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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 14

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Translated by: LaPhong

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Book 1 Chapter 14: Count Dracula


Outside the town, the underground cave, which was under the ruins of the windmills, was the place where Shen Yi had prepared as the battlefield for Dracula.

The reason he chose this place as the battlefield was because in this underground cave space, the vampire’s flight advantage will be greatly weakened. Agility-Type creatures were best at using high-speed movement to quickly approach and avoid the opponent; this point has been fully verified during Van Helsing’s battle against the three Vampire Brides yesterday. The cause of Marishka’s death was because Shen Yi chose a terrain that completely limited her ability to act.

Narrow space was Shen Yi’s first preparation.

Count Dracula had to come.

 He couldn’t help but come.

In the original Van Helsing story, Frankenstein was a must-have thing for Dracula. Because the vampires were not living beings, the children of Dracula and his Vampire Brides never survived. In order to give their children the power of life, the only way was transferring the life energy of Frankenstein’s body to his children.

This was a very important factor in the original story.

Shen Yi’s appearance could change many of the details; his existence let Anna no longer love Van Helsing but love himself, let Marishka die in his own hands instead of Van Helsing’s hands, but couldn’t change the basic elements of the mission world.

As if you walked in the house by the door before, but now you liked to climb through a window instead.  Whether walking or climbing, these two methods had always existed, but the house was still yours. These basic conditions in any case would not change.

Therefore, “Dracula needed Frankenstein”, this basic factor also could not be changed.

Like in the film, Count Dracula was, on the surface, quite the gentleman.

This vampire always had a forty-year-old appearance. His temperament, manners, conversation skills, and actions carried a style that an aristocrat should have. In fact, Dracula himself was a member of the Valerious family; after his death he became a vampire, so that his father, the head of Valerious family, would make that vicious family oath.

When Count Dracula appeared in the windmill ruins, Shen Yi who was hidden in the dark readily used Appraisal on Dracula.

However, the results made him surprised.

Vampire Count Dracula HP: 2000. Agility-Type.”

There was no other information.

This showed that the level of Dracula or his Will was too high, Appraisal was almost invalid toward him, simply unable to provide more information. But even the only known information was sufficient to make Shen Yi wary.

However, at the next moment, Dracula seemed to be aware of something, he even looked toward Shen Yi’s location.

Shen Yi’s heart froze for a second, he immediately knew that using Appraisal on the targets, whose level was too high, would make them cautious.

But Dracula didn’t seem to care.

In fact he just gave Shen Yi a contemptuous sneer, then he and his two Vampire Brides walked into the underground cave. Here was a wet environment, underground tunnels extended in all directions, coupled with the darkness, Dracula smelled the traces of a scheme. But because of his confidence in his own strength, he ignored it.

For centuries, humans have tried to kill him, but who was successful?

Powerful strength meant he had a strong sense of self-confidence, fearless of all traps. Just a glance and he was clearly aware of the hidden people in the dark, but he felt that their strength was low, and was almost of no threat to him.

In the underground pits, he found that there were traces of Frankenstein – those huge footprints, traces of a living being, as well as the strange but familiar smell in the air, all of this proved to him that it was Frankenstein, the monster that once escaped out of his hands.

Dracula took a deep breath, opened his eyes and said with passion, “This is the blessing of fate, I used to think that it had been away from us, that our children could no longer have life, but now, it is back…”

“This may be a trap,” Verona said.

“No matter what kind of trap