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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Mu Rong Jun’s Kiss (1)


“We, the Mu Rong Clan, specialize in alchemy. Thus, we know quite a bit about the Butterfly Clan.”


“Ohh, that’s why! I was really curious about how you were able to tell who I am from the first look. Then, do you know any other people from my family?”


“No, but I can search around for you. But then, the Butterfly Clan has always been very mysterious; don’t expect too high yet.”


“Then, why did you help me?” Qian Qian suddenly became cautious as she thought that although he was a handsome guy, she needed to be sure that she was safe.


“No reason.” Mu Rong Jun turned his head and stared at Qian Qian, “Remember, my name is Mu Rong Jun.”


“Mu Rong Jun?” Hmm, that was a nice name, quite suitable to his handsome look.


“Stop being infatuated.” Mu Rong Jun glanced at Qian Qian.


“Humph, this is none of your business.” Qian Qian gave a dirty eye.


“To be honest, you are very different.” Mu Rong Jun suddenly turned back and stared at Qian Qian. In his eyes, Qian Qian saw sorrow and helplessness.


“Er… what happened to you?” Qian Qian was scared at his abnormal expression and she quickly drew a step back.


“Nothing, just go. The cultivation today is finished. You can go back now.” Mu Rong Jun turned his face away and left without turning back.


“Err… this guy?” Qian Qian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she didn’t mind much about him as she skipped away.


At one corner, there was a shadow silently standing as he stared towards Qian Qian while she was skipping away.


His eyes were full of sorrow, helplessness, and endless hatred.


After a long time, he sighed deeply and looked towards the blue sky as if there was a smiling face appearing in the sky.


Suddenly, like a shadow flashed by, he was gone.


Yet, there was another black shadow appearing nearby after he was gone. That black shadow knitted his eyebrows as he stared towards where the shadow just disappeared and knitted his eyebrows even more when he took a look towards where Qian Qian left.  


“It seems like we should really check up on Mu Rong Jun. I hope he doesn’t cause any trouble.” That black shadow sighed as he left.


“This Mu Rong Jun is so weird.” Qian Qian lied on her bed in a freestyle. She felt really comfortable after the shower.


“But then, what happened here? Hmm, no, I still have to quickly get out of here. Though, the outside doesn’t seem to be very peaceful either. I need to have something powerful as the last alternative to strike hard and protect myself. What move should I use? Ahh, that is right, how did I forget about it?”


Qian Qian leaped up when the thought came into her head and she recounted the memories from the inheritance in a lotus position.


“This cultivation method is called ‘Bai Zhi Magical Kung Fu’, function was to? Argh, oh no! For escape !?” Qian Qian was speechless as she felt really helpless. She didn’t have any other choice since she didn’t know any basics.


“Escape it is then. Nevertheless, it is better than sitting here waiting to die.”


A day passed by quickly, Qian Qian’s house was still peaceful.


There was a black shadow on one of the garretts nearby. There wasn’t any expression on his face, neither happy nor worry.


This expression would definitely be the one people killing others with their coldness in the modern world had. It didn’t carry any emotions but was adored by countless girls and many others were jealous of it. Now, this pair of eyes were staring at Qian Qian’s little elegant house.


The house didn’t open its doors ever since the morning. He also knew that Mu Rong Jun was lying to her before about that cultivation was finished. If not because Zhu Ge Tao wasn’t there, he would have been so mad.


“Why did that Mu Rong Jun do that?”


Today, he was behind Qian Qian the whole day. Thus, he was also there behind Elder Qi. Though, he didn’t get into the Suo Ling Bamboo Forest as he didn’t have the permission for it. But later, he saw Mu Rong Jun going in.


He didn’t find it too odd. After all, Mu Rong Clan was a powerful and big clan. Even the whole Five Stars Pavilion may not necessary be able to compete with it.


This showed how powerful and superior Mu Rong Clan was. Yet, he was also confused about why Mu Rong Jun was here.


If really, like what Master said, he ran away from home, what happened between Mu Rong Jun and his family then? What happened to his clan?


Following the thought, two lines showed up in between his eyebrows on that cold face.


Qin Ling frowned, he suddenly felt like everything became different after Qian Qian came. Though, he wasn’t able to tell what has changed.


Qin Ling looked at the little house as he sighed, “Qian Qian, who are you really? What are you here for?”


Just when Qin Ling was sighing, another white shadow gazed at Qian Qian’s elegant house at the top of the nearby mountain.


Suddenly, a shadow passed by. He kneeled before that white shadow, though the white shadow didn’t even give him a look.


“How is it ?”


“Shao Ye, there isn’t any results yet. But what can be known for sure was that Qian Qian’s age shouldn’t be too small.”


“Huh?” The white shadow looked curious.


“That shell has already been checked and its age was thousands of years.”


“What? What did you say?” The white shadow turned over quickly, stared at him with an unbelievable look. Thousands of years, what does that mean? So, that cute little girl was an old person around one hundred years of age. That is unbelievable.


“Shao Ye, it has been confirmed by the internal experts. It is just not sure why she only was born after hundreds of years. If weren’t because it was the person’s calamity, she would probably still be asleep for a while before she awakes.”


“Hehe, that is interesting, very interesting. This Qian Qian is rather mysterious.” The white shadow laughed as his shockingness from before was also gone.


“Shao Ye?”


“Yea, continue to investigate and also check up on that Mu Rong Jun as well.”




The shadow disappeared in the blink of an eye.


“Qin Ling is fine, but that Mu Rong Jun,” the white shadow suddenly knitted his brows, “is not easy to handle, but,” the shadow then laughed with an odd smile, “Qian Qian, you are in my hand. Humph, even if it is Mu Rong Clan, they will not stand a chance.”


“Wow, what time is it now?” Qian Qian opened her eyes.


She looked at the light outside. It was already full dark, it must be night now.


“Hmm, how come my whole body felt so comfortable? Hehe, this cultivation method seemed quite good then. Guess it is my luck.” Qian Qian bounced off her bed and stretched herself.


“This feels so great. Hmm, I don’t feel like sleeping now. Hehe, maybe I will go check on that herb land?” Qian Qian had a playful smile. “Elder Qi, sorry though!” Then, she rushed out the door.


The night outside of the room made Qian Qian feel so refreshed.


“This cultivation world is undoubtedly remarkable. Haha, let’s go.” Qian Qian left quickly.      

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