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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 6

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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Crimson is gonna be missing so releases might be sporadic…

Author Note:

Daily life at the inn 6

I’ve done it …..

today is the story of the OP INN that i want to wrote from the start.

though I don’t know if you guys will accept it or not.

well, just see it.

I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 6


[Go to our room tonight.]

The man in front of me said that while giving me a smirk.

[…… What? I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say to me?]

(Well, to be honest, I do understand what they are trying to say.)

[You don’t need to pretend you don’t know about it, you know? It often happens in this kind of inn, alright? You know what we are talking about, right? Besides, we will take the lead, so it’s not a bad thing for you.] [Well, you just need to entertain us just like you do everyday, okay? If there is another person waiting, you can just service us after that person.]

(These people really are fools…….)

As I glanced around, the customers around us looked at them with disgusted faces.

[ Umm ~ What are you trying to say?] [Haaah, you’re some clueless bitch, eh? Isn’t this the worn out inn that is said to be ranked amongst the first or second of our country? Furthermore, it’s only managed by a single woman, yeah?] [Then it means that is has good ‘service’, right? Even if you play dumb, well…….if you get us now, then go to our room tonight.]

As I thought, they are a perverted bunch of idiots.

A worn out inn that recently became prosperous.
One woman rearranged the whole inn.
One woman managed the inn alone.
It seemed that it was known as the “Goddess’s Inn” among the merchants.
It was managed by a woman who was worth being called that.

If you only think about these facts, when coated with strong lust and desire, I suppose the conclusion that every male will get is the same, right?


They will come to the conclusion that『this is an inn where you can enjoy a service【which cannot be showed to a kid below 18 years old okay ~ !!】』

And so, these two perverts came with that in mind. I’m sure of it.
『Ever since they stepped inside the inn, they were already emitting an aura that screamed 『We hit the jackpot ! ! 』
It seems that I am to their liking…….ah, disgusting.

Also, it seemed that today’s clothes made things even worse.
Wearing a sexy kind of top that was opened from the breast area to the shoulder, combined with a hotpants that exposed those healthy looking hips…….did I make a mistake?
Since I usually wore more serious clothing, I wanted to change the feeling a little bit today……
Why did these kind of guys come today………

Well, since they were customers after all, I tried to cope with it, but the very moment they said to go their room, I told them directly.

[I am very sorry. There’s no such kind of service in this Inn…..
if you wish to have that kind of service, I think it’s better to just go to the 【Wavering Lamb’s Sanctuary】that’s placed behind the main street of the commerce district, no?]

That’s true, that’s true! Jeers like that came flying from another customer.
For now, I tried to make them leave.

[Thus, ca….[Don’t say such a stupid thing! Do you want me to rape you in this place? Huh?!]

I wondered if all of the men who were like this always resorted to violence when they were denied.
They would raise their voice, and make others obey using force.

Now that I’m considering it, it feels like the three robbers at that time also said something like that…….is there a template from them, I wonder?

[Please don’t raise your voice. It will only annoy the customers around us.]

At that moment, a really weird chill engulfed the two men.

Perhaps those two men were mercenaries. Although there is not much difference between a robber and a mercenary, the difference is that a mercenary will probably not betray you as long as you pay them.
I looked at those two. Perhaps they were quite skilled as mercenaries. They had almost 8 more offensive points then the other customer.
Because of that, it seemed that they had become a little too cocky.

(Well, I shall ask them to leave.)

[Wha-What is it?]

The ruffians were slowly paling because of the mysterious chill that suddenly attacked them.

[I think that you guys are making too much of a racket. Since there is also another customer here, I wish for you guys to leave this place. I will return your payment, so please step outside.] [O-Oi! Wait a minute! We are customers, you know?! Is it really fine for you to treat us like that huh?!]

Even though I already returned their gold politely, the ruffians were still talking back.
Although their face was already dead-pale because of the chill, they still tried to act strong.

This is becoming very irritating.

