Immortals Farmland- Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Arrival at Nuo Yi City (2)


“Wow, this place is so extravagant.” Qian Qian was dancing around with joy. Also, there were all kinds people here, more diverse than twenty-first century.


Almost everyone here carried their own weapon, it felt like entering a wuxia world.


Qin Ling laughed as he shook his head on the side, “Let’s go, we need to find a hotel to rest our feet first.”


“En.” Qian Qian walked to the front, staring at all different kinds people in the crowd. She laughed inside, this was really no much different from the ancient world, just people here were more fond of battles.


“Selling Medicinal Pills, Selling Medicinal Pills.” A person’s loud voice alerted Qian Qian.


“Huh? This is so weird.” Qian Qian stared at the stack of pills in front of her. That Elder Qi didn’t get to produce the Zi Jin Pill the other day, but now there was a finished product in front of her eyes.


“Miss, the pills I have here are definitely the best.” That stall owner saw someone came to the stall, his eyes flashed a sense of excitement.


“En. How much is this?” Qian Qian picked up a bottle of pills, this little bottle contained about tens of brown-yellowish colored pills.


“Aye, Miss, my pills here are only for the watch, not for touch.” That stall owner immediately grabbed the pills away from Qian Qian’s hands.


But, not sure if was because Qian Qian wasn’t holding it steady or that stall owner did on purpose, the bottle dropped on the floor suddenly just when the stall owner was about to take over the bottle with pills.


“Argh, this is the most precious pill here. One bottle is at least ten lower crystal stones.” That stall owner was stunned at first, then quickly kneeled down to try to save one pill. But those pills disappeared quickly out of what anyone expected.


“Ohh, that is bad. Miss, you say what to do?” That person looked at Qian Qian, eyes filled with helplessness.


“Er…” Qian Qian saw the cracked bottle, then looked at the stall owner. She thought about the situation before and was determined that the stall owner definitely did it on purpose.


“What pill is that? It can’t be that expensive. Plus, you weren’t holding it steady before.” Qian Qian was sure and didn’t feel anything was wrong on her side.


“That bottle was just Jue Ling Pill, one bottle will not be ten of lower crystal stones, just half would be enough.” Qin Ling looked at the stall owner and knitted her eyebrows.


“Humph, I said ten lower crystal stones then it would be ten lower crystal stones.” That stall owner was rather fearless and stared at Qian Qian fiercely. Then, he looked at Qin Ling who was fully being deceived.


After this trouble, it attracted everyone around to check out.


Obviously, they felt really wondrous about these things. This was the cultivation realm, battles and conflicts occurred frequently. But, this was Nuo Yi City, there were soldiers guarding here. Once there was a battle or conflict appearing, it doesn’t matter who was right or wrong, everyone involved would be taken away. Once out of the city, there will be no one who cares about that.  


“Qian Qian, Let’s go.” Qin Ling ignored him and pulled Qian Qian away.


“Stop, you wanna leave after breaking others’ stuff? Don’t even think about it.” That stall owner saw the two people were about to leave and got really mad. Plus, they haven’t even paid yet.


Just when the stall owner was yelling, some people came out from the crowd. It must have been the helpers of the stall owner. They surrounded Qin Ling and Qian Qian in the center, looking all fierce and scary.


Qin Ling stared at them, a dangerous curve appeared at the corner of his mouth.


Qian Qian was stunned for a sec and looked at them surprised. The people here were way too into battles, really. Qian Qian laughed bitterly, it seemed like this world was chaotic after all. But then, it wasn’t called chaotic but rather just a place that upheld cultivation and power.


“Move away.” Qin Ling said coldly, the air nearby seemed to have gone down in temperature too.


The people watching nearby were scared and have stepped back several steps, but that man wearing black was rather uneasy.


“Hey, it was clear you dropped the bottle purposely, why are you looking for my trouble? Plus, you guys definitely seemed like you have prepared to set this up.” Qian Qian stared at that group of people. But at this moment, she was rather careless about it. After all, there was still a Senior Brother Qin at the front.


“Humph, you all listen to this. Not sure where this little girl came from, but how does she dare to be so rude? It was her who dropped my pills and she is still acting like nothing was wrong. Everyone, what do you guys say?” That stall owner bowed to the people nearby.


“Brother.” Qian Qian whispered to call Qin Ling.


“Don’t worry. These people are a piece of cake.” Qin Ling comforted Qian Qian, then covered her and kept her behind.


“Goodbye everyone.” A beautiful turn from Qin Ling, then he took Qian Qian away.


The people were stunned at this.


“Good skill.”


“That person isn’t easy.”


“How do they dare to mess with these strong people?”


“What really is this guy’s power? Is he at Ru Wei stage yet?”



Just when everyone was discussing, a green shadow appeared while standing inside a wine house close by next to an opened window.


His hand holds a green flute.


But now, he was smiling.


“Lord.” A man bowed on the floor.


“This young man has some skills. With a little bit of training, he will probably become the expert in Ma Fa Cultivation Realm soon. Or even become one of my greatest assistants.”


“Then, what should we do now?”


“Not in a rush, not in a rush. We will just look first. This man is worth some guiding.” He turned and sat back to the seat after he finished his words. But at the corner of his mouth, there was always an unsensible smile.


“After all these years, I have finally found a matching disciple.”


Inside a hotel.


“Brother, how can this place be so unreasonable?” Qian Qian sat on the chair and said angrily.


“This is Ma Fa Cultivation Realm. It was originally a really messed up place. Though, this is still okay compare to the mess at the Demons and Devils Realm. Plus, if Celestial Realm  got into conflict with the other two realms, Celestial Realm is rather united.” Qin Ling glanced at Qian Qian and shook his head.


“Oh, I see. By the way, what is with that Ru Wei ?” Qian Qian stared at Qin Ling without blinking her eyes.


“You little kid.” Qin Ling saw Qian Qian’s cute expression and felt speechless inside. This expression was totally a killer.


“Don’t call me a little kid.” Qian Qian stood up angrily and put her hands on the sides of her waist.


“Er…” Qin Ling was stunned, “No, this big reaction?” Qin Ling was speechless, “This is cultivation realm, cultivation is divided into different levels. Immortals need to enter the stage of Ru Wei. The level is commonly divided into: Ru Wei —— Da Qi —— Wan Mei —— Yi Jing —— Jin Dan. When you reach Jin Dan, that would be the ultimate expert of the celestial realm. And after you surpassed Jin Dan, you can then travel the three realms however you like.”

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