Immortals Farmland- Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Ling Jing (2)


“Oh, I see. Then, you guys don’t need to be so exaggerated.” Qian Qian looked at the two of them, then head down to food.


Qin Ling shook his head, not sure of what was up with this girl today.


“Yeah, that is right! Brother, where are we going later?”


“Today, you have played enough. We will go back to the hotel first. Tomorrow, I will take you out. Plus, the weather today wasn’t very good either.” Qin Ling looked outside the window, the sky was full dark, like it was about to rain.


“Alright then.” Qian Qian glanced outside the window, knowing it couldn’t be forced, so she didn’t nag Qin Ling.


“Wow! My bed is really the most comfortable.” Qian Qian went straight into her blanket when she returned to her room.


“Qian Qian, I am heading out to do something. You and Junior Sister Ling need to look after each other, you understand?” Qin Ling pulled Qian Qian out of the blanket.


“Aiya, okay okay. Brother, just go. I will take care of Senior Sister Ling.” Qian Qian kept thinking about that tattoo, so she was very irritated when Qin Ling came in to nag her.


Qin Ling smiled, gently patted on Qian Qian’s head, then left.


Qin Ling was not back for the whole afternoon, and the sky outside was turning from dark and cloudy during the daytime to even darker and more depressing.


Qian Qian spaced out while she sat in front of the window, blankly staring at the sky.


Boom~ Boom~


“Wow, it is thunder.” Qian Qian saw a flash of lightning not far away and the sound of thunder still echoed in her ears, “Oh shit, brother hasn’t come back.”


Although it was still just the twilight, it seemed like dark night because of the dark cloud.


“Qian Qian.” The sound of Ling Jing also passed from outside the door.


“Oh, Senior Sister Ling, come in.”


The door opened and a girl with a bamboo hat came in.


“Qian Qian, you still awake?”


“It is still too early, I can’t fall asleep. Senior Sister Ling still hasn’t gone to sleep as well?” Qian Qian poured a cup of tea for Ling Jing and smiled at her.


“Thank you, Senior Brother Qin still hasn’t come back.” Ling Jing sighed.


“Not sure where brother went? But his kung fu was great (in a Chinese idiom expression), he should be fine.”


“Kung fu was great?”


“Er…” Qian Qian was really speechless at this point, the people here didn’t even know this idiom. But then again, this wasn’t the same world.


“Kung fu was great meant brother’s ability is very strong, he will definitely be fine.”


“Oh, so that’s what it meant. Is Senior Brother Qin really your brother?” Ling Jing’s eyes were staring straight into Qian Qian’s when she asked.


“Originally, I didn’t know brother. Just that his place was very close to where I lived, so we got familiar from there.” Qian Qian didn’t understand the meaning in Ling Jing’s look, so she told her the truth. But, she would definitely not tell Ling Jing about her inner land. Otherwise, she would be in danger.


“So, that was the case. But, I heard that you guys ended up living together later.” Ling Jing’s tone had changed at this stage, and she also held up a cup of tea, carefully tasting it.


“Yes, just one day tho. Hehe, you didn’t know the room brother prepared for me was quite pretty, I really liked it. Just…” Qian Qian quickly shut her mouth; at this point, she realized that if she continues to speak, she would definitely bust herself.


“Just what?” Ling Jing stared at Qian Qian.


“Just it wasn’t as comfortable as my own little house.” Qian Qian quickly replied.


“Oh, you can really just move your room into Senior Brother Qin’s place then.”


“That could do?” Qian Qian widened her mouth.


“You didn’t know?” Ling Jing stared at Qian Qian, eyes filled with a strangeness.


“Brother didn’t tell me. Anyways, he is my brother.” Qian Qian shrugged, she really took Qin Ling as her brother, nothing else.


“Qian Qian, I knew you liked this Zi Chen Sword, so today I will breach my code and lent it to you to look for one night.” Ling Jing took over the Zi Chen Sword and handed it over to Qian Qian.


“Really?” Qian Qian held the sword. She was so absorbed by it. After all, the tattoo on this scabbard was the tattoo of an ancient dragon, that means it was definitely extraordinary.


“Alright, I should head back to my room now. Good night.” Ling Jing left as she finished her words.


“Good night.” Qian Qian sent Ling Jing out of her room, then held the sword inside her hands joyfully, carefully checking it.


But outside the room, there was a pair of bright eyes staring towards Qian Qian. With the lightning, it was white satin floating in the wind.


“Haha, this is great. It is the tattoo of a dragon. Didn’t expect that I could see the tattoo of a dragon here.” Qian Qian was holding that sword, her face filled with joy, “Just not sure if there will be a chance to see the real dragon.”


“Wow, this place was better after all. No need to study, no need to work out those damn hard questions. But, the cultivation was a bit hard. Though it was hard, it is really good. At least, I have brother’s protection now. And there is also the protection from Mu Rong Jun. Hehe, so good.”


“Aye, not sure where I am going though. Really, wasn’t it good to just stay inside the Five Stars Pavilion? Why did I have to leave with brother?” Qian Qian held her chin, full of regrets while she was thinking about it.


“Aye, this is already what it is. Just not sure when I can find people from my clan. Zi Chen Sword, Zi Chen Sword, what do you say about me leaving or staying now? If I don’t leave, there will definitely be many people hunting after me. But leaving, I really didn’t want to be in this chaotic, cruel society.” Qian Qian stared at the Zi Chen Sword inside her hands and sighed deeply for a while.


“In Hua Xia (Qian Qian’s original world), you were really a mystical dragon. You received so many people’s admiration. What sort of dragons are you guys in this world? By any chance, you guys are from Demon Realm? And it is that really powerful dragon? That’s not right, since you guys are ancient legendary dragons, it must be very extraordinary. Wait, ancient legendary dragon? That must have something to do with the Ancient Gods’ tomb?”


“Both of them were ancient. Since it was ancient, it must have been a really far away time then. But why did they go extinct? Could it because there was one or several battles in the past times?”


“That shouldn’t be the case either.If that was the case, there must be records then. But, I didn’t find anything in the Cang Shu Pavilion and in my inherited memories. There wasn’t anything about it though.”


“Unless that part of history was removed deliberately? Or? Aiyah, what am I doing here thinking all these random things? I can just ask Senior Sister Ling later. Brother also. They must know something, but I have to think carefully to not bust myself; it would be really bad if they realized that I am from a different time dimension.”


“But, after all, where the hell did this Butterfly Clan go? Really, why is it so hard to even find one people in the clan?”


Boom~ Boom~      


“Er… Thunder Uncle, you think it was hard too.” Qian Qian was thinking deeply when she heard the sound of thunder outside. She was scared at the beginning, but then smiled bitterly.

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