Immortals Farmland- Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – General of God’s Tomb (1)

Qian Qian returned back to her room.


“Hmm, the rest is just producing medicinal pills. Hahaha, that is awesome. From now on, I will have a world belonging to myself. Hehe.”


“Not sure if making medicinal pills are going to be hard; it seemed like being an alchemist is quite hard, there were many strict prerequisites.” Qian Qian looked at the Lily inside her room and took a water bottle to water the Lily.


“Hey, this is strange. Not sure which season of the four seasons is right now in here. Though, this Lily is growing really good.”


Staring at the grown Lily, it was almost like a pure angel. Qian Qian’s frustration was also gradually gone.


“Qian Qian.” There was the voice of Qin Ling coming from outside the room. Then, there was the sound of water pouring.


“Senior Brother Qin?” Qian Qian was stunned for a little. Was Senior Brother Qin back already?


“Senior Brother Qin.” Qian Qian pushed the door as she saw Qin Ling, he was very mad.


“Qian Qian, come here.”




“Qian Qian.” Qin Ling stared at Qian Qian, “Do you really not remember anything of your past?”


“Er… Senior Brother Qin, what, what happened?” Qian Qian, stunned, was looking at Qin Ling. She felt like this time Qin Ling must have found something, “Senior Brother Qin, what did you find out?”


“Qian Qian, do you know the God’s tomb?”


“God’s tomb? Senior Brother Qin, I am scared the moment I hear about God’s tomb.You not gonna take me there, right?” Qian Qian became extremely nervous and frustrated the moment she heard “God’s tomb”.


“This time, our guess was right. It was really the third possibility.” Qin Ling stared at Qian Qian without blinking his eyes.


“The third possibility? Then, who is the mysterious guy hidden in the dark? It can’t be he climbed out from the God’s tomb?” Qian Qian suddenly shrunk back. If that really was the case, she would rather die. She would not want to associate with anyone from the God’s tomb.


“Not climbed out from the tomb, it was the general in charge of God’s tomb.”


Just between their conversations, a loud and clear voice floated in from outside.


Soon, in Qian Qian’s shocked expression, there was a shadow appearing in front of their eyes.


“Ahh—-!” Qian Qian quickly hid behind Qin Ling.


“Qian Qian?” The person gently smiled, waving the folding fan in his hands. He was wearing full white, looking like a gentleman from a rich family.


“Hehe, already not recognizing me?” That person laughed, then changed into a kid with an eleven or twelve-year-old look.


“You are that kid?” Qian Qian showed one eye from Qin Ling’s back as she frighteningly stared at the kid.


Then, the person changed back to before.


“Qian Qian? I am here to take you home.” That person looked at Qian Qian with eyes filled with sorrow, kindness, and satisfaction.


“Ahh! You leave.” Qian Qian was really scared as she suddenly hid back to Qin Ling’s back. This time, she didn’t even dare to show one eye.


“Since you are the general in charge of God’s tomb, why are you leaving with Qian Qian?” Qin Ling gently patted Qian Qian, then looked at the person in white.


“It is complicated and not suitable to let you know.” That person, still waving the folding fan, looked towards Qian Qian who was hiding behind Qin Ling, “It looks like you don’t remember anything.”


“Senior Brother Qin, quickly make him go, make him go.” Qian Qian said as she almost cried.


“Your land just activated, you don’t know how to use it yet.” That person looked at the frightened Qian Qian. Not sure why his heart felt nervous.


“You, how did you know about the land?” Qian Qian was still hiding behind Qin Ling’s back.


“That was left behind by your mother, I gave her that present.”


“Present?” Qian Qian slowly popped out one eye, “Why should I trust you? Don’t take me into the God’s tomb, I don’t want to go in there.”


“God’s tomb?” That person was stunned for a minute, then laughed loudly. “You are just like your mother, I will not take you into the God’s tomb. I will take you home.”


“Home? My home?” Qian Qian stared at the person. She was still not sure where her home was at until now and came to this world randomly. It was really clueless for her.


“Yes, back to your home. The central point of the Butterfly Clan.” The person’s face suddenly became serious the moment he mentioned “The central point of the Butterfly Clan.”


“Ah!” That person’s sudden seriousness scared Qian Qian to quickly hid back.


“Er…” That person laughed bitterly. “Going back there will be a long way, we not in a rush. We can take it step by step.”


“What kind of world is it there?” Qian Qian felt happy when she thought she was not going to the tomb. Though, she was still quite scared of that person.


“That is a world without battles or conflicts.”


“Then, you must know my mother?”


“Your mother? You two really look alike.”


“Then, you must know why am I not in the Butterfly Clan but here, right?” Qian Qian carefully popped out two eyes this time.


“That, I am really not too sure. When I knew about you, it was already a long time. It was a friend of your mother that found me and asked me to help look for you. But, she told me that once I had found you, I had to take you back. It needs to be in secret because…” The person stopped there for a minute, “Otherwise, there will be many people going after you to kill you.”


“Ah-!” Qian Qian hid back behind Qin Ling’s back again.


“What? Since that is the case, why heading back then?” Qian Qian thought inside.


“If you don’t go back, you will not receive the protection from your clan. Then, one day you may be…”


“I will protect her.” Qin Ling stared at the person, his eyes full of determination, “And did you come here just to scare her?” Qin Ling looked at him coldly.


“You? Humph.” That person coldly humphed, “A finger of mine can easily take you down. How are you capable of protecting her?”


“That can’t be sure. Plus, what did you really come here for? It would definitely not be because of something as simple as taking her back.” The cold voice came out from Qin Ling’s mouth as if it was to freeze the whole pavilion.


“I will count you as having a brain. But, you are not strong enough to be my opponent yet. Huh? Nan Gong Clan?” The person suddenly stopped, then looked towards outside.


“Not bad, you know me.” A familiar voice passed into Qian Qian’s ears. Slowly, her eyes looked upwards.


Not sure when that person came in.


“Nan Gong Jun Hai?” Qian Qian was stunned, “What is he planning? Seems like Nan Gong Clan is not weak as well, but why is it settled in this small sect?” Qian Qian thought.


“Hehe, so what even if it is Nan Gong Clan? Or even ten Nan Gong Clans?” The person was still very calmed and relaxed, he was not scared at all.


“Haven’t asked about you.” Nan Gong Jun Hai stared at the Qian Qian behind Qin Ling, frowned and then came down from the roof.


“Hehe, you go back to tell Nan Gong Lan and say I am the general of God’s tomb. See how he responds.” The person gently laughed, his white robe felt as if it was flowing without any wind.      

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