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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 5

Hi everyone, let us give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima her editor, who brings, a new work. Immortals Farmland. There will be, like always, a 5 chp release as the initial welcome post. We hope you guys enjoy this wonderful new novel! 5/6, ENJOY!!!

Chapter 5 – Settle in Five Stars Pavilion (1)


Shortly after, Qian Qian placed her bleeding finger onto the aura. Yet, the aura strangely sucked in the sip of blood. Qian Qian curiously stared at the aura. After it sucked Qian Qian’s blood, the aura was flashing really fast, the light on it getting brighter and brighter till Qian Qian almost couldn’t open her eyes.


“What is this odd thing?” Qian Qian covered her eyes with one hand. At the moment, she was scared to look at the aura. Suddenly, her body felt really light as the light at the front was getting a lot weaker. She then slowly opened her eyes and was gazing at the world in front of her. This was just an island that was floating in the air, it was all empty.


“Just not sure what would it turn out to look if it is filled with medicinal plants?” Qian Qian bent down her body to check on the soil on the ground. She felt a sense of strong spiritual Qi.  


“As expected, this is immortals’ realm after all. Everything is so wondrous, hehe. This now is my turn of luck.” Qian Qian jumped and danced around with joy in her own land back and forth. Not sure of how long it had passed, Qian Qian was finally tired.


“Hmm, should go out to get some celestial plants back, hehe. But, I need to plan about this first. What exactly am I going to plant here?” Qian Qian glared at the five hundred square meters of land.


“Hmm, it can grow itself, although it would depend on my level of skill. Hehe, not sure how big it can grow up to. I am so looking forward to it.”


Inside her elegant room, Qian Qian opened her eyes. Yet, she smiled as a fully blossomed lotus flower next moment.


“Yes, I should go check out the other wondrous things in this world.” Qian Qian got up and walked out in a slyly swaying manner.


“Cang Shu Pavilion?” Qian Qian came to the Cang Shu Pavilion inside the Five Stars Pavilion. Although Senior Brother Qin told her some things about Five Stars Pavilion, she only realized what was spectacular once she got to the Cang Shu Pavilion herself. Inside the Cang Shu Pavilion, everything was filled with spiritual senses.


“Five Stars Pavilion really knew how to pick the place, the meridians of this mountain must be a spiritual one.” Qian Qian felt the spiritual energy swung around inside the Cang Shu Pavilion. The movement of this spiritual energy gave Qian Qian a comfortable and fresh feeling.


“Hmm, I will start with the history of Ma Fa Cultivation World.” Qian Qian thought as she walked towards inside. However, this place is really big; it’s far bigger than the school library Qian Qian used to attend back in her time.


“Hmm, this is a good one.” A ‘Ma Fa Cultivation World History Summary’ came into Qian Qian’s sight.

When Qian Qian was about to take it, a delicate hand reached over her and got the book before she could.


“Hey! You…” Qian Qian wanted to scold off. Yet, just when her words got up to her mouth, she was shocked as she laid her eyes on him. Oh no! Qian Qian was about to faint. How could someone looking so cute yet so wildly pretty still be alive in this world? If, say, Senior Brother Qin was cool and handsome, this guy was just wickedly handsome. How could he be real? What happened to this world? So everything was different in cultivation world, everything had to be so good like this?


The guy turned his head over, glanced at Qian Qian and soon left straight away.


How dare he just leave like that!


Qian Qian was very speechless, the feeling of shockingness from his beauty was also gone. Humph, took my stuff and just left without a word like that, stop dreaming!


“Hey you, stop.” Qian Qian angrily ran over and called out with a loud voice. In such a quiet place like Cang Shu Pavilion, it immediately attracted some people’s attention.


Although some were very annoyed by it, some looked at Qian Qian with interest.


“Hey, I saw this first.” Qian Qian walked over and stood in front of him. Her face was a little red from anger.


“You saw this first?” The man was just calmly grinned as he said.


“Yes, hand over, humph.” Qian Qian took over the ‘Ma Fa Cultivation World History Summary’ from the hands of the man without hesitation.


But the man did not mind, he stared at Qian Qian with an interested look. It seemed like he was interested in Qian Qian. Otherwise, Qian Qian would not have possibly gotten the book from his hand just then.


“Quite looking, haven’t you seen a beauty before? Humph.” Qian Qian gave the man a fierce glare, then left angrily. Qian Qian left after she got the book from the wickedly handsome man, but that man was gazing at Qian Qian as she left and smiled.


(Discussions among random people on the side)


“That girl must be in misery soon. How could she not know that guy was the genius of this Xing Lan Yuan — Nan Gong Jun Hai?”


“Senior Brother Nan Gong is highly noble, there isn’t anyone who could act like that around him.”


“But, it seems like Senior Brother Nan Gong was not like usual.”


“Hope he doesn’t give that girl trouble, sigh, such a cute little girl. She would be over in the hands of Senior Brother Nan Gong.”


“There are countless girls who secretly admire him in our Five Stars Pavilion. Yet, his heart was hard like a stone. But that girl, would she be…”


“Be what? Watch what you saying or senior and junior sisters will kill you.”


“Err… consider I didn’t say anything. However, if that is true, then I would have my chance to approach Junior Sister Miao Miao.”




Nan Gong Jun Hai ignored the discussion of those people and left. Yet, he had an unusual and strange smile on his face.


“Damn, how would something like that happen to me.” Qian Qian threw the book in her hand onto the table. Cang Shu Pavilion had rules, books were only permitted to read inside the Cang Shu Pavilion, borrowing wasn’t allowed. So, Qian Qian can only stay in the reading room to read books. Although Qian Qian was still very mad, she did not forget why she was here for. She calmed herself down to focus on reading.


“Never mind about where he is from; as long as I improve my power, what can he do! Humph.”


After a long time passed, Qian Qian finally finished reading the book.


“Hmm, this world is actually quite complicated with countless family clans and countless sects. It is really complicated. Although, it works similarly to the gangster communities in 21st centuries. The most important thing is there are Immortals, Devils and Demons Daos. Sigh, it was the cultivation world after all, there wasn’t Ghosts Daos though. Not so sure how the Demons and Devils are like in this world. But it seems like they are not here. This world is balanced like the legs of a tripod.”


Ma Fa Cultivation World was also divided into Immortals, Devils and Demons realm. These three realms guarded and lived in their own territories, rarely moving to other realms. There were still exchanges of these three realms though. That was at the intersection of these three realms, that place was absolutely chaotic.                        

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