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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 1

Hi everyone, let us give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima her editor, who brings, a new work. Immortals Farmland. There will be, like always, a 5 chp release as the initial welcome post. We hope you guys enjoy this wonderful new novel! 1/6, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 1 – Butterfly from calamity (1)


Suddenly awakened from the endless emptiness, her senses were slowly coming back. A murmuring sound came out from Qian Qian’s tiny mouth as she slowly moved her fingers.


“What happened to me?” Qian Qian gently opened her eyes and took a look at the strange world. She couldn’t believe the wondrous world in front of her eyes. “Where is this place?” She softly rubbed her beautiful eyes as she said.


“Am I in a dream? Nah, I remember I was only just fallen asleep then. Plus, I played basketball with my girls (friends) the whole morning and went to sleep after taking a shower! Am I really in a dream?”


Qian Qian glared at the wondrous world. This place was just endless emptiness, only missing bits and pieces.


“Huh?” Qian Qian, startled, turned to stare at the spot in front of her. Suddenly, there was a little gap at the spot. Quickly, the gap got bigger. Luckily, the light wasn’t very strong around the gap. It was still dark and Qian Qian glided over like a ghost, gazing at the world outside through the dark gap.


At that moment, she realized the darkness was the result of a dark cloud. The sound of thunder outside came one after another, making the stunned Qian Qian quickly fell back and covered her cute pretty eyes.


After a while, the thunder was gone. Qian Qian slowly opened a gap between her fingers to look at the outside world through the dark gap.


Boom  (sound of thunder)


“Ya…!” Qian Qian quickly took several steps back and crawled up her body. She looked pathetic as her body kept shaking.


“Didn’t expect to have such powerful thunder as the calamity this time.” Suddenly, an aged voice passed through Qian Qian’s ears.


“Who?” That was her first reaction. Although Qian Qian wasn’t afraid of thunder, she was now trapped in a strange chaotic world alone. This loneliness made her want to cry as she felt like a kid being left behind. The aged voice at this moment was like the last straw to her, causing her to release all her feelings and cried out loud.


“Huh? I think I heard someone crying?” still the aged voice.


“Yes, Elder. I heard it too,” another young male voice said. This voice was strong and deep, sounding like a man with strong power.


“Eh…” Qian Qian heard the talks between the two and immediately stopped crying. Yet, there were still undried tear drops hanging at the corner of her eyes.

Boom Boom!


Another big thunder. Qian Qian quickly drew back further. But this time, she felt a great breaking force upon her, which scared her to crawl up even tinier.


“Hehe, I was curious at what it was and turns out it is a butterfly that hasn’t break out from the cocoon.” The same aged voice passed into Qian Qian’s nervous heart.


“Butterfly? And hasn’t broken out from the cocoon?” Qian Qian blanked out for a moment. It turned out that the breaking force causing her dizzy headedness with the sound of something seemingly moving outside was because she was wrapped in a cocoon.


“It fell at the spot where Xing Er is taking the thunder calamity, meaning it shares a destiny with Xing Er. This butterfly only just made the sound; it will probably form its human form when Xing Er finishes the thunder calamity.” The aged voice said.


“Forming its human form?” Qian Qian is confused. Before she could react, she felt a sudden stop; a great force hit her causing her to feel dizzy. She shook her head to steady her body. Yet, she felt a great power arising inside and running through her tiny body, making her dizzier than before.


“Elder.” There was a weak sound coming through, it seemed like the person going through thunder calamity.


“Whoo~ What on earth is happening?” Qian Qian pouted her lips as she is only just keeping her body straight. Suddenly —




It sounded like something was breaking, Qian Qian wasn’t too sure. Next moment, she discovered where the cracking sound came from.


A flow of light shone through Qian Qian’s body and she felt a powerful energy changing her body. “Eh…” Qian Qian was confused as the strange feeling of this change ran inside her body, “Could this be…. the forming of my human body?”


As she finished her last word, she sensed her body expanded extremely fastfaster than a spaceship and faster than the rotation of Mercury. Qian Qian was surprised thinking how on Earth something lucky like this still existed.


“Ahem ahem, stop… stop growing!” Qian Qian became worried as her body continued to grow really fast, “If I continue to grow, they will call me a weirdo.”


It was almost like Qian Qian’s body heard her order; her body suddenly paused, but the force made her felt like she was almost about to leap up from the ground.

“Eh…” Qian Qian looked at her body silently. At this moment, she was covered with snowy white clothes like her skin color.


While Qian Qian shockingly looked at her body, the three men who appeared next to her were even more shocked. They were amazed by her great beauty.


In their eyes, she was almost like the gods that have been hiding away from the rest of the world. The weak guy’s jaw was wide opened as he was stunned by the great beauty with clothes flowing in the wind as if she was about to go with it in front of him. Not even the Four Legendary Beauties in Chinese history could compete with her.


“Interesting, interesting.” The person with the aged voice was the first one to awake from his shock with a laugh, his eyes filled with gentleness towards the girl still in shock.


Suddenly raised her head, Qian Qian saw the same surprising look in the eyes of the three men as she looked forward. Quickly, she calmed herself down.


“Kid, what is your name?” The aged man asked as he looked softly at the girl.


“Eh… My name is Qian Qian.” Qian Qian wasn’t so sure about what to say at this moment, but she was certain these three people wouldn’t hurt her. So, she had good feelings about them.


However, Qian Qian still thinks she is in her dream. She would not have been this calm if she thought otherwise. If this was a dream, everything here and this world must all be her imagination. She felt this imaginative world was almost too real though.


“Qian Qian? Hehe, nice name, nice name. Where do you plan to go now?” The old elder smiled and was already taking Qian Qian as his own granddaughter.


“ Where?” Qian Qian murmured as she looked down while holding her dress. Then, she was not sure why but her nose felt tingly and her eyes became teary.

“It is alright if you do not have elsewhere you want to go. Come with me to Tianxia Mountain, good?” The elder gently asked, making Qian Qian felt so comfortable that she wanted to cry like a kid.

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