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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Alchemy? (2)

“Oh, I see.” Qin Ling laughed. She just was not sure how a cute little girl knew this word, probably it was from her inherited memories.


“Senior Brother Qin, since we won’t go tomorrow, when will we be going then?” Qian Qian pouted her lips as she tilted the teacup in her hands.


“Hmm, maybe the day after tomorrow.” Qin Ling thought for a while then said.


“Okay, Okay, I will listen to you then.” Qian Qian drank the tea; it tasted really nice. Even if in the 21st Century, she hadn’t tasted a good tea like this. This was why cultivation realm was so different.


Qin Ling grinned, then he looked at the sky, “Today is quite late already, you should go rest first. I will take you to your room.”


“Wow, so this is my room?” Qian Qian was stunned as she looked at the room.


“This room belongs to you now. I will be living on the other side.” Qin Ling pointed at the room on the other side, these two rooms were separated by a big living room.


“You go rest first. If you need anything, let me know.” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian then turned away.


“Hehe, this Senior Brother Qin is really generous.” Qian Qian laughed to the back of Qin Ling and then closed the door as she walked into the room.


The interior of this room was much better than Qian Qian’s little place before. There were even the Four Treasures of Study and a bookshelf filled up with books.


“Didn’t know Senior Brother Qin was this hardworking. He has so many cultivation methods, though the method is not about quantity. Reading wide and diverse, although, is good. But it is still better to concentrate on one. Guess they all have their pros and cons.” Qian Qian randomly took out one book.


“Hmm, ‘Tian Jian Ling Yi’ sounds pretty good, just don’t know how well is this method.” Qian Qian opened this book. Suddenly, Qian Qian shut her mouth.


“What the hell?” Qian Qian complained, “It is just one crap book, why this much hassle?”


Not sure how long it has been, Qian Qian felt the light was getting weaker. Then, she slowly opened her eyes.


“Wow!” Qian Qian widened her eyes.


There were only four words on the first page, and these four words seem to be looking at Qian Qian proudly, they were very alive.


Qian Qian watched these four words, she was very curious. Though curiosity was one thing, this wasn’t the most important. The important stuff was the method itself.


Qian Qian was drawn in by the method as she didn’t realize the time had gone by.


“Qian Qian, are you awake?” Qin Ling’s voice came from outside the room.


“Er, Senior Brother Qin.” Qian Qian looked at outside the window, it was already full bright. She remembered she didn’t sleep for this whole night as she felt sleepy. Though, now was not the time for sleep. Plus, she still had to go with Elder Qi to make medicinal pills.


“Yep, I’ll be there soon.” Qian Qian quickly put back the books and checked her clothes. Then, she got out.


Qian Qian left after breakfast.


Now, as Qin Ling would take the breakfasts from the canteen, Qian Qian didn’t need to go there anymore.


“You are here.” Elder Qi said in a low mood. Though he felt very weird that he had to come out and welcome this little girl, that little kid from Mu Rong Clan would not let him go otherwise.


“Yep.” Qian Qian rolled her eyes at him.


“Humph.” Elder Qi quietly humphed, shaking his head as he thought that it was him who brought her in and this little one really just was not appreciating his kindness. “Let’s go then.”


Qian Qian followed Elder Qi to a place with a big house.


“Wow, this is your room?” Qian Qian looked at a bunch of buildings over there, feeling jealous.


“Of course, you think those herbs are easy to plant?” Elder Qi also rolled his eyes at her.


“It seems quite troublesome to take care of the herbs.” Qian Qian said as she looked at the herbs. This place didn’t seem to have spatial ring sort of things.


“Qian Qian, today I will teach you how to distinguish plants first. Then, I will teach you how to produce the medicinal pills.” Elder Qi glanced at Qian Qian then took out a book from his hands.


Qian Qian took over the book and flipped it through. Though, she was only pretending as there was much information about herbs and plants inside her head. That was from the inherited memories. There was much more information than in this book from Elder Qi.


Elder Qi saw Qian Qian was only flipping it through and felt really helpless. Though, he couldn’t force her.


“You don’t need to give these sort of crap books to me in the future.” Qian Qian dumped the book as if she was a wealthy person.


Elder Qi nervously took over the book as he saw, then he angrily looked at Qian Qian. But, he felt a sense of guilty inside his heart; he did have other intentions when he brought back Qian Qian.


“These are crap books? They were the essence of everything I have collected.” Elder Qi’s face was full red with anger.


“These are called essence?” Qian Qian looked at Elder Qi as she blinked her eyes, “Mu Rong Jun has much more books than here. Humph.” Qian Qian ignored Elder Qi as she left.


Hearing the three words “Mu Rong Jun”, Elder Qi was immediately quiet down. He could only accept it since Qian Qian had such a big back support. Though, who knows when he could get some benefits from it. His eyes became brighter as he thought of it.


“This room is for producing the medicinal pills.” Elder Qi took Qian Qian to another room.


Qian Qian looked at the room, there was only a big cauldron in the room. There were several other small ones nearby, some small kids were busy with them.


“These small kids are to help with producing medicinal pills. Naturally, they were taught with some basic knowledge about alchemy and distinguishing plants and herbs. Though these little kids are very disappointing, their talent is too bad.” Elder Qi silently sighed.


“Oh, then which pill are we making today?” Qian Qian walked over.


“Elder, Zi Jin Pill will be ready soon.” A kid about eleven or twelve years old came.


“Oh, good. Qian Qian, give me a second.” Elder Qi immediately followed the kid over and stared at the big cauldron in the center.


Qian Qian looked at the big cauldron, feeling interested. Alchemy, she felt really curious about it. She had seen The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord producing pills in the movies and TV before.


Elder Qi walked close to the cauldron, sitting down on a futon-like he was meditating.


Qian Qian looked at him, then walked around the cauldron. She also looked at the small cauldrons. Although she really wanted to open the lid of the cauldron, she also knew she needed to be careful about her actions at this point.


Plus, Qian Qian also wanted to see if these pills were really like the ones from The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord.


“Argh~! Senior Sister, be careful!” Suddenly a scream frightened Qian Qian, but it was too late.


Qian Qian turned around to look at the little kid and only saw a bamboo basket coming over to her.


Qian Qian blocked it with her hands as a natural body reaction. Then, Qian Qian felt something was very strange about it; since when did she have so much strength? Although she was trained by the basketball, would it be because this body has had some mutations?


After Qian Qian’s hands blocked the bamboo basket, it headed straight to the cauldron in the center. 

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