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Immortals Farmland- Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – First day of cultivation (3)


With the experiences she had from the previous world, Qian Qian quickly dumped everyone behind. Yet, what made her feel surprised was there was a person at her front.


That boy looked very handsome, and on his face, Qian Qian saw a sense of loneliness. At this moment, the boy was running.


Qian Qian shrugged her shoulder as she thought there were too many confusing things in this world. She wouldn’t know every single one of them, it’s not a big deal to feel strange about it.


Suddenly, Qian Qian felt something wasn’t right, it seemed like something was vibrating between her eyebrows.


“What happened?” Qian Qian was frightened, “that is where the land was, did something go wrong for the land?”


“There is a herb land at the front, that is Elder Qi’s. Be mindful not to step on it.” Behind, Zhu Ge Tao’s laughing voice came through.


“Herb land, could it be that my farmland was reacting to the celestial grass?” The thought sparked Qian Qian, she decided to check it out first.


As Qian Qian and the others ran past a corner, there was a lush and verdant herb land.


It was dazzling.


“This place has such a strong spiritual energy. It is making the vibration between my eyebrows even stronger. Humph, then it is…” Qian Qian was stunned as she was staring towards the front before she could even finish the sentence.


“That codger, came just when I don’t wish to see him.” Qian Qian felt frustrated inside.


That Elder Qi, however, was looking at Qian Qian with a bright smile.


“Elder Qi.” Zhu Ge Tao quickly went up. Elder Qi is the treasure of the Five Stars Pavilion, no one dares to disrespect him.


“Hmm, today must be the first day.” Elder Qi smoothed his goatee as he looked at the other disciples.


“Yes, Elder Qi.”


“You guys go first, Qian Qian can stay back.” Elder Qi smiled broadly as he looked towards Qian Qian.


Oh shit, what is with this luck? Qian Qian was so frustrated she felt like kicking the ground. She wanted to throw a ball at his face.


“Whoever Elder Qi wants, how would anyone dare to not follow? Qian Qian.” Zhu Ge Tao’s smile was suddenly all gone as he said with a groveling manner.


Qian Qian was completely forced to face Elder Qi, though, she was scowling as she looked at him.


“Qian Qian, show your respect.” Zhu Ge Tao’s face was immediately turned black when he saw Qian Qian, as everyone knew that Elder Qi would be the last person to be sorry to.


“It is fine, she was brought in by me.” Elder Qi waved his hands. Zhu Ge Tao didn’t know what to do either, so he left with the others first.


Although, that left Mu Rong Jun confused as he turned to have a last look.


Just in time, Qian Qian also was glanced towards that group of people. Hence, four eyes met…


“Er… His eyes looked?” Qian Qian felt confused, “What did it mean?”


“Qian Qian, how have you been these two days?” Elder Qi was looking at Qian Qian with a broad smile. Yet, he felt confused inside as he thought that when he took Qian Qian back before, she wasn’t behaving like this. What happened the past two days?


“Thanks, Elder Qi, for your kindness. I lived quite well. Thank you for your care.” Qian Qian felt angry, she didn’t want to waste more time as she was about to leave.


“Hey, you kid.” He was an alchemist, when did anyone dare to despise him like this?


As everyone knew, he could have anything he wanted, even if it was wind or rain. Plus, this little girl was the only one to despise on him. Though, he decided to swallow his anger for the great plan.


“If you have a problem, hurry up and say it.” Qian Qian replied impatiently, she could definitely swear without holding back depending on who she was speaking to.


“You….” Elder Qi felt a sense of anger. Then, he grabbed Qian Qian and left.


“Hey, you codger. Hurry up and let me go. Let me go.” Qian Qian was now grabbed by Elder Qi with strong force as she was calling out loud. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone in the area.


Elder Qi was very fast, Qian Qian felt a wind blowing. Suddenly, the view in front of her eyes all changed.


Until Qian Qian realized what the view was, she immediately thought this old guy really knew how to enjoy living. He lived in a Bamboo Forest.


“Are you that scared of me? Do you think I will bite you?” Elder Qi looked disgraced towards Qian Qian.


“Then, how would you have a good intention if you just grabbed me here without saying anything?” Qian Qian didn’t even want to pay attention to him as she rubbed her wrist gently, it was quite painful after his grab.


“Come in.” Elder Qi walked away. Qian Qian hesitated for a second, then she followed him.


“This place is quite beautiful, but where is your house though?”


“Who told you there would be a house here?” Elder Qi rolled his eyes.


“Then, where is this place?”


“This is herb land. The bamboos you saw are actually Suo Spiritual Bamboo, they can help people recover strength.”


“All those?” Qian Qian looked at the bamboos in front of her. To be honest, she really didn’t know what these bamboos were. But judging by the vibrations in between her eyebrows, it should probably be some kind of celestial grass.


“I took you here to teach you how to recognize and differentiate medicinal plants, what the hell were you thinking.”


“Er… it seemed like I misunderstood you?” Qian Qian said without feeling sorry at all.


“What do you think? Come, we are almost there.”


Qian Qian followed Elder Qi. Shortly after, they came to a herb land full of spiritual energy.


“What do you think? The medicinal plants here are very unique, have you seen it before?”


“No.” Qian Qian answered without much care.


“Err… aren’t your Butterfly Clan really good at planting celestial plants? Though we are quite far from the intersection point of the three realms, these I knew.”


“Ahh… so he was after my land.” Qian Qian felt secure after realized what this Elder Qi was after.


“ Elder Qi.” Suddenly, a voice came through. Both Qian Qian and Elder Qi were scared by it as they looked towards the side. It was someone Qian Qian knew, one of the disciples. Though, she wasn’t too sure what his name was.


“What you here for? This place is prohibited without my permission.” Elder Qi’s face was immediately darkened and looked very unhappy.


“I think Elder Qi must know Mu Rong Clan.”


“Mu-Mu Rong Clan?” Elder Qi was surprised at first. The blacked face from before soon turned to scared. Mu Rong Clan, how could he not know it? That was a big clan. There was only one alchemist—him—in this Five Stars Pavilion, but Mu Rong Clan had much more powerful and skillful alchemists.


“Elder Qi, I think I can take her now?” Mu Rong Jun quickly came up and took Qian Qian away as they quickly flashed away from this bamboo forest.


While Elder Qi was still left shocked, “Mu, Rong, Clan.” He said firmly one word after another.


“Elder Qi didn’t give you trouble, right?” Mu Rong Jun shook his head in a cool manner, then walked off without looking at Qian Qian.


“Man, how is he so powerful.” Qian Qian immediately felt weakening in front of him.


“You are from Butterfly Clan. Elder Qi will continue to go after you, using you to help him plant the medicinal plants. Just, he doesn’t know your land isn’t developed yet. Rushing into things won’t be good for you in the future.”


“Err… How do you know?” Qian Qian was shocked as she thought that not many people could tell she was part of the Butterfly Clan. How could even someone she just met tell it?       

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