Immortals Farmland- Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Ling Jing (3)


“What do we do, brother hasn’t come back.” Qian Qian was not sure, but Qin Ling was so strong and powerful, he would surely be fine.


“Not sure where he went either, he didn’t say anything when he left.” Qian Qian sighed, gently touching the Zi Chen Sword with her hand, while the other hand was holding her chin.


“Wait, what is this?” Suddenly, she felt something unusual while touching the Zi Chen Sword, it was like a small crack. Qian Qian looked closely, “It was really a small crack, how come a good sword like this has a small crack? This is so odd.” Qian Qian said as she knitted her brows.


“Maybe Senior Sister Ling forgot to tell me that.” Soon, Qian Qian left all her questions behind.


“Qian Qian, Junior Sister Ling, see what I got back here?” Qin Ling’s voice suddenly came through.


“Brother?” Qian Qian smiled then quickly rushed out.


“Brother, where did you go?” Qian Qian saw Qin Ling came back fully soaked. She was really curious now. She saw a chalk black box inside his hands, not sure what was inside.


“Come, Qian Qian. Carry that box for me, I need to get changed first.” Qin Ling passed that box over to Qian Qian, but that box wasn’t very big either, only half an inch wide and one inch long.


“Brother, what is inside?”


“You will know when you open it. Junior Sister Ling, come and have a look too. I will be back soon after I get changed.” Qin Ling turned away.


“Senior Sister Ling, come check it out. Brother brought back some good stuff.” Then, Ling Jing also opened the door. Qian Qian looked at Ling Jing happily then shook the box inside her hands.


“Qian Qian, what is inside?” Ling Jing grinned, though no one saw it because the satin covered her face.


“Don’t know, will know after opening it.” Qian Qian placed the box on the circular table in the center of the room, then used a clean cloth on the side to wipe off the water on it.


Qian Qian looked at the front face of that box, there was a weird lock.


“There is even a lock.” Qian Qian was touching that little lock with her hands. Though she felt strange as well, she was thinking inside, “This looks like the locks from the ancient time, but this is Cultivation Realm, everyone was so strong and powerful, why was there a need for a lock?”


“A lock?” Ling Jing also came closer to check, “Oh, it is the Qian Kun Lock. This lock will only be opened by its master; If other people attempt to open it, the box will break itself down and will vanish. This is a high-level lock; seems like the stuff inside is not simple either.”


“This magical?” Qian Qian curiously stared at that lock, she was so absorbed by this now.


But then, just when Qian Qian was not prepared, she heard a cracking sound.


“Er…” Qian Qian was stunned, not sure of what happened.


“Aiya, oh no. The stuff inside must be broken. That was the sound of Qian Kun Lock destructing and vanishing itself.” Ling Jing said with a worrying voice, but she was still a bit distant from the box, and Qian Qian was the closest to the box at this moment.


“Then, what should we do?” Qian Qian was shocked after hearing what Ling Jing said as she took several steps back, looking at the box on the table like she saw a ghost.


“What happened to you guys? Why did I hear some weird sound?” Qin Ling came out from the room on the side at this moment, just seeing Qian Qian was taking steps back. The look in her eyes wasn’t very good.


“Brother.” Qian Qian looked at Qin Ling feeling a little scared and a little upset.


“Er… Senior Brother Qin.” Ling Jing turned around to look at Qin Ling as well, but because she was covered by satin, no one saw her expression.


“What is wrong?” Qin Ling looked at both of them, feeling it was so weird. But then, he thought about the weird sound before. Suddenly, it seemed like he remembered something and rushed over to the table as he held up the box. His hands made a weird move on top of the box, then the lock was opened, but his face turned green after he looked into the box.


Qian Qian was so scared as she moved to the side while Qin Ling’s face was changing.


“Qian Qian.” Soon, not sure why, Qin Ling’s face was turning back to normal, he looked at Qian Qian in a gentle way, “Was it you the one who was playing with the lock?”


“En.” Qian Qian looked at Qin Ling nervously, like a little kid who just realized she did wrong.


“It is okay, it wasn’t a big deal anyway. There were just jades that I was gonna give to you two as presents.” Qin Ling held up the two cracked jades.


Qian Qian gazed towards the cracked jades. Though they have cracked now, the colour was so pure as if it was the rain drops during the morning. Plus, Qian Qian felt an unusual sense of freshness. Even a cracked piece has this kind of effect, it was very certain that those were two very extraordinary jades.


“It can’t be helped if it has cracked then.” Qin Ling smiled bitterly. Not sure why, he didn’t feel like blaming Qian Qian inside.


Ling Jing on the side observed everything. She was just touched that she broke the thing Qin Ling was gonna give to her as a present. But now, she was so jealous her eyes were filled with the fire of jealousy.


Qin Ling must have worked so hard with lots of effort in order to get these two jades. But now, they were all cracked, and Qin Ling was obviously not blaming Qian Qian at all. This obviously shows how Qian Qian meant something very important inside of Qin Ling’s heart.


“Brother, sorry.” Qian Qian looked at Qin Ling carefully.


“It is alright, not need to be so scared.”




The thunderstorm made a great sound outside just in time, there was still the sound of the pouring rain and the blowing sound of wind.


“It was fine, it is cracked then it was meant to be. Just Junior Sister Ling, tomorrow I will bring you another one.” Qin Ling looked at Ling Jing. He knew this Junior Sister Ling liked to hide herself behind the white satin.


“That Senior Brother Qin will think of giving me presents is already making me so happy. Plus, these jades were Butterfly Jade; it has the function of solidifying spirits. Senior Brother Qin must have done lots of work to get them. How can I be so shameless to ask you to get me another one? I happen to know a friend who knows how to fix broken jades. I will ask him to fix these two jades.” Ling Jing said calmly.


“That would be good. Then, I shall leave this to your hands. If Junior Sister Ling doesn’t mind, then these two will just both go to you.” Qin Ling handed over the box to Ling Jing, and Ling Jing didn’t hesitate and took over the box.


“Today is already too late, everyone should just head to sleep first.” Qin Ling looked at Ling Jing and Qian Qian. To be honest, he really was very mad inside. But, not sure why, he didn’t want to punish Qian Qian.


“Eh.” Qian Qian nodded quietly, then turned around to head back to her room.


“Qian Qian.” Ling Jing called out Qian Qian the moment she turned around. Qian Qian turned back, feeling really exhausted.


“Qian Qian, my Zi Chen Sword has a crack on it, I was worried if you didn’t know then accidentally… So, Qian Qian…” Ling Jing looked at Qian Qian and gently said.


But, Qin Ling looked at Ling Jing then Qian Qian and frowned.

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