Immortals Farmland- Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Ling Jing (1)


“Of course, do you know who she is?” Qin Ling looked towards outside the window.


“She?” Qian Qian looked towards the outside, then looked at Qin Ling, “Don’t tell me you know her?”


“What do you think?” Qin Ling looked out the window and yelled, “Junior Sister Ling.”


Qian Qian saw that woman actually turned to look their way, then she saw her coming over.


“Senior Brother Qin, is it really you? Great, I didn’t expect to see you here.” That woman was very excited when she saw Qin Ling.


“I didn’t expect to run into Junior Sister Ling here as well. How is Uncle Master Jing?” Qin Ling’s face was also filled with smiles.


“Master is great now. Oh yea, you normally don’t come out often, why this time?” That Junior Sister Ling felt strange as she looked towards Qin Ling, but she looked like she realized something after looking at the cute girl next to him.


“Oh, Junior Sister Ling, this is my younger sister Qian Qian. Qian Qian, this is Ling Jing, you should call her Senior Sister.” Qin Ling saw Junior Sister Ling was asking, so he knew he needed to do some introduction.


“Younger sister?” That Ling Jing was obviously stunned for a moment, then looked towards Qian Qian, “Senior Brother Qin, when did your sister come?”


“Er… No wonder you would be curious, you have always been cultivating. This is a sister that I just took, we are not really blood-related.” Qin Ling smiled with a little embarrassment. After all, it was only recently that he took Qian Qian as his younger sister, and not many people seem to know that either.


“Ohh, so it wasn’t blood-related.” That Ling Jing looked at Qian Qian for the third time. This time, she looked her from head to toe, very carefully. It was making Qian Qian feel quite uncomfortable, and from a girl’s instinct, Qian Qian felt that in this Ling Jing’s eyes, it felt like something else, something uncomfortable.


“Junior Sister Ling, how come you are here?” Qin Ling realized the vibe wasn’t right, then he quickly changed the topic.


“Ohh, I was here to buy some stuff. Plus, I have been just concealed from the world to cultivate that long, so I figured it was good to come out and walk around. Why is Senior Brother Qin here then?” Ling Jing sat down on a chair.


Qin Ling sat down as he saw Ling Jing took a seat. Then, Qian Qian followed after.


But Qian Qian felt really awkward at this moment, as she really felt that this Ling Jing was weird. She couldn’t really put where she was weird, but that was her feeling.


“My sister never came here, so I took her here to look around. Waiter.” Qin Ling looked at Ling Jing as he explained, then asked the waiter to bring a set of bowls and chopstick.


“Ohh, I see. Then, when is Senior Brother Qin going back? Maybe we could go back together.” Ling Jing said. To be honest, Ling Jing had a really beautiful voice.


“We will probably stay here for a bit longer because my sister never saw these stuff. So, we are here to show her around.” Qin Ling explained, but he couldn’t really tell the truth to her either at this time.


“That is great, I don’t have anything on lately anyway. Does Senior Brother Qin mind if I join you guys ?”


“This…” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian, what happened to this little girl? How come she was so quiet? “I hope not to delay Junior Sister Ling.”


“Senior Brother Qin, this is not right. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.” Ling Jing said as she looked at Qian Qian.


Qian Qian saw both of them were looking at her, pouted her lips as she put her head down to eat the food.


“Er… Your sister is really cute. How old is she?” Ling Jing saw Qian Qian was acting that way and felt relieved inside. Her defense wall was also gone. This little girl didn’t seem to have any schemes or be the kind that played tricks, which meant she wasn’t even enough to be her rival.


“Qian Qian is sixteen years old this year. Yes, Junior Sister Ling, Qian Qian saw your move before, she was really excited and admired you. Plus, she also really liked the purple sword in your hands, not sure if you would mind to…”


“Hehe, that is no problem. Since Qian Qian wants to see it, then take it to see.” Ling Jing casually handed over the purple female sword to Qian Qian from her hand.   


Qian Qian saw that purple sword was coming to her eyes and was very excited inside. She quickly took the sword over and looked carefully. The scabbard was really pretty, it had something shining. And on the scabbard, there was actually a tattooed-looking engraved pattern.


“This sword is called Zi Chen Sword. That thing on the top is a tattoo, it is the ancient dragon.” Seeing Qian Qian liked this Zi Chen Sword so much, Ling Jing’s smile was getting brighter on her face.


“Ancient dragon?” Qin Ling was stunned, “I have never heard you talking about it before.”


“Senior Brother Qin never asked before.”


“Er… but seems like my younger sister didn’t ask either.” Qin Ling looked at Ling Jing then at Qian Qian and shrugged.


“Er…” Ling Jing was stunned for a moment too and laughed bitterly, “Senior Brother Qin, at least you never showed much affection over the tattoo.”


“Ancient dragon?” Qian Qian touched the dragon tattoo on the Zi Chen Sword, that tattoo felt so familiar, almost like a family.


Yes, that ancient dragon tattoo was the style of a dragon in Qian Qian’s century.


This was probably the most familiar thing Qian Qian felt ever since she came here.


“Qian Qian?” Qin Ling saw Qian Qian looked at the tattoo blankly and was continually touching it gently, as if she had seen that tattoo before.


“Qian Qian?” Ling Jing was also stunned. Although it was blocked with a layer of satin, she could still see Qian Qian’s expression; that expression was almost like she just saw her long lost family.


“Qian Qian, Qian Qian.” Qin Ling pushed Qian Qian to get her awake from her blankness. Now, he felt really weird.


“Er… Brother.” Qian Qian suddenly awoke from the shock and looked towards Qin Ling.


“What happened to you just then? Did you see this kind of tattoo before?” Ling Jing interrupted from the side.


“Er… Yes, I have seen it.” Qian Qian laughed bitterly.


“Argh?” Qin Ling and Ling Jing were both very shocked, then looked at each other.


“Qian Qian, you really saw it? Where did you see it?” Qin Ling almost forgot that he shouldn’t let her talk about these this time, and he was a bit of out of his character at this moment.


“Yes, Qian Qian, this kind of tattoo is very hard to see.” Ling Jing said on the side.


“Hard to see?” Qian Qian was stunned, then looked at Qin Ling and Ling Jing, then back to Qin Ling, “Even if it was hard to see, I still see it here?”


What did that mean, what did hard to see mean? If it was really hard to see, then doesn’t it mean this sword would be a signature of status? Without certain power, Ling Jing wouldn’t dare to hold it casually like that, and if ran into those people who were powerful and liked to collect swords, then this Zi Chen Sword would be quite pathetic then. Because it would be about to change to another owner.


“Er…” Qin Ling and Ling Jing felt speechless after hearing what Qian Qian said, they were choked on her words.


“Qian Qian, ancient dragon tattoo is only recognizable by very little people, most people don’t recognize it, that is why I dare to show it out and take it around.”       

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