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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 6

Hi everyone, let us give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima her editor, who brings, a new work. Immortals Farmland. There will be, like always, a 5 chp release as the initial welcome post. We hope you guys enjoy this wonderful new novel! 6/6, ENJOY!!! As you’ve noticed by now, we have released 6 instead of 5 just to finish up the chapters in whole. (PT 1 & 2). Let’s give a warm welcome to Miranda and Nijima!!!

Chapter 6 – Settle in Five Stars Pavilion (2)

“I am a butterfly, which realm do I belong?” Qian Qian was confused, she really wanted to find out which realm the owner of this body was from.


“You belong to the Demons realm.” A voice passed from behind suddenly, Qian Qian was scared by it with her body naturally leaped up. As she saw who it was, her frightened face was immediately filled with anger.


“What? Not welcoming me here? Well, I am already here.” That person was rather relaxed as he sat down, looking at the books in Qian Qian’s hand. “You finished it, right? Then, it is my turn.”


“Hey, why are you following me around like a dog?” Qian Qian glared at him with anger, “Humph, I found this on the bookshelf. If you want to read it, wait until I put it back. Then, you can take it from the shelf.” Qian Qian left as she finished her last word.


“Are you scared of me that much?” Nan Gong Jun Hai placed his hand on his cheek with a half smile.


“Humph, stop praising yourself.” Qian Qian glared at him and left. However, as she turned away and took one step, a white shadow flashed quickly in front of her eyes. She wasn’t looking clearly, she bumped towards the front. It was right in his chest.


“You…” Qian Qian was shocked at first. Then, she swung herself away immediately.


The people inside the reading room saw this scene and everyone was very shocked that their eyes almost dropped onto the floor. Many girls were also very shocked as they covered their mouth with their hands.


“You were the one who bumped into my chest.” Nan Gong Jun Hai’s head turned sideways as he stared at Qian Qian.


“You…” Qian Qian gave him a fierce look. But then again, Qian Qian thought that it would probably be better not to get herself an enemy as she was new here and unfamiliar with anyone or the place. Hence, Qian Qian forcefully swelled down her anger. “Humph, your great aunt — I couldn’t be bothered with you.” Then, she walked past Nan Gong Jun Hai and left.


But, that line of “Your great aunt–I couldn’t be bothered with you.” caused a big reaction in the entire reading room. Unbelievably, the legendary figure in their heart had gotten a rejection from someone. This is a rare news.


Nan Gong Jun Hai, however, didn’t mind much and still gazed after Qian Qian with a smile as she left. This was the second time she turned her back towards him. Not bad, not bad! Watching her back as she is leaving gave him a cute feeling.


“Shao Ye (servant addresses to their sir they served, normally younger).” A person walked over.

Yet, Nan Gong Jun Hai stopped him. “This thing, you better not intervene or else…” Nan Gong Jun Hai with a strange smile, “it would not be fun anymore.”


The person was very shocked, what happened to Shao Ye? There were many people like Shao Ye within the Five Stars Pavilion. Yet, Shao Ye was always very cold and ignorant to those girls. How come he is acting so strange today?


“Demons Realm? I am from the Demons Realm?” Qian Qian continued to whisper on her way back. But, she was still confused about everything.


“If I am from Demons Realm, I shouldn’t be here. Er~~ I am so out of clues.” Qian Qian shook her head, “Hmm, he would probably know.” Suddenly, the face of Senior Brother Qin appeared in Qian Qian’s head.


The door squeaked as it opened, a cool and handsome face appeared.


“Qian Qian?” Senior Brother Qin had a smile in front of Qian Qian.


“Er… Senior Brother Qin.” Qian Qian was almost stunned like a stone as she stared at Qin Ling (the name of Senior Brother Qin)’s handsome face. Yet, she still calmed herself down.


“What is the problem?” Senior Brother Qin had a good feeling towards this pretty little girl although he wasn’t so sure why.


“Hmm, Senior Brother Qin, I have a question.” Although Senior Brother Qin didn’t let Qian Qian into his place, Qian Qian didn’t mind. It is good enough to be next to a handsome guy like him.


“Say it then.” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian in a relaxed manner.


“I want to ask, aren’t Immortals, Devils and Demons realms all existing together in Ma Fa Cultivation World?” Qian Qian asked.


“Yes, so?” Qin Ling replied.


“Then, are the three realms prohibited from entering each other’s territories?” Qian Qian asked.


“Yes.” Qin Ling replied.


“Then, do you know which realm am I from, Senior Brother Qin?”


“Demons Realm.” Qin Ling answered.


“Then I…”


“Your butterfly species is unique.” Qin Ling smiled as he realized this little girl was confused about that. But she was rather strange. This little girl didn’t even know this, then where was she actually from? Unless she didn’t even know herself? Naturally, they would have known where they were from since their birth.


“Unique?” Qian Qian was surprised for a little. Oh, this butterfly species was rather different. They could travel across the three realms? Hehe, that would be so good. This means I can travel anywhere.


“The Butterfly Clan can travel between the three realms without any restrictions, but the descendants of this clan are very few.”


“Er…” Qian Qian was surprised, thinking that would mean she didn’t have any family here. Ah—-! No, no, living alone in this world, that is so pathetic!


“The Butterfly Clan is a clan that normally hides away from the outside world. They do not have any interest in the businesses of the three realms. Although, they often were the key to holding down some chaos. Things such as the big battles that could threaten to ruin the three realms completely, they were normally able to hold them down.”


“How could that be possible?” Qian Qian widened her mouth as she was surprised at how special this Butterfly Clan was. But, how come she didn’t feel anything?


“You are now by yourself, I only knew this because Elder Qi told me. Only Elder Qi could realize what you were. If wasn’t because you appeared while Junior Brother Xing Er was taking his tribulation, Elder Qi wouldn’t have recognized you as well. So, normal people would not be able to spot what you really are.” Qin Ling, who looked at the frightened Qian Qian, had a laugh inside. Unsure why he had a strong urge to protect this girl in front of him.


“Oh, this was the case.” Qian Qian felt relieved as she deeply breathed out. “In that case, I shall stop bothering you. Senior Brother Qin, bye.” Qian Qian gave Qin Ling a smile, then left.


Qin Ling stared at Qian Qian that left with joy, his eyes were filled with confusion. Not too sure why, when Qian Qian was right next to him, he felt a sense of kindness, It was almost as if she was a long-lost family.


“What happened to me?” Qin Ling knitted his eyebrows, gazing towards where Qian Qian was going. “Why? Why this feeling? Who is she, really? Why is she here? The Butterfly Clan is very secretive, they shouldn’t be here. It seems like it is time to check her real identity. But it seems like she isn’t so sure herself.”


Qin Ling stared at the spot at the top closer to him, it would be Qian Qian’s place after a turn. He sighed deeply as he shut his door. He continued to cultivate as he went back to his room.



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