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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Alchemy? (1)

“Mu Rong Jun!” Qian Qian screamed loudly, her voice echoed in this dark quiet night.


Mu Rong Jun was startled as his senses were coming clear. He looked at Qian Qian in his arms and quickly let go of her.


“Qian Qian? How come it is you?” Mu Rong Jun was stunned.Then, as if he remembered something, “Err… I am… I am sorry.”


“Humph, you better not mess with me again in the future.” Qian Qian said firmly, giving Mu Rong Jun a warning.


“Err…” Mu Rong Jun laughed bitterly.


“Humph.” Qian Qian humphed at Mu Rong Jun, then left straight away without saying a word.


“It seems like I have really offended her just then. Though,” Mu Rong Jun stared at Qian Qian’s back as she left, “She really looks like Luo Li, they are too alike.”


The thought of Luo Li made Mu Rong Jun’s face filled with a sense of sorrow again as if that was the dark spot hidden deep inside his heart that couldn’t be erased.


“Sigh.” Mu Rong Jun looked back towards the sky full of stars and cold still….


“Humph, this guy dares to take advantage of me. Humph, if I see him again, I will not let him off easy.” Qian Qian sat down on the chair angrily as she poured herself a shot glass of alcohol.


“But then.” Qian Qian grinned, “This Mu Rong Jun seems to be quite good. His family background is pretty good too. Mu Rong Clan must be a big clan. Then again, why would a big clan like his even look at me equally?”


“Plus, he was calling Luo Li all the time. I thought it was lolli that he was talking about originally.” Qian Qian held her face with one hand while playing with the shot glass inside her other hand.


“It seems like that was his lover, just not sure why they didn’t seem to end up together. Luo Li, the name sounded very elegant. She must be a great and pure person. But then, what really happened? Hmm, I should still try to help him, he looked so pathetic. It is hard to see him like that. But then, how?”


Qian Qian looked at the shot glass in her hand as she felt frustrated and deeply sighed. Then, she took a full shot.


“Qian Qian.”


Just when Qian Qian was still thinking, there was a voice coming from outside of the door.


“Senior Brother Qin?” Qian Qian was surprised. How did she forget about Senior Brother Qin? He must be able to help her.


The door opened with a kreeen sound.


Qian Qian looked at Senior Brother Qin outside the door. With the light of the Moon Light Stone inside the room, she saw the cold faced Senior Brother Qin.


“Qian Qian, are you okay?” Senior Brother Qin burst out the line out of nowhere.


“Er… I am fine? Why did you ask that?”


“As long as you are fine.” Qin Ling released a deep breath, “From now on, you can just move and live at my place.”


“Huh?” Qian Qian was still confused. What did he mean by living at his place?


“I am worried that you are living by yourself here.”


“Worried?” Qian Qian blinked her beautiful eyes and stared at Senior Brother Qin. This Senior Brother Qin actually said he was worried and even asked her to go to his room. Is he out of his mind?


“Don’t mistake what I meant, I only see you as a sister. And from now on, let me know when you go out. Come with me tonight, I will tell others that you are my sister.” Qin Ling then took Qian Qian’s hand and left.


Qian Qian was unable to break free from Qin Ling’s powerful hands, so she just followed his way. She felt really confused inside though.


“Wow.” Qian Qian was jumping around like a kid inside Qin Ling’s pavilion. This one is really good, much 1better than her little one.


Qin Ling looked at the excited Qian Qian, turned around and poured a cup of tea, “Here, this tea is also different from yours, come have a taste.”


“Mhm.” Qian Qian took the cup of tea.


“Wow, this is good, there is a taste of Lily.”


“You have eaten Lily?” Qin Ling was confused, what did it mean by “there is a taste of Lily.”?


“No, I haven’t. But, it’s similar to the scent. Wow, so great. Hehe, Senior Brother Qin, can I have more?”


Qin Ling smiled, then gave Qian Qian another cup of tea.


“This place is so comfortable. It seems like Senior Brother Qin must have a very high status within the Five Stars Pavilion.” Qian Qian looked at Qin Ling.


“What is so good with having a high status? Yep, do you feel really curious about this cultivation realm? I should take you around some day.”


“Really?” Qian Qian felt really happy, “Haha, Senior Brother Qin, I love you.” Then, Qian Qian had a peck on Qin Ling’s cold face.


“Err…” Qin Ling, who saw Qian Qian overwhelmed with excitement, felt speechless. Though, watching her happy, he felt really happy deep inside too. But, in his heart, he felt she was like his long lost family.


Unsure why, this feeling has never changed. It was as if she was really his sister. A sister needed his care.


“Senior Brother Qin, when are we going?” Qian Qian leaned over immediately, looking desperate at Qin Ling.


“When do you want to go?” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian. He felt touched and looked at Qian Qian’s smooth face this close.


“Tomorrow? How about tomorrow?” Qian Qian stared at Qin Ling.


“Tomorrow?” Qin Ling hesitated, “Tomorrow probably won’t do.”


“Why? Good Senior Brother, just let me.” Qian Qian was acting cute to Qin Ling as she dragged the tip of his clothes.


“Tomorrow, I need to cultivate. That cultivation method was about to come to the end stage. Plus, tomorrow you have to go make medicinal pills with Elder Qi.” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian speechlessly. To be honest, he was really touched before and wanted to just say yes to her. But tomorrow, there were some other more important things to do.


“Huh? Senior Brother Qin, you are not gonna send me to that faceless old codger’s hands, right?” Qian Qian sat down dissatisfied. The happiness and excitement from before were all gone too.


“He is Elder Qi, no one dares to disrespect him in the Five Stars Pavilion. If you learned  alchemy from him, you will be respected by many others when you go outside. There will be a lot fewer troubles for you.”


Qin Ling saw Qian Qian was talking about Elder Qi in that disrespectful manner and was unable to hold back his laugh. As everyone knew, Elder Qi was definitely someone important within the Five Stars Pavilion.


Now, this little girl dares to treat Elder Qi this way. Qin Ling felt a little helpless inside. This Qian Qian was too brave. Though he admires that part of her, she was so carefree.


“Humph, I just don’t want to see him. About alchemy? Wasn’t that Mu Rong Jun from some Mu Rong Clan? He should have some experts in alchemy in his family.”


“Mu Rong Jun? You knew him?” Qin Ling, stunned, looked at Qian Qian. He was surprised that she actually knew Mu Rong Jun. Then, he thought about the scene just then, he wasn’t surprised anymore. Qian Qian knowing Mu Rong Jun was also quite normal.


Plus, they were all from the same year. Just not sure what Mu Rong Jun was here for.


“Of course, we are from the same class.” Qian Qian burst out.


“Same class?” Qin Ling was confused.


“Err… class, you don’t have class here. Actually, class is like a group of people having the same teacher. Then, study and communicate together.”       

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