crack!


[ Unyowaah! It’ll break! It’ll break! Carla-san, I said I’m sorry!!! ]


……Correction, it really did start making creaking sounds.


Due to the pain, which was too much for the girl, as expected, she gave up.


That girl started to apologize to Carla with great vigor, clearly showing she was Carla’s friend.


[ A-N-NA~ CHA-N~, like I’ve already said, it’s okay if you come to play, but please stop with that spy-like appearance ! ]


Carla said it with an unusually angry tone.


[ After all, you know ~ There absolutely has to be a secret here, rig~ht?]


[Even if you say it so cutely, anything forbidden is forbidden.]


The girl called Anna puffed her cheeks as she sat on the counter.


She was also the daughter of the owner of one of the greatest inns in town, the『 Delight Garden Pavilion 』. She was also a hard worker who constantly thought of how to make『 Delight Garden Pavilion 』become more prosperous in the future.


And so, it couldn’t be helped that she became curious about Carla’s newcomer inn, which had become a hot topic recently.


Honestly speaking, the『 Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe 』 and the『 Delight Garden Pavilion 』 were greatly different as inns.


The『 Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』was a store which had an appearance of an inn with a bar in a small town that often came out in games, and could only lodge a maximum of 8 groups.


In contrast, the 『 Delight Garden Pavilion 』was like a high class resort hotel with a luxuriously-built structure and an extravagant number of rooms.In fact, it would not have been a shame to call those rooms suite rooms.

On top of that, they had developed proper segregation that could accommodate both nobles and commoners without any troubles.


Even though there was such a massive difference between the two inns, Anna had felt there was some sort of danger from Carla’s inn, and often attempted to conduct reconnaissance on Carla’s inn.


And because of that, Carla often met her.


Although almost all of them were Carla catching Anna while she was spying.


[ So, what is your business here today? Would you like a drink?]


[ I think that today is finally the day where I can dig up and expose the secret of this inn’s popularity, ahaha…….]


—– Crack ! ! !


It felt like the sound of the air freezing over.


[ …. dig up and expose the secret of this inn’s popularity? What are you talking about, I wonder?]


Carla asked slowly, while a dark shadow making a “gogogogogo” sound appeared behind her. (TL : that figure of a person is ‘asura’ or that devil thing)

Even though Carla was supposed to be expressionless, the girl had seen a small glimpse of her anger.

The apple in Carla’s hand had already lost it’s original shape.


—— But, it still hadn’t completely been crushed.


[ Jo-Jo-It’s a joke, you know? A joke…..ahahahaha….. te-tea, can I have a glass of green tea?]


Feeling fear just from looking at the deformed apple, Anna nervously asked.

She thought that she should just order a cup of green tea for a moment, but Carla’s anger had completely vanished.


[ Green tea, right? Please wait a moment ~]


Since then, the『Dragon’s Emperor Mistletoe』had a calm aura different from it’s usual calmness.


[ As I thought, the green tea that Carla brews is delicious haa~… Will you move to the inn in my house?] (ED: I could not interpret this sentence. I’m assuming it means move to the inn and work there while living in Anna’s house.)


[ Unfortunately, I doubt I can maintain my mental fortitude with such a big inn. This place already suits me. Furthermore, if you have an employee without any courtesy like myself, your sales will only go down, you know?]


(Carla-san is quite ignorant about her own appearance after all ~

Even though right now in the street, they are placing a bet on who Carla-san will show her affection to. Kuu-dere? I didn’t quite understand what that means, but I felt like the old-men in the city were having such conversations. A~~h, even though we would accept with open hands if such a beauty wanted to work at our place……Maybe I should give her an invitation again sometime?)


Author’s Notes.


There’s this and that kind of talk happening.

suddenly a new character appeared.


if it’s grow up more than this will I able to handle it properly?


i’m quite worried ……


please treat me well to in the next chapter.



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