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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 4

Hi everyone, let us give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima her editor, who brings, a new work. Immortals Farmland. There will be, like always, a 5 chp release as the initial welcome post. We hope you guys enjoy this wonderful new novel! 4/6, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 4 – Seed of the land (2)

“Senior Brother Qin has always been a lone wolf, what happened today?” Another person was also surprised as he looked towards his direction. Yet, they whispered as they were frightened by Senior Brother Qin.


Although their voice wasn’t very loud, Senior Brother Qin and Qian Qian both heard them. Senior Brother Qin slightly frowned as he ignored them. Qian Qian, however, was surprised “No, you can’t be…” shockingly stared at the handsome Senior Brother Qin.


“Don’t mind them.” Senior Brother Qin quickly left. He didn’t plan to wait for Qian Qian. Qian Qian pouted her lips as she watched him leaving and quickly followed after him.


From there, rumors about Qian Qian soon started spreading around within Five Stars Pavilion. The news was rather surprising to Qian Qian as she heard from others that Senior Brother Qin was interested in someone. This was making Qian Qian speechless.


Qian Qian finally had a full meal. The food here was all free, but it was all planted by the disciples of Five Stars Pavilion.


In the evening, Qian Qian came back to her own wooden house. Leaning on the table, she was spacing out while gazing at the cluster of Lily. Until now, she realized this Five Stars Pavilion was quite a big sect. There were at least a thousand people, just only a few made through the tribulation and transcended to immortals.


Within the whole sect, there was only Elder Qi focusing on Alchemy. Although he trained several disciples, their talents weren’t so great. Hence, there were only three of them who could successfully refine Medicinal Pills.


Those three people were either taken back to their family clan or were expelled by the Five Stars Pavilion. There were also people cultivating outside. There was only Elder Qi left here, focusing on just refining Medicinal Pills and it has been tens of years.


“Every year, Five Stars Pavilion will recruit several new disciples from nearby areas, and I became one of them.” Qian Qian murmured to herself as the face of Senior Brother Qin was flashing through her eyes.


Qian Qian signed,


“No, I have to come up with a plan to get out of here. Lately, my heart is not at peace.” Qian Qian got up from the circular wooden table and walked towards her comfy bed and gently sat down.


“This is a cultivation world, Ma Fa Cultivation World. Who knows when I can get back.” Leaning next to the bed, Qian Qian was depressed. Suddenly, her face changed…


There was a vivid shadow appearing in front of Qian Qian’s eyes and she was looking stonily at the shadow.

“God, if she was at my time, she would definitely win the beauty contest. Definitely the first rank, all international press would follow after. Who is she?” She was too beautiful to believe she was real. Qian Qian thought.


“Kid.” A voice similar to a graceful song passed out.

“Err… Kid?” Qian Qian looked around and there wasn’t anyone else except her.


“Kid, when you saw this, it means you have successfully turned into a human. Ma Fa Cultivation World is really big and also very cruel. I just wish you could have a peaceful live away from everything. I am about to leave, I can’t take care of you like other mothers do. But I have left the seed of a land inside your body.”


“Seed of the land?” Qian Qian looked around her body and couldn’t find anything.


“That seed of a land is located in your third eye chakra. You won’t be able to find it, if you want to see the land, you will have to use your subconscious. This land only belongs to you, it is filled with celestial Qi. You can plant celestial herbs, they will be able to support your living.”


“Plant celestial herbs ?” Qian Qian looked surprised thinking something like that could happen.


“Hmmm, you are so considerate, just sorry that your cute little baby girl is nowhere to be found now. And I… hehe…” Qian Qian guiltily laughed as she thought that no matter what, she was in charge of this body now.


“Kid, I couldn’t stay next to you to take care of you, you have to take good care of yourself.” As her final word dropped, the shadow also disappeared.


“Oh, it is okay. Hmm, I would not let anyone mess with me. Taking care of myself is a piece of cake. Anyone who dares to harm me, I will kill them first.”


Qian Qian was very happy, the depressed feeling suddenly went away too.


“A land.” Qian Qian couldn’t hold her excitement back once she thought about the land only belonged to herself.


Subconscious? For someone who had the experience of training subconscious, it was a piece of cake. Qian Qian knew it was just meditation.


She sat down on her bed in a lotus position, allowing herself to calm down immediately to enter the mode.


“Wow…!” Qian Qian widened her eyes as she stared at the brown yellow looking land situated close by.

“Yep, this would definitely be at least five hundred square meters of area. Hehe, now it is mine.” Qian Qian’s heart was filled with joy as she ran towards the land.


What was surprising to Qian Qian was that the land immediately rejected her. Qian Qian pouted her tiny lips and placed her hands on the each side of her waist, angrily staring at the aura that appeared just then. She was frustrated and wanted to take down the aura.


“Kid.” The soft voice that suddenly appeared out of nowhere frightened Qian Qian. When she was about to check, she saw that shadow flowing in front of her.


“Kid, if you could see this. It means you have already learned how to control your senses. I am so happy for you.” The extremely beautiful woman said as she grinned, her eyes were filled with devotion to Qian Qian.


“Humph, of course. It is me you talking about.” Qian Qian proudly looked at the shadow. Although the woman was the mother of the owner of this body, Qian Qian really wanted to meet her right now because she just looked too beautiful.


“Kid, this aura is a representative of status. Unless it is your own soul, you will not be able to enter.” The beautiful voice passed through Qian Qian’s ears.


“Huh? If only my soul can enter, how come I couldn’t get in?” Qian Qian felt frustrated as she pouted her lips.


“Kid, you need to claim this land when you are entering for the first time. Here, let me show you how you can claim it.” Soon, a big reflection appeared in front of the shadow. There were many words filled all over the reflection. Qian Qian couldn’t recognize any words on it.


Bang~~ (the sound of something entering Qian Qian’s head)


Qian Qian was stunned for a minute. Before she could react, there were many random and strange words appearing inside her head.


Slowly, Qian Qian closed her eyes and felt the change within her body.


One second, two seconds…


One minute, two minutes…


One hour, two hours…


Not sure for how long it had gone. Suddenly, Qian Qian opened her eyes. “Oh, this was the way,” Qian Qian looked at the aura strangely. Soon after, she walked next to the aura, held up her hand and placed one finger inside her mouth and bit on the finger. “Ya, this is painful, sigh…whatever. I would need this in the future.” Looking at her bleeding fingers, Qian Qian felt reluctant, even though it wasn’t that painful.

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