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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 3

Hi everyone, let us give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima her editor, who brings, a new work. Immortals Farmland. There will be, like always, a 5 chp release as the initial welcome post. We hope you guys enjoy this wonderful new novel! 3/6, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 3 – Seed of the land (1)

“Wow…!” Qian Qian who was stunned by what was in front of her, widened her pretty eyes, “This…this is mine?” Then, she quickly flew over towards the mahogany wooden door.

Elder Qi was speechless while he looked at Qian Qian’s movement. But, a sense of strangeness passed through his eyes. Suddenly, an extra turquoise thing appeared in his hands, it was Qian Qian’s Soul Jade Slip. Now, he is not leaving to return where Jade Slip was stored but back to his own room.

Soul Jade Slip. If its owner died, Jade Slip will also shatter into pieces.

Opening the mahogany wooden door, Qian Qian rushed into her little room as she closed the door behind her and deeply inhaled.

After a while, Qian Qian opened the door into a little gap. A pretty cute eye sneakily looked outside until she was sure there was no one around. She then popped out her cute little head. But it was only a small head, her butt was still sticking up on the inside the door.

“Finally gone,” she gently closed the door. Qian Qian exhaled deeply, “Humph, you could deceive others, but you can not deceive me.” Qian Qian turned to look inside the room. Yet, she is still surprised even though she tried to remain calm. Her eyes were wide open and covered her wide open little mouth, “Oh dear god!”

“Woahhahah, I did not expect I would have a lucky day like this.” Qian Qian was so excited and happy that she jumped and ran around her room.

The room was tidy and comfortable, with a small circular wooden table in the center of the room. Several little chairs surrounded the table like little kids leaning on their mother.

On the wall, there were engraved beautiful paintings. At the corner of the wooden wall, there was a tea table with a blue porcelain carrying a cluster of Lilly sitting on top of it. Next to the tea table, there was a beautiful bed with pink curtains hanging smoothly down on the bed. A small closet sat at the back of the bed towards the right side.

Originally, her room is much more extravagant than this little room, but she doesn’t like it that extravagant.

“This is rather quiet, just missing a bookshelf. Yep, this is pretty good. Ah… smells great too.” Qian Qian took a deep breath and enjoying her moment of peace in this room.

“This is a dream, definitely a dream.” Qian Qian lightly nipped her arm. “Ouch.” Qian Qian realized immediately that this wasn’t a dream and she had probably time traveled as she sensed the pain.

“Oh mercy god, I will definitely go back and have a good read of those novels about time-travelling if you take me back,” gazing up, Qian Qian regretted that she didn’t read those novels back then. Then, she sat down on a wooden chair.

“ Well, from the ancient works of literature that I was forced to read, people aren’t easy to read. Why would that Elder Qi be so interested in me? Because I was a butterfly turned into a human?”

Qian Qian calmed down and started thinking this whole thing, “No, he is probably after something, eh… if he dares to… I will sure leave him a deep lesson. But the urgent thing now is…” Her eyes turned towards the mahogany wooden door as if she could see the outside through these doors.

Grrrr ~~ (Sound of stomach rumbling)

“Er… already hungry?” Qian Qian bitterly smiled as she got up. She opened the mahogany wooden door as sunlight basked on her. “This must be fun, haha.” She laughed and left as she walked out.

“Just not so sure where I can get food here. That Elder Qi is definitely purposely not finding me a tour guide.” Qian Qian murmured to herself as she walked down the mountain. The place where Qian Qian lived was at the half of the hillside, there was only her room. There was another two storey little garrett about ten meters away from her.

“A little garrett, eh, I shall go in and have a look first.” Qian Qian felt like a person with high status or great power must live in this place as it looks refined. Qian Qian took a look back to her place, it seemed relatively shabby.

“A better living place is the mark of status, but it is not necessarily always a good thing. Eh, should probably keep more at a lower profile, but building a good relationship is a key. Otherwise, I would be fully under Elder Qi’s control. Humph, I am not scared of him, it is most difficult to deal with a person with a kind mask.” Qian Qian thought to herself as she raised her hand and was about to knock on the door. Suddenly…

Kreeen~~ (The sound of wooden door opening)

There appears a cool handsome man. Qian Qian was stunned and looked at him, “ What, someone handsome like him exists in this world ?” Qian Qian opened her mouth wide and was still stunned by his handsomeness. She had seen many handsome guys before, but this guy in front her is so elegant yet handsome; there was a sense of a heroic spirit in his coldness.

The pretty boy also blanked a little, not sure why a sixteen or seventeen-year-old looking girl suddenly appeared here. “What?” The handsome guy snipped his eyebrows as he looked at Qian Qian. Even his eyebrows snipping made him look still so handsome.

“I-I…” Qian Qian stuttered and couldn’t speak straight facing a pretty guy like him; her heart was beating unevenly.

“Are you new?” The man suddenly thought and asked Qian Qian.

“Er….er…. I… I was a little hungry, not sure er…where the kitchen is at?” Qian Qian replied and immediately looked down. She felt very shy as redness appeared on her face.

“It is on my way, I will just take you there then.” The handsome boy grinned and looked at Qian Qian. He thought she was embarrassed.

“Yes.” Holding down the nervousness inside her, she raised her head again yet still couldn’t look at his eyes. The handsome guy closed the door and left with Qian Qian.

“My last name is Qin, what about you, Junior Sister?” The handsome guy grinned and asked with a soft voice; this little Junior Sister was really interesting.

“Qian Qian.” Qian Qian replied just when she finally calmed herself down. After this question, her heart started beating unevenly again.

“Qian Qian? Hehe, such a great name.” Senior Brother Qin grinned and said.

Grandfather looked up so many dictionaries and works of literature to find this name, of course, it is good. Qian Qian secretly laughed inside. But the chance of being able to walk with someone so handsome, if she can go back, she will be sure to show off.

“May I ask where Junior Sister is from?”

“Me?” Qian Qian stiffened, her home was…not even sure where it is. What should she answer at this moment.

“Isn’t that Senior Brother Qin?” Suddenly, two people on the side of the footpath turned around and were surprised as they looked towards this direction.

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