Immortals Farmland- Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Fun in Nuo Yi City (3)


“You little greedy cat, let’s go. Time to eat.” Qin Ling grinned, then left with Qian Qian.


“This one seems quite good.” Qian Qian followed Qin Ling to a restaurant and stared at the restaurant. This was the closest one.


“Okay, this Mo Feng Restaurant then.” Qin Ling stared at the name board hanged on top of the restaurant’s door and grinned. This restaurant was one he used to go very often.


“Wow, didn’t expect there were so many people here. It is only that today’s weather was bad, so it felt a little depressing.” Qian Qian saw the crowded people having food inside this restaurant; she was very excited. It was noisy and crowded to almost the same level as the ones in twenty-first century.


“Yo! Mr. Qin, you are here!” A waiter walked over and smiled quickly after noticing Qin Ling.


“Hmm, give us a table on the second level close to windows.” Qin Ling smiled at the waiter.


“Sure. Please, come in.” That waiter took both of them inside the restaurant.


“They seemed quite familiar with you?” Qian Qian glanced at Qin Ling.


“Of course, we see each other very often.” Qin Ling smiled.


“Ohh, so you came here very often.” Qian Qian gave Qin Ling a dirty look and pouted her lips.


“Mr. Qin, what would you like this time?” The waiter on the side asked.


“Hmm, we will eat what you normally would have here then.” Qian Qian smiled.


“Huh? You sure you really wanna eat those stuff?” Qin Ling was stunned; the waiter on the side was stunned too. They seemed very shocked.


“Yes, why not?” Qian Qian gave Qin Ling a dirty look and pouted her lips, as if she would make a big mess if he didn’t let her eat.


“Ok, then.” Qin Ling laughed bitterly.


“Oh, okay.” That waiter looked at Qian Qian as if she was an alien. Then, he left.


“Here, let us have some tea first, just for a while. But, let us have a bet.” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian strangely.


“A bet?” Qian Qian, stunned, “Let’s bet then, I am not scared.”


“Great, such a heroine! I am proud of you as my sister.” Qin Ling laughed, though there was a sense of joking feeling inside of his eyes.


“Humph, I would really like to see what you are up to.” Qian Qian said.


“Your meals are ready.” A waiter carried a plate as he walked over, though there was only a bottle of alcohol on the plate.


“Argh? Brother, oh no!” Qian Qian saw that bottle of alcohol and laughed bitterly with tons of regrets.


“So? You already had a bet with me.” Qin Ling stared at Qian Qian, smiling even harder. These days, though there were lots of helpless moments following Qian Qian, his smiles were getting more and more frequent. Plus, his feelings, which got affected by this little girl, having become much more relaxed.


“No, it doesn’t count.” Qian Qian’s heart was filled with regrets; she can’t be drunk. Plus, her drinking ability wasn’t very good; she would probably get drunk over one or two bottles.


“Aye! That is not right! Words are meant to be kept for nobles.” Qin Ling saw Qian Qian’s regrets and was even happier.


“So what? I am not a good person who keeps her words. I am just a girl. Waiter, bring some dishes.” Qian Qian looked at that waiter and ignored Qin Ling.


“Hmm?” Qin Ling shook his head, then opened that bottle of alcohol and said as he poured the alcohol into the plate, “Everyone can be a good person who keeps words. Regardless of you being a man or a woman.”


“Whatever, I think women are not nobles. What can you do about it ?” Qian Qian said with determination.


“Yes, your interpretation was right. But I have my interpretation too. You lost, then you gotta do something for me.” Qin Ling held the alcohol bottle and glanced at Qian Qian, then handsomely took one shot.


“Yes, that is your interpretation. Whatever is said by you, I will just deny everything.” Qian Qian took the menu passed by the waiter and ordered a few dishes she liked. For Qin Ling, as long as there was alcohol, he would be fine.


“Yes, you said ‘whatever is said by you’.” Qin Ling then poured one bottle of alcohol for himself and stared at Qian Qian, “So, I said it, and will say it as if you have agreed too.” Qin Ling laughed.


“Ahh, this could work too?” Qian Qian was speechless after hearing what Qin Ling said. She can’t argue with that. It seemed like Qin Ling was much better at arguing than her.


Qian Qian laughed bitterly, then ignored him and looked out the window straight away.


“Haha.” Qin Ling was laughing so hard that his mouth wasn’t able to come together. He stared at Qian Qian that looked outside the window, “You will just owe me for this one then.”


“I never even said I was going to admit to the outcomes. Don’t you push me too far.” Qian Qian turned her head around angrily and stared at Qin Ling.


“Er…” Qin Ling shook his head, he didn’t expect Qian Qian with such big reaction. But this time, the waiter happened to be coming over.


“Here, time for food.” Qin Ling stared at Qian Qian’s pouted lips and angry face, and laughed. This little girl, she was cute even when she was angry.


“Humph.” Qian Qian held up the chopsticks, stared at Qin Ling fiercely, then started eating.


Then, Qin Ling was following his usual habit, drinking alcohol. Sometimes, he ate some food too.


Kick, kick.” Suddenly, a voice came from the street outside the window.


Qian Qian looked over. A girl in red was riding a big white horse, running on the street.


“Aye, brother, how come this person can ride a horse on the street ?” Qian Qian saw the girl just ride the horse everywhere, people had to make way.


“That girl is definitely not simple, maybe she has a big family behind her.” Qin Ling glanced at the girl in red with a despicable look.


“Argh, that little kid.” Qian Qian stood up suddenly, she was standing up too fast, so the plate nearest to her dropped on the floor. But at this moment, Qian Qian didn’t care, staring at a little kid.     


That kid was probably four or five years old, but he was in danger at this moment. That girl in red with a big white horse was about to come to his eyes, but it would be too late for him to move now.


Suddenly, just when that girl in red with a horse was about to come to the kid, a shadow passed by and the kid was gone.


“So risky. Wait, that girl?” Qian Qian saw that kid was saved by someone and released her breath. When she looked to the side, she saw a girl in a green coloured dress with a bamboo hat. On that bamboo hat, there was a layer of white satin.


On her hand, she carried a small purple sword. It was so pretty that Qian Qian was a little stunned by it.


“If only I could have a sword like that, it would be so good.” Qian Qian’s eyes filled with sparkles.


“Er…” Qin Ling shook his head, “Do you want to meet her?”


“Can I?” Qian Qian was stunned and turned over to stare at Qin Ling after hearing what he said.

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