Immortals Farmland- Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Fun in Nuo Yi City (1)


“No, this strong?” Qian Qian was speechless, though she really didn’t know what kind of categorization that was.


“You don’t know?” Qin Ling was then speechless. The Butterfly Clan can’t be this poor. Plus, Qian Qian came here for a while already.


“Cut the crap! If I knew, why would I ask you?” Qian Qian pouted her lips as she sat down.


This little girl is really…“Er…” Hearing Qian Qian was saying ‘Cut the crap’, Qin Ling shook his head. This little girl was really…


“Then, where are we going next?” Qian Qian blinked her beautiful big eyes and stared at Qin Ling.


“Er…” Qin Ling almost spilled out the tea he just drank. This little girl really changes so quick. Her face was almost like the unpredictable weather, sometimes rainy sometimes sunny. “If there aren’t many things, then we will just go out to play around. You probably didn’t really go out to have fun a lot, you don’t know much about these cities.”


“Really? Haha. Brother, I love you.” Qian Qian suddenly stood up while holding the tea cup, the tea inside the cup also splashed out toward Qin Ling. Qin Ling waved his hand. The tea went the other direction and avoided him.


“Aye, is that the cultivation Kung Fu in this realm? So powerful.” Qian Qian stared at Qin Ling’s move and her eyes were sparkling.


Qin Ling shook his head, “If you want to learn, I can teach you. Just don’t know if it will be suitable for your Butterfly Clan.”


“Oh, you don’t know either.” Qian Qian sat down disappointedly.


“Your species is very unique, isn’t there anything left behind?” Qin Ling stared at Qian Qian strangely.


“Yes, there is. Just don’t know if it will be hard to cultivate. I never cultivated before.” Qian Qian sat down on the chair. “Brother, are we going out now?”


“It’s dark now and many things happened from the morning till now. Don’t you wanna rest a little?” Qin Ling stared at the sky, it was getting very dark outside. And the sky tonight didn’t seem to be very good, it was all cloudy.


“Oh, yes. Today has been a long day, I am tired too.” Qian Qian stretched her body, “I will go sleep first.” She turned and left to her room.


Seeing Qian Qian left, Qin Ling grinned. Then, he poured a cup of tea for himself, turned and went back to his room to sleep.


On the second day’s morning, the weather wasn’t very good. Since the dark cloud came last night, the morning was full cloudy and gloomy.


“Brother, today’s weather isn’t so good.” Qian Qian pushed the window open and stared at the dark cloudy sky outside.


“Rainy days have rainy days’ specialty, sunny days have their specialty. Come.” Qin Ling headed out after pushing the door open.


“Oh.” Qian Qian quickly followed up at the back.


Under this rainy and cloudy vibe, Nuo Yi City also seemed quite depressing. It was like the weather impacted on people’s mood.


Qian Qian looked at the people on the street, she didn’t see many people yesterday. Today, she realized what was the world of people practicing martial arts.


No matter male or female, young or old, people here all had their own weapons. Most were held in hands or carried on the back, some were even wrapped inside a bag.


Also, there were so many things for sale here, all kinds. Yesterday, Qian Qian already saw the pills. Today, there were many other weird and unique things, so much different from the streets in the ancient times.


Though there were also those selling food and vegetables here, most places were selling pills and weapons. But what made Qian Qian most curious was that there were even places selling musical instruments, calligraphy and drawing works and also Jade and crystals.


Of course, there were also herbs. There were all kinds of things.


“Brother, they sell calligraphy and drawings here too?” Qian Qian stared at a place selling calligraphy and drawings.


“Hehe, those calligraphies and drawings are not the usual ones, they normally have cultivation method hidden there. And practice calligraphies and drawings would help you to form your spiritual energy. It has great benefits to the growth of your soul power. Of course, it is most useful for alchemists.” Qin Ling looked at the place and smiled.


“There is such thing like that?” Qian Qian was even more curious now. “I will buy one then.” Qian Qian rushed over while smiling.


“Hey, don’t rush.” Qin Ling grabbed her when he saw she was about to head over.


“Why? These calligraphies and drawings are so useful, it would be a waste not buying them.” Qian Qian looked at Qin Ling and complained.  


“Those ones are fake. If you really want them, I will go with you to another place. There are much better ones compare to these here.” Qin Ling laughed and grabbed Qian Qian to walk towards the other side.


“Aye, forget it.” Qian Qian, who was grabbed by Qin Ling, pouted her lips, “Then, we can go later. There is more fun stuff here now.”


“You little girl. Okay, as you wish. I am very familiar with this place, you can go wherever you like.” Qin Ling gave in and gently poked Qian Qian’s pouted tiny lips.


“Hmm.” Qian Qian walked to the other side, looking dissatisfied.


Qin Ling saw Qian Qian like this, shook his head and smiled.


“Hmm, yes, brother, what is the most special thing here?” Qian Qian suddenly turned around and almost had a close contact with Qin Ling, but lucky Qin Ling was quick to respond.


“The most special thing here?” Qin Ling thought for a moment, “What kind of special thing you want, food, drink or those interesting things?” Qin Ling was stunned and really wasn’t sure what Qian Qian wanted.


“Aiya, just whatever is the most representative and unique thing here. Where do you usually go when you come here?”


“I usually come here to stay at the martial art battle place, the association for soldier servants or the auction area.” Qin Ling really wasn’t sure what Qian Qian was after and he would come here only for improving his martial art, never for fun.


“Ohh, then the battlefield must be violent, what is with the association?”


“You don’t know the association for soldier servants?” Qin Ling patted his forehead and didn’t believe how this little girl had no idea about anything. Pure as a white blank paper.


“That auction place I know a little. It seems like a place for selling stuff. There is actually an auction place too?” Qian Qian was stunned; in the 21st century, there are auction places. Once, her grandpa took her into one. But, she was really young and had no idea about bidding.


“The association for soldier servants will do something like protecting you if you go out, but you need to pay them.”


“Er… isn’t that the escort agency?” Qian Qian was confused after hearing Qin Ling’s explanation. It was like the escort agency in the old times, why call it association for soldier servants?”


“Escort agency? What is that? You guys call it that way?” Qin Ling was also stunned as it was the first time he heard these two words.


“Er…” Qian Qian started panicking now. Why didn’t she think twice before speaking?


“Escort agency is escort agency.” Qian Qian turned her head around and left.   

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