Immortals Farmland- Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Fun in Nuo Yi City (2)


“Er…” Qin Ling shook his head. Qian Qian has been giving him countless surprises on this trips, like she never belonged to this world. But then, he wasn’t stuck on that thinking for too long. After all, she was from the Butterfly Clan. He also had no idea about where the Butterfly Clan lives or what their lifestyles were like.


“Huh? What is this?” Qian Qian stared at one stall, there was something that looked like a cauldron. There was even a pattern engraved on it, similar looking to the pill furnaces Elder Qi had, just a little smaller.


“This is pill furnace.” Qin Ling walked over and explained.


“Pill furnace? This small? Only half sizes to those little pill furnaces of Elder Qi’s.” Qian Qian was going to touch that pill furnace as she spoke. But, her hands got hit before she even reached the pill furnace. It scared her to quickly draw back, staring at the person that hurt her.


Qin Ling saw Qian Qian got hit, his face was immediately darkened and filled with coldness.


That person was the owner of that stall. But right now, he covered himself in the black clothes with only two bright black eyes showing. That person gave Qian Qian a rather whatever look, “If you have money, then just buy it. Don’t touch it if you don’t have money.” That person’s voice was very deep, obviously out of purpose.


“Hey, how would I know whether this is good or bad without checking.” Qian Qian stared at him, determined to touch that pill furnace.


That person saw Qian Qian’s hands were about to reach that pill furnace, his hands traveled at a lighting speed, hitting towards Qian Qian. But Qin Ling was faster; in one move, he grabbed that person’s hand tightly, and Qian Qian’s hands already were on the pill furnace by this time.


“You…” That person wrapped with black clothes, though his voice was deep, it already had a bit of anger. Obviously, he was mad with Qian Qian’s move.


“We will take this pill furnace, is that okay? By any chance, my sister can’t even touch her own stuff, you are so unreasonable.” Qin Ling was letting go of the person’s hand. But what surprised him was that person’s hand was shaking as if he was in severe pain.


“Humph, well what about I am not selling, huh?” That person rubbed his arm, then he grabbed that pill furnace, packed up and was ready to leave.


“Aye, you are really weird, didn’t my brother say we will take this pill furnace. You still not satisfied?” Qian Qian saw that person was going to leave, how could she just let it off easily.


“Qian Qian, since they don’t want to sell, then we will not force others.” Qin Ling pulled Qian Qian a few steps back. That person gave Qian Qian a look and then quickly left.


“Humph, what is the problem with those people?” Qian Qian rubbed the place got hit by the person before, it was actually quite painful.


“That person must have something up. It is better to have a friend than to have an enemy here. Plus, this place is very chaotic, he must have his reasons.” Qin Ling saw the direction that person and thought for a while.


“I understand, we have something like this over our place too.” Qian Qian angrily looked at the place where the person left, “Anyways, I will just listen to you. But now, what do we do? We don’t have a pill furnace.”


“You little girl.” Qin Ling turned back and gently rubbed Qian Qian’s tiny hands, there was still some light red marks, “Did you forget about what I told you before? About the auction? There will be countless good pill furnace in there. I will buy one for you later.”




“Though, do you have the prescript for producing the pills?” Qin Ling suddenly remembered something and looked at Qian Qian.


“Prescript?” Qian Qian was stunned, “Yes, of course. All in my head, there were really low-level ones and the most high-level ones, the highest one is called … something Wang Ji.”


“Alchemists are divided into levels, from the lowest level is One Pin, then the highest will be lord of alchemist level. That kind of level, I think if you reach it, I will let you call me younger brother.” Qin Ling laughed, then turned away.


“You mean you don’t believe I will reach that level.” Qian Qian pouted her lips as she stared at Qin Ling walking away.


“Er… I didn’t seem to have said that.” Qin Ling turned around to look at Qian Qian and gently laughed.


“You… don’t run.” Qian Qian saw Qin Ling like this and went chasing immediately. Though, not sure why Qin Ling really felt like teasing Qian Qian at this moment. So, he started running away. If he was really running, there would be no way Qian Qian’s speed would catch up.


That moment, there was a warm feeling on this depressed street.


Qian Qian was following and chasing behind Qin Ling in the crowd.


When Qian Qian was running and chasing Qin Ling, a shadow took off the black clothes at somewhere not far away from them. He took off the black clothes and showed the violet colored robe inside. It was the guy selling the pill furnace, he was staring at the two people and laughed.


“Brother? Sister? How come I didn’t see they have a blood relationship?”


“Lord.” A person next to the violet colored clothes person said.


“I am curious about that person, you go investigate to see where exactly is that person from.” The person with violet colored robe gently laughed.


“Yes, lord.” Then, that person left.


“Interesting, that girl was from the Butterfly Clan. But her land seemed rather unique.” He thought about that girl’s inner land. Though, the inner land is the signature of Butterfly Clan. He saw many people from the Butterfly Clan with inner lands. But not sure why that girl’s land was different.


He didn’t think too much, but soon he disappeared. The people around the area didn’t seem to have noticed anything either, still coming and going as if that person wasn’t there at all.


“Okay, okay, stop running.” Qian Qian was breathing heavily, this was rather hard for her since she still hadn’t cultivated.


“Your body quality is this good?” Qin Ling walked over and stared at Qian Qian. Though Qian Qian was sweating heavily at this moment, he was still in shock. The people from Butterfly Clan were indeed unique and different, he already took Qian Qian to run in circles for several rounds now, and Qian Qian’s speed was quite good too.


“I can never be as good as you.” Qian Qian complained to Qin Ling. What kind of brother is he, running so fast and so far, it was totally torturing her.


“You are already good, did you forget about the other junior disciples who ran with you? They were not like you.” Qin Ling shook his head, Qian Qian was blaming him. Though, he still felt really happy. After all, Qian Qian had such great talent. Maybe, her cultivation journey in the future will be smoother.


“Er… I am hungry. Also thirsty.” Following and chasing Qin Ling for a long while already, to say it was not tiring would be a lie. And, it was not about her talent. Just she knew how to run, she used to run a lot for playing basketballs back then. Running for too many times, so she knew the tactics for it too.

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