Immortals Farmland- Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – General of God’s Tomb (2)

Nan Gong Jun Hai’s face suddenly changed. Then, he looked at Qian Qian behind Qin Ling, gritted his teeth and said, “Even if you are the general of God’s tomb, so what?”


“Humph, over confident. If you want Nan Gong Clan to disappear from then on, I don’t mind making you one of my enemies. Oh, that’s right, you aren’t worth to be my enemy yet.”


“If he is not worth it, then what about me?” There was a voice when Nan Gong Jun Hai’s face turned a little pale.


“Mu Rong Clan?” That person raised his eyebrows a little.


“What do you say?” The person slowly came down from the sky above and looked at the situation inside. Then, he looked at Qian Qian hidden behind Qin Ling and gently laughed. “It seems like you know quite well about this cultivation realm.”


“Humph, so what if it is Mu Rong Clan? How could you be here by coincidence? It is all for that girl.” The person glanced at Qian Qian behind Qin Ling but slightly knitted his eyebrows. Mu Rong Clan, powerful in cultivation realm or even all three realms.


“Oh? Hehe, if you are not scared, then I don’t mind making a new general for God’s tomb.” Mu Rong Jun showed a slight smile on his small face.


“Hey, aren’t you going to use your real face?” The general looked at Mu Rong Jun. Though, he really wanted to know which generation of Mu Rong Clan this guy was in. If it were some insignificant people, he could just leave in peace, without any restriction.


But, if it was someone important within the clan, this time would be a little troublesome.


“Yes, I can.” A corner of Mu Rong Jun’s lips slightly lifted up.


Qian Qian, who was behind Qin Ling’s back, popped out her two beautiful eyes and stared at Mu Rong Jun curiously. From the beginning, she thought Mu Rong Jun’s appearance was because of his family genetic. Now, it seemed like he had some tactics for changing appearances.


Plus, he must have some purpose in changing into such a young boy’s appearance.


Qian Qian was curious about the situation as well, she still didn’t understand why these people are trying to get her. Could it be her land?


“It is just, if that was really the case, how did they even know I am here? But it doesn’t seem like it either.” Qian Qian thought and felt more confused. Though, at this time, she was still gazing at Mu Rong Jun.


Mu Rong Jun was wearing full white and, this time, his face was slowly changing. Also, there was a weird movement and sound. His height was also slowly changing.


Within one minute, Mu Rong Jun turned to his original look. Strangely, his clothes also extended as his height.


An even more handsome and cool face appeared in front of everyone.


“It seems like you have quite a good status in your Mu Rong Clan.” The general of God’s tomb looked at Mu Rong Jun, “But I am warning you, don’t put your dirty plans on Qian Qian.” The person’s face was filled with coldness.


“This should be what I want to say. You came here and wanted to take Qian Qian away out of blue, what exactly are you after?” Mu Rong Jun ignored the general’s coldness, he was still very calm as if everything was all in control.


“Qian Qian’s mother is a close friend of mine, and she is in danger by herself out here. I need to take her back to the Butterfly Clan.”


“Butterfly Clan? Humph, are you really going to take her back there?” Mu Rong Jun stared at the general, his eyes filled with the intention of killing him.


“Humph, I think the one really having the bad intention towards her is your Mu Rong Clan.” The general of God’s tomb stared at Mu Rong Jun coldly. Right now, he really was extremely frustrated. If he took Qian Qian before, nothing would happen. But now, it was troublesome.


“Haha, what a joke. This is really the biggest joke.” Mu Rong Jun stared at the general, the intention of killing him had gotten even stronger.


As if he felt the killing intention from Mu Rong Jun, the general of God’s tomb felt frightened. Then, he quickly thought a while and looked towards Qian Qian behind Qin Ling’s back as he gritted his teeth.


“Qian Qian, if you met a woman called Qing Tian Meng one day, remember to trust her. She was your mother’s sister.” The general of God’s tomb looked at Qian Qian. Since the situation had gotten to this point, he can only do what he could, hoping he could leave quickly so he won’t get into trouble with Mu Rong Clan.




A light sound passed by and the person disappeared in the room.


“Sigh—-!” Qian Qian released her breath, now she felt even more confused about what was real or fake. And, how many of the people in front of her eyes now can she really believe?


“Qian Qian, are you alright?” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian and saw her pale face from the fear before. His heart tangled a little.


“Qian Qian.”


“Qian Qian.”


Nan Gong Jun Hai and Mu Rong Jun both came over, staring at Qian Qian’s pale face. They all have their own thinking.


“I am alright, you all go back first.” Qian Qian smiled at them. At this moment, she really wasn’t able to trust anyone. She saw many scary schemes and conflicts between people in twenty-first century. Plus, she had also read many ancient novels. But, no matter how scary that is, she had to endure it. She hoped these won’t happen to her, but then…


Qian Qian sighed, ignored them and walked back to her room. Too many things happened today, she had to think about it.  


“Qian Qian” Qin Ling looked at the depressed Qian Qian and felt hurt inside. But right now, he knew Qian Qian needed some time alone.


Nan Gong Jun Hai watched Qian Qian leaving and frowned. Then, he looked at Mu Rong Jun, frowned even more and left without saying anything.


Mu Rong Jun watched Qian Qian’s back. His eyebrows were also tightly knitted together.


The look of Nan Gong Jun Hai from before, he didn’t mind it. A Nan Gong Clan wasn’t competent to cause any threats yet.


“Take good care of Qian Qian.” Mu Rong Jun didn’t look at Qin Ling, but Qin Ling nodded.


“Who is Qian Qian? Do you know?” Qin Ling asked.


“Yes, but I can’t say. Just remember, we won’t hurt her.” At this moment, Mu Rong Jun turned to look at Qin Ling, “I know, you are the only one Qian Qian believes right now. She is still young and can’t handle that much. I will protect her in the shadows.”


“As long as you don’t hurt her.” Qin Ling sighed, “What is her secret, is it just about the land?”


“Sh—!” Mu Rong Jun shushed, “Remember, that is a secret. If anyone knew Qian Qian has the land, she will have life-threatening troubles. At the moment, there are all different kinds of forces looking for the seed of that land. If they knew it is on Qian Qian, Qian Qian will be in great danger. By then, ten of Mu Rong Clan will not be able to prevent their attacks.”


“To her, is that land that important?” Qin Ling was stunned. If then, maybe she should leave here. After all, there were people here who already knew Qian Qian was from the Butterfly Clan.

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