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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 8

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Chapter 7 – First Day of Cultivation (2)

“I know who he is.” Suddenly a guy with a nice voice spoke.


Qian Qian looked towards him, this chubby teenage-looking boy seemed a little slow witted, but in a cute way. His face was a little red, he didn’t seem like often spoke among people. He must have been quite a shy person.


“Shang Guan Qi Hong, then you can do the introduction.” Zhu Ge Tao looked at the boy with a smile.


Shang Guan Qi Hong heard Master’s words and his face became full red like a ripe apple.


Qian Qian looked at him and tried to hold back her laugh. This boy is too cute.


“He is the youngest elite within our Xing Chen Yuan.” Shang Guan Qi Hong kept silent for a long while and finally burst out this one line.


Qin Ling, however, wrapped his hands around the chest as he was staring at the little boy, looking interested. The Feng Ling Sword in his hand also seemed less cold.


“Hmm, I think everyone already knew.” Zhu Ge Tao walked over, looked at Qian Qian then Qin Ling, “You weren’t here to send her, were you?”


“Master, isn’t this obvious?” Qin Ling grinned as he said.


“Wow, he smiled!”


“He looks so handsome when he smiles.”


“Omg, he is my idol.”


“I really admire him.”


Qian Qian was stunned at the shocking reactions from the others. God, was Senior Brother Qin really that legendary and charismatic?


But then, in that case, why would Xing Chen Yuan still be the bottom of all other internal sects?


By this moment, Qian Qian was really lost as if she entered a maze.


“Xing Chen Yuan was only established around these two years, its roots aren’t so strong yet. Thus, most of the new disciples would rather join the ones that have been established for a while instead of joining Xing Chen Yuan. Plus, every internal sect had its own signature.” Qin Ling was almost like he could read off Qian Qian’s mind as he turned around and said.


“Qin Ling, could this be your younger sister by any chance? How come I never heard you mention you have a sister though?” Zhu Ge Tao stared at Qian Qian and felt this little girl in front of him looked like a fairy in the heaven with her white dress. Though, she looked still rather young.


“No, she isn’t my sister. We lived quite close to each other, she was brought back by Elder Qi. I believe Elder Qi must have already mentioned it to Master?”


“Ohh, yep yep. Elder Qi has mentioned about her before. I didn’t expect it was such a cute little girl. Hmm, leave her to me then.” Zhu Ge Tao looked at Qian Qian with a bright smile.


Though, Qian Qian rolled her eyes at him as she thought why all the old people here seemed so perverted.


“I came here for two reasons; one is to send her and the other is that I wanted to visit Master. We haven’t seen each other for many days already.”


“Yea, you go rest on the side first. We need to catch up once I finish teaching them.” Zhu Ge Tao grabbed Qin Ling to the side with no hesitation.


This scene surprised the six young disciples. Qian Qian rolled her eyes at Zhu Ge Tao again as she thought this guy was completely a child, no wonder he was assigned to teach new kids how to cultivate.


“I will just go to the side now.” Qin Ling looked at Qian Qian and walked away into a room on the side after she nodded her head.


“In a line.” Zhu Ge Tao suddenly looked very strict and serious as he waved the rope in his hand.


The little kids were scared as they immediately got into a line.


Qian Qian also had to follow the line.


“Now, we will have a test.” Zhu Ge Tao walked back and forth among them, scaring those little kids to focus completely, in case they missed out one word that he said.


Qian Qian didn’t seem too concerned. She had a set of cultivation method inside of her. It seemed like it was inherited. Though, she didn’t have the time to look at it yet.


“Today’s test is running.” Zhu Ge Tao’s face was suddenly filled with a smile.


The young disciples almost fainted as they heard him.


“Is this a joke?”


“Master, it was running?”


“Running?” Qian Qian was stunned and thinking why would running be needed for cultivation. But then, a smile appeared on her cheek. Running to her was a piece a cake since she played basketball.


“Can you guys see? That hill over there?” Zhu Ge Tao pointed at the hill nearby.


“That is the Wu Ya Mountain, the highest mountain in the Five Stars Pavilion. Whoever lasts until last will receive the lesson from Elder Qing Ling.


“Ahh, so far…”


“So tall…”


“How fast do we need to be?”


“This will require strong determination.”


Qian Qian stared at them as they bowed their heads with sorrow as she thought cultivation wasn’t that much of a hard task.


“Ok, we should start now. I don’t care if you were the first one, but you must remember to stay till last.” Zhu Ge Tao looked at the kids with a smile.


“Ready? Go!”


Qian Qian felt speechless as she felt this was very ridiculous.


Though, she still had to run as well. But then, she thought might as well do it since this wasn’t a big deal to her.


Until the kids were all gone, Qin Ling looked at Zhu Ge Tao as he walked over.


“Master, how many people do you think will pass this year?”


“Except that Qian Qian I wasn’t able to predict, there is only one.”


“One? That shy and quiet one?” Qin Ling thought for awhile then asked.


“Hmm, that kid isn’t simple.” Zhu Ge Tao smoothed down his goatee, looked like he knew something.


“How so?” Qin Ling felt rather unsure. Although he was very talented and skilled, he wasn’t good at judging a person like his Master. His master was rather good at judging the potential of a person.


“This you wouldn’t have known. Before, when I took them here, the other five were very tired already. Except for that kid, wait, I think his name was… was Mu Rong Jun. His face and breath didn’t change at all, his heart was also normal, not sure how he got in with such good quality.”


“Mu Rong Jun? Mu Rong clan?” Qin Ling thought but then his cold face was now a little confused.


“Hey, Qin Ling! You’re still the same, can you not always have an emotionless face on all the time?” Zhu Ge Tao stared at the Qin Ling’s stoned face as he complained but then he was only just joking.


“Er…” Qin Ling secretly complained his Master always liked to make fun of him.


“But it seemed like he is highly likely from the Mu Rong Clan.”


“Mu Rong Clan? Why would they send someone here? Normally, they have enough cultivation method within their clan.”


“This Mu Rong Jun isn’t a normal case, he had a fight with the family and ran away to avoid the troubles. But don’t ask me what fight was it, I don’t know.” Zhu Ge Tao then got up and left without leaving a word to Qin Ling.


Qin Ling shook his head as he thought his Master was really like a kid that never grows up. But then he was very respectable and smart when it came to important times.

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