[ I already returned your payment to you guys. I am very sorry, but your rank already lowered into that of a 『The troublesome people that always take a seat in front of the counter 』.
I won’t consider you guys as a customer. Maybe something like a friend that has come to play?

But now that you guys already causing trouble for the “customers” around here, I will lower your rank even more into that of a 『Trash that always loitering around in front of me』, is it alright?]

The ruffians snapped from my words, as if i was making a mockery of them.

[You bitch, I will kill you! ! !] [Don’t become too cocky ! ! !]

The ruffians tried to grab the swords which were hanging by their belts.

[ Also, I wouldn’t mind that you guys misunderstand by thinking that you are strong, but please don’t make any problems for the customers here.

or else …… ]

—- Grasp x2

—- Crack x2

[Just like these fragile swords, I’ll turn you guys into something like this you know?]

Although I had only intended to swiftly seize the swords that were hanging on their waists and grasp it lightly, but I ended up crushing it together with its scabbard.
And so, the swords clattered to the ground with a clang.
The ruffian’s faces became deathly pale while incoherently muttering: [The konmishtal’s sword was….] [Well, since you guys are really making trouble for the other customers, could you please?]

I once again asked them to leave, and the next moment……

[Uwaaaaaa! A monster in a human skin aaaaaaaaaah, we will be kileeeeeeeddddd ] [What the hell is with the ‘goddess’s’ inn damm iiiiiiit!]

Without any shame or pride, the ruffians ran away.
Who are you calling a monster?! Who?! What rude people! Rather than that, take these swords with you. It’s just a hinderance.

[Oooooooh. As expected of carla-chan ~ ] [No matter how many times I see that angry aura of Carla’s, it always has that oppressive power, eh?] [But then again, those kind of ruffians still come, eh? Even though I thought that people would finally understand that this is a normal inn.] [Leaving that aside, Carla-chan, why don’t we quickly have our lunch? If we don’t hurry up the king will come soon ~] [Oh my, then that’s no good right? I don’t want to become an aunty that bothers Carla-chan and our king’s romance after all, right~] [No, umm, it’s not like I have something to do with Kail, you know …. ] [There’s no need to be shy about it you know? You’re so close with our king to the extent of calling each other by name, right? We, the aunties, will root for you guys, alright ! Do your best, okay !]

—- No, there’s no need for the cheering and there is also no need for me to do my best, there’s really nothing between me and kail you know~ ! ! ?

And so, after that, she was teased to no end by everyone. They were able to see the flustered look of Carla……or rather, they couldn’t.

And there is also the king who became depressed because he wasn’t able to watch Carla’s flustered look. Or maybe not……..
This is it.

One woman, inn management. If we are talking about such a thing then there we go! ! Although, I wonder if i is truly and exaggeration? Truly, inside an author’s head there is nothing but that.

Managing an inn alone? No way. I reckon I would have some pretty happy memories.
If you are a man, I wonder if this is a way you would pick in life?

We~ll, I’m glad I wrote this story.

though I got quite confused for what to write at the end, but to think that it end up with something that seems ensuring kail position as a main love interest.
Although I got slightly confused as to what I should be writing in the end, I think it will end up with Kail becoming the main love interest. (ED: Reverse harem alert! I dunno tbh)

And this time, there was some coinage too. (ED: As in the previous chapter, this means coining your own terms apparently.)

【konmishtal】 …… ridiculous – metal, a word that come out after combining those two word. Both of it are german.
The setting is that this metal is a little bit stronger and harder then common metal.
Iron sword : atk 8
Konmishtal sword : atk 20
There’s about that much difference between it.

Also, although it was said that Carla returned the money politely, it was only the appearance of such. It was more like throwing it back at them.

Also, if we are talking about the “please leave” phrase, it’s not something polite, but more of a “Go away!” sound.
Everyone please use it carefully. (TL : there’s some relation with how the kanji sound ~ )
I’m sorry about this long afterword.

Well, let’s meet again in another chapter.

2/15 a little bit of change- also adding Postscript

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