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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Mu Rong Jun’s kiss (2)

Qian Qian was rushing to the Suo Ling Bamboo Forest. She still remembers the route there.


“Hehe,” Qian Qian looked at the bamboo forest in front of her eyes. Then, she pulled one string off. With a single thought, the piece in her hand disappeared.


“Hmm, this is working. Not sure what it will be like on the other side though.” Qian Qian sat in a lotus position as she used her subconscious.


“Wow, this fast?” Qian Qian was looking stunned at the fast growing Suo Ling Bamboos from the piece she moved in before, that is almost like the Kuaibo player in the twenty-first century.


“Err… less than one minute and it is already growing into a bamboo, this speed is really amazing.” Qian Qian had a bitter laugh, “Just not sure whether it will be the same for the other herbs?”


“Woohoo!” Qian Qian sighed as she felt relieved, “Hahaha, there will be no one that could compete with me in terms of the herbs.”


Qian Qian got up as she felt really excited. Then, she continued heading towards the herb land over there.


“This many herbs, it wouldn’t be noticeable if just one is missing.”


Then, Qian Qian collected one string of each type of herb and moved them into the land.


If Elder Qi was here, he would definitely be so mad right now. He would find Qian Qian and ask her to pay for it. In this big herb land, every string was extremely precious.


“Haha, now that big empty land won’t feel lonely anymore. Hehe, then it is going to be a real herb land.”


“Hmm, that is about it. Time to head back.” Qian Qian stared at the sky and knew that it was about the time she had to leave now.




Thus, Qian Qian used her fleet-footed speed and quickly left the place. Though, her fleet-footed speed was out of date.


This was a cultivation realm, the speed of a flying sword was much more than a plane.


Suddenly, Qian Qian spotted a vivid hill.


“That mountain was the tallest, then it should be Mount Wu Ya. Unfortunately, I missed out on the day.” Qian Qian stared at the unclear mountain nearby.


Then, she left quickly as if she has got a plan.


“Whoo, this mountain is quite hard to climb.” Qian Qian wiped off the sweat on her forehead. She sat down on one stone, feeling frustrated as she looked at the high top that was almost impossible to get on.


Qian Qian started again after resting.


“Hahaha, finally arrived. It feels so good here, though it must have been better during the day. This is the tallest, so the whole Five Stars Pavilion can be seen from here.” Qian Qian opened her arms, let loose of her chest and started breathing deeply. “Got on the top of the mountain at night, it feels so great!”


“Climbing mountain at night doesn’t seem too bad.”


Suddenly, a voice passed by from not far away.


Qian Qian was frightened as she quickly stood back.


“If you keep stepping back, are you planning to jump off the mountain?” The person laughed.


“You are, Mu Rong Jun?” Qian Qian tried to remember who this voice belongs to.


“Hehe, you still remember me.” Mu Rong Jun flashed towards Qian Qian, pulling her off the edge. If she was a few more steps over, she would really be falling off the cliff, at a mountain this tall.


“Let go.” Qian Qian was trying to break free from his grab. Though his strength was big and he was holding her tightly.


Qian Qian’s wrist felt really painful in his hands. “You are hurting me.”


Mu Rong Jun suddenly realized and quickly let loose of her hand.


“Hey, how dare you little kid.”


“Little kid?” Mu Rong Jun blanked out and quickly laughed, “Do you know how old I am?”


Mu Rong Jun stared at Qian Qian like he could see through her in this dark night.


Qian Qian took one step back, “Then, how old are you?”


“This year…” Mu Rong Jun paused, “This year, I am twenty.”


“Argh?” Qian Qian widened her eyes; she couldn’t believe that this boy who seemed only fifteen or sixteen was already twenty.


“You don’t believe it?”


“No, I don’t.” Qian Qian shook her head.


Mu Rong Jun looked at Qian Qian, then smiled. He turned around and looked towards the sky full of stars.


“People from Mu Rong Clan are different from others, our appearance doesn’t match with our age. Also, you’d best not judge a person by their appearance.”


“Ohh, so it has to do with your family gene.”


“Gene?” Mu Rong Jun was stunned as he looked at Qian Qian.


“Genetic, it is blood vessels.” Qian Qian wasn’t able to explain to him. Though, blood vessels would be the closest explanation.


“Oh, so your Butterfly Clan calls it genetic?”


“Not sure, but I call it genetic. Mu Rong Jun, why were you here for?” Qian Qian stared at Mu Rong Jun. Though his face wasn’t very clear in the dark night, his profile was still obvious.


“It was boring and I wanted to get some fresh air. You?”


“Me too. Plus, I wanted to come have a look here since I didn’t get a chance today.”


Mu Rong Jun gazed at Qian Qian under this dark cold night. Her white clothes made her look like a fairy maiden, very beautiful.


She looked just like…


“Luo Li.” Mu Rong Jun whispered as there was another person in his eyes. That person was cute and attractive.


Her clothes were all white, like a god landing on the earth. That elegant feeling mesmerized him.


Mu Rong Jun’s face showed a little softness and a little emotion.


Qian Qian was shocked for a little. Then, she looked over.


Before Qian Qian was able to react, she was pulled into his chest by a pair hands.


“Luo Li, don’t leave me. Okay?” Mu Rong Jun’s voice was a little shaking


“God, this guy dared to mess me up with someone else.” Qian Qian felt angry, she wanted to break free from his hug. Though he was very powerful and she wasn’t able to break away.


“Luo Li, Luo Li.” Mu Rong Jun murmured.


God, I am not your little lolita, I am Qian Qian.


Qian Qian had a bitter laugh.


“Mu Rong Jun, wake up.”


Suddenly, Qian Qian slapped on Mu Rong Jun’s face.


Mu Rong Jun was stunned for a little, then looked at the person in his arms.


Slowly, he let loose of Qian Qian.


“You idiot, look clearly. I am not your whatever, whatever lolita. I am Qian Qian. Humph.”


After Mu Rong Jun let go of her, Qian Qian was able to take a deep breath.


“Luo Li.”


Though, not until Qian Qian was able to let out of that deep breath. Her body tilted as it felt right into Mu Rong Jun’s arms. Suddenly, Qian Qian felt something hot, so hot in a dark cold night like this, she felt thrilled. Mu Rong Jun’s kiss landed on her hair. Her hair carried a gentle, nice smell that made him even more mesmerized.


It was almost as if he entered an endless ocean of flowers with nice incense; it made him feel it was unforgettable.


“Mu Rong Jun –!!” Qian Qian screamed loudly.


She couldn’t take this anymore…  

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