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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – The Messy Alchemy Room


Just when Qian Qian blocked the basket, it went straight towards the cauldron in the center of the room.


At this time, the Zi Jin Pill was also at its important time and Qian Qian knew that, at this final stage, things would not go otherwise anymore. Though, now it has happened. Plus, with the memories of the past life, she knew this was a big deal.


She wanted to save it, but it was too late. That basket went straight to the cauldron under Qian Qian’s shocked eyes.




Just like that, under everyone’s shocked eyes, that basket had a close contact with the cauldron.


Every kid was shocked as their jaws were wide open.




Shortly after, another loud sound within the cauldron followed.


Elder Qi looked inside the cauldron as his face darkened.


Inside there, it was his full month of hard work on the Zi Jing Pill and, just like that, it got ruined. He felt really not reconciled to it.


And at this moment, Qian Qian was still in the pose of blocking the basket before.


“Qian Qian!” Elder Qi frowned and looked at Qian Qian angrily with eyes full of fire. That scream also fully dragged out his dissatisfaction and hatred towards Qian Qian.


“Er…” Qian Qian was still shocked.


“Elder.” A kid said with a weak voice as if it was from the hell afar.


Elder Qi also looked at the kneeled frightened kid with shaking body on the ground with a black face. Now, his stare towards them was full of anger.


If Mu Rong Jun hadn’t sent a deathly order before saying that he must bring Qian Qian with him today, he would not even leave. Plus, this was the most important time for the Zi Jin Pill. But he didn’t give a damn care about anything anymore now; he just wanted to punish this pretty big eyed girl.


“Wasn’t it just a Zi Jin Pill?” Qian Qian looked at Elder Qi. Before, she felt slightly guilty because of what happened. But seeing Elder Qi like this, her stubborn temper also came out as she looked at Elder Qi with despise.


“Just a Zi Jin Pill? Just a Zi Jin Pill?” Elder Qi looked Qian Qian with full of anger as he repeated what she said. Now, he even wanted to chop Qian Qian into eight pieces if he may. No, even chopping her into eight pieces will not release his anger.


“You want a Zi Jin Pill? It is worth this much? Later, I will make Mu Rong Jun send you some.” Qian Qian looked Elder Qi with despise. But, what makes her wonder the most was that kid from before, how come he felt different.


“Humph, this Zi Jin Pill is used for competition. Now, there is only half a month of time left. How do I compete with them?” Elder Qi’s anger got even worse when Qian Qian mentioned Mu Rong Jun. If it wasn’t because of Mu Rong Junno, to be exact, the clan behind Mu Rong Junwhy would he tolerate this much for a little girl?


“For competition?” Qian Qian knitted her brows and moved her eyes from the kid kneeled on the side onto Elder Qi.


“What do you think? If wasn’t because of Mu Rong Jun, who would give a shit about you? Get out, get out immediately.” Elder Qi pointed towards outside the door as he was so angry. The most intolerable part was that this little girl with a beautiful face didn’t even feel sorry at all.


“Oh, so that is the case.” Qian Qian looked around the kids. She still felt weird about this thing. Immediately, she thought of something. She remembered from the TV and the movies, that she saw many of the battles between emperors’ women in the palace.


It is just that these kids all bowed on the floor now, so she can’t see their facial expression clearly. But looking at that kid before, she still felt strange from what just happened.


“Get out, are you deaf?” Elder Qi was very angry to the point he was almost about to leap up.


The kind and gentle feeling from before was also gone now.


Qian Qian glanced at Elder Qi, then at the kids in the room. Finally, she gave Elder Qi an angry stare. Then, she left proudly.


“Humph, from then on, don’t ever come here again.” Elder Qi looked at Qian Qian leaving without any remorse; he was super mad. So, at this moment, he didn’t doubt it was full Qian Qian’s fault.


“Senior Brother Qin, you say, what should I do? I didn’t do it on purpose.” Qian Qian pouted her little lips, her face also showed a little remorse.


“You probably guessed right, it was probably done by someone else purposely.” Senior Brother Qin frowned as he thought that it seems like someone must be targeting  Qian Qian.


Before, Qin Ling had always been cultivating inside the room. Then, he heard the door; he knew it was Qian Qian who came back. Just, he was also curious about why Qian Qian got back so quickly.


Then, after he came out to have a look. He saw Qian Qian in an angry mood sat in front of the circular table as she was tilting the tea inside the cup in her hands.


“You just came here, you shouldn’t have many enemies. Now, there are three possibilities: one, Elder Qi probably did that on purpose; two, you were too close with Mu Rong Jun or Nan Gong Jun Hai; three…” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian, “then, it was someone purposely giving you trouble, and that person must be hidden somewhere to measure your ability and see if you can help them to complete some mission.”


“The first one is probably impossible; you didn’t see how very angry Elder Qi was, he was almost about to jump to the roof of the room.” Qian Qian glanced at Qin Ling.


“Then, it must be the second or third possibility.” Qin Ling stood up, his cold face showed a sense of confusion, “The Second one isn’t that scary, at least they won’t harm you as that was only a warning. But the third one would be quite worrisome. It seems like it was a good choice that you moved into my place.”


“Then, do I have to be more careful now? Every single minute? For what?” Qian Qian pouted her lips, “That is same as being locked up.”


“Wait, I will go to check out Elder Qi. You stay here. Don’t go away, I will be back soon.” Qin Ling said as he rushed out the door after grabbing the sword on the table.


Qian Qian stared at that shadow which flashed out, played with the tea cup for a while, felt really annoyed, then returned back to her room.


“What the hell is happening?” Qian Qian held her cheek as she sat down on the soft bed, “Hmm, I will go see my land first, hehe.” Qian Qian laughed. When she went to Elder Qi, she secretly took some herbs and seeds when he wasn’t paying attention.


And before, she already moved those herbs and seeds into the land.


“Wow, this couldn’t be?” Qian Qian looked at the wide area of grown herbs land with shock, “Hehehe, this is all mine, ahahah, fortune, fortune.”


Qian Qian quickly ran over and looked at the herbs, “The growth of the herbs here seem to have a limit.” Qian Qian saw a wide area of grown herbs.


“Even the Suo Ling Bamboos are growing so well. Much better than the whole forest of Suo Ling Bamboos.” Qian Qian gently touched one Suo Ling Bamboo as she said.


The Suo Ling Bamboos here were a few zhang tall, she couldn’t see the top in one look.


“I can even cut the hassle of dividing the land.” Her eyes turned to look the other side, the side where the land was well divided, “This land is really awesome.

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