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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – First Day of Cultivation (1)

“Tomorrow, I will need to follow the other new disciples to cultivate. I wonder how that will play out.” Qian Qian was so excited by the thought of cultivation. She wasn’t too sure the way of cultivation in this world. “Hmm, I will sleep early tonight.” Qian Qian then climbed back to her little bed and fell asleep shortly after.


Outside her door, there was a shadow of a person. This person was dressed in a full black robe, looking at Qian Qian’s little house. The eyebrows on his forehead were tightly knitted together. “Such odd feeling.” The person whispered and continued to stare at the room.


With the light of the stars, looking closely, it was Qin Ling. At this moment, he was standing right outside of Qian Qian’s room. His black robe was as if it was fluttering with the wind, making him look like the great hero of the night. “Who is she, really?” Qin Ling slowly closed his eyes as he gently sighed.


All of the sudden, his eyes were open again, but he looked towards the sky filled with the stars.


Schhwaff~~! (The sound of something flying across)


A shadow flashed past, Qin Ling was also gone.


Further away on the top of the hill.


Under the sky, there were two shadows standing.


“Hehe, so you were the one taking care of that little girl.” A devilishly laughing sound came out from a white shadow into the quiet and dark night.


“Nan Gong Jun Hai? Why are you here for?” The black shadow said with an extremely cold attitude.


“Hehe, nothing. Just wanted to come and have a look at the girl who took my book today.” That devilishly sound was rather relaxing like he didn’t put the black shadow in his eyes.


“I don’t know what your intention is to her, but I say you’d better not mess with her, or else…” The cold voice echoed within this cold and dark night.


“Qin Ling, I think you have misunderstood. I have nothing to do with her, I was just curious and also wanted to know who she really is.” Nan Gong Jun Hai was still very calm and seemed like the black shadow’s words didn’t bother him at all.


“It is none of your business. Who she is has nothing to do with you.”


“What? So is it your business? Humph, Qin Ling, do you know I really don’t like your stoned face.” Nan Gong Jun Hai’s voice suddenly sounded very fierce.


“Whatever, you had better stay away from her in the future.” That cold voice had completely frozen this dark night.


“You….” Then, before Nan Gong Jun Hai could finish his words, there was a black shadow flashing over his eyes and that black shadow quickly disappeared into the dark night.


“Humph, Qin Ling, you better not let me run into you during the mini-battle. Humph.” Nan Gong Jun Hai flew away as he humphed.


Mini-battle was a competition within the Five Stars Pavilion. Every three years, there will be a mini-battle. And a big one will happen every ten years. This mini-battle was created for the disciples within the Five Stars Pavilion.


Inside of one pavilion.


“There is only half a year of time till mini-battle, hopefully, nothing will go wrong before then.” Nan Gong Jun Hai said.


“Shao Ye.” A shadow appeared.


Nan Gong Jun Hai stared at the view outside of the pavilion. Although it was the late night now, the view was quite beautiful.


“Any news about her?” Nan Gong Jun Hai didn’t even give a look at the person. Yet, that person didn’t dare to say anything. Overall, it was his master.


“Not yet, Shao Ye. She was just turning into a human when that Elder Qi took her back.”


“Who is she, really?” Nan Gong Jun Hai stared into the sky filled with stars almost as if there was a smiling face appearing in the sky.


“Shao Ye, most likely, even that girl doesn’t know who she is.” That person said.


“Yea, she doesn’t even know herself. But then, how did she end up here then? You go inspect the area she appeared at to see if anyone passed by at the time.” Nan Gong Jun Hai was still gazing at the sky.


“Yes, Shao Ye.” That person suddenly disappeared without a sound.


Though, Nan Gong Jun Hai’s body flashed past as he disappeared into the night, no one knew where he was going.


Back to his own room, Qin Ling gazed at the sky outside the window, it was a cold night. “How is he interested in her?” Qin Ling’s eyebrows were quickly knitted together. Then, he sighed, “I will just keep an eye on her, hoping he doesn’t create trouble.”


The night was cold, Qin Ling looked towards where Qian Qian was.


“Who is she really? Where is she from?” This was the question inside Qin Ling’s heart like a dead knot. Not sure why, he couldn’t keep her out of his head since the first time he saw her. He was unable to tell what this weird feeling was. And, that feeling of warmth was something he never felt before.


When the sunlight shone on the ground the next day. This mountain was immediately covered with a gentle sunlight.


“Ah~~!” Qian Qian stretched her body and looked outside. “Hmm, today is a good day. Hehe, seems like even the god is cheering for me. Hmm, time to cultivate. I wonder what the other disciples are like.” Qian Qian grinned as if she was still a child.


Qian Qian found the place of cultivation with the assistance of Senior Brother Qin. But this time, there were only a few that arrived already.


“Xing Chen Yuan was formed relatively late, so it became one of the worst one in the sect. But, this way also made it very quiet.” Qin Ling grinned, then he knitted his eyebrows. Because he realized all junior brothers and sisters’ eyes were filled with a sparkle.


“Senior Brother Qin, it seems like you are very popular.” Qian Qian was secretly complaining about that Elder Qi, but when she heard Senior Brother Qin’s words, she thought it was acceptable.


“Master.” Senior Brother Qin looked towards the person that stood in the center of the place.


“Qin Ling, haha. I didn’t expect you would come. Here, let me introduce myself to you guys.” That middle-aged man’s name was Zhu Ge Tao. He was rather skinny with a goatee. But his face was filled with a smile most of the time.


“I know who he is,” a voice came by.

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