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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 2

Hi everyone, let us give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima her editor, who brings, a new work. Immortals Farmland. There will be, like always, a 5 chp release as the initial welcome post. We hope you guys enjoy this wonderful new novel! 2/6, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 2 – Butterfly from calamity (2)


“What is this place?” Qian Qian looked at the elder, hoping to find out some answers and if this was all a dream.


“Here? Hehe, this is the back of Tianxia Mountain. The disciples of Tianxia Mountain would only be able to go through the calamity at the back of the mountain. You just experienced the thunder calamity, don’t you feel its strong power?” The elder smiled and stroked his gray mustache as he said.


“Tianxia Mountain?” Qian Qian nodded.


“Hehe, never really climbed a mountain before.” The thought of her bird viewing at the top of the mountain excited Qian Qian.


Whoohoo! Qian Qian was really excited with the happy feeling of flying in the sky. She didn’t expect she could fly. She was looking at the flying sword underneath her feet, she just wanted to give it a big kiss. This was too good! She could fly with a sword!


The elder standing in front of her grinned and gave more force on his feet, increasing the speed of the flying sword. They were flying even faster.


The wind blew on Qian Qian as she opened her arm wide, letting the wind make her hair messy. A feeling of happiness she never had before.


“If this was all real, that would be so cool. Huh? By any chance, I time traveled?” Qian Qian was stunned as the thought sparked her. Although she never liked those novels about time traveling, this all seemed highly possible to be the case now.


“Time travel? No… please no, I still want to play basketball with my girls(friends) and travel around the world. Plus, I think I just received the notification about the final round of that singing contest. It was next month.” The thought of time traveling scared Qian Qian and her face was filled with uncertainty like a little girl waiting for her mother’s comfort.


The flying sword gradually landed, Qian Qian looked at the building around. To be more exact, it was a three leveled pavilion (or garret).   


“How come this place feels like the buildings for the martial art parties from the ancient time?” Winking her eyes, Qian Qian slowly stepped down the flying sword.


“This is the Tianxia Five Stars Pavilion. Hehe, just follow me.” The elder looked at Qian Qian’s wondering eyes with fond eyes.


“Stars?” Qian Qian was confused, but it was beyond her concern. The names of the gate factions were always odd and strange. She shrugged her shoulder, following after the elder. The other two young men just slightly bowed and walked away to the other side.


With her big curious eyes, Qian Qian looked around everywhere the whole way. She only stopped walking after passing through a door.


“Distribution Service Department?” Qian Qian stared at the traditional fonts on the top. Traditional Chinese Fonts wasn’t too hard for her as she studied them through several ancient works of literature back then. “Nonetheless, this seems like entering the gate factions back in the ancient time.” Qian Qian believed it as it is similar to the gate factions she had seen in the movies and dramas before.


Qian Qian looked further inside. She only saw a not so big table. Yet, behind the table, there was a huge book shelf. It was probably for document storage or something.


“Elder Qi.” One of the handsome boys inside called out and bowed as the elder came in.


“One spare room at the Xing Chen Yuan (one building of Five Stars Pavilion).” The elder grinned as he turned to look at the curious Qian Qian.


“Er…” The handsome boy turned around to look at Qian Qian, surprised that she could receive Elder Qi’s care. Hehe, it must be her luck then. Although Elder Qi is a kind person, he specializes in alchemy; one immortal pill from him would make a huge difference. But, he was rather stingy about that. As everyone knew, it takes strong and great talent for alchemy. It would be very difficult otherwise.


“Qian Qian, come.” Elder Qi waved at Qian Qian with a fond look.


“Oh.” Qian Qian nervously looked down and held her dress, silently walking there. Nah, she was not afraid, it was just her heart was nervously beating very fast.


The handsome boy at the front had a more attractive look than the other two men before. He was even better looking than the movie stars, although she doesn’t like the idea of being a stars chaser. Yet, it is rather pleasing to be able to appreciate handsome and pretty boys.  


“Elder Qi, this is?” The extremely handsome boy was confused and glared at the little girl in front of his eyes. She looked very cute and very pretty. She seemed godly with her white flowing dress.  

“Her? You don’t need to know. Just get a room in Xing Chen Yuan, so she can go anywhere she pleases at Five Stars Pavilion. Also, allocate her into the new disciples entering this year.” Elder Qi replied.


Elder Qi continued giving Qian Qian a softly fond look, making Qian Qian almost feel like to call out, “Hey. You being an elder, why do you look at a young girl like that? Do you have other intentions?”


“She was brought in by Elder Qi, there is no problem.” Then, the handsome boy turned towards the big book shelf at the back and took out a roll of Yu-Jane. He passed the Yu-Jane to Qian Qian.


Qian Qian felt a thrill rising within, this was the first time she was in contact with a boy this handsome. She was so excited, almost about to faint. It was Elder Qi who took the Yu-Jane and handed it over to Qian Qian.


Gently holding the Yu-Jane, a warm feeling passed through. Her body felt a slight tickling, feeling more energetic. This was out of Qian Qian’s expectation.


“Er…” Then, two little fonts appeared on top of the Yu-Jane.


“This is your Soul Yu-Jane” Elder Qi laughed and took Qian Qian away. Before he left, a tiny stone appeared in his hand.


“Qian Qian, Xing Chen Yuan is only one faculty of Five Stars Pavilion. Xing Chen Garden is where disciples meditate and rest. The higher your status and your ability, you can get and live at a better place.” Elder Qi quickly flew around. Qian Qian felt like she was looking on a fast express train.


The flying sword quickly landed on a spot at the half of the hillside. Qian Qian slowly looked around, stepping down the flying sword. Her pretty little eyes curiously looked around. Although she had a quick look when she was on the flying sword coming in, she remembered there was a refined garret near the bottom of the mountain.


“This is your room, you can walk around to get familiar with the place. I need to leave first for other things now.” Elder Qi laughed and placed the stone in the air. Strangely, the little stone was sparkling with a little goldish light.


Right after, a something more shocking occurred in front of Qian Qian. In the air, an energy film appeared. It quickly disappeared, but a beautiful little room showed up in front of Qian Qian.

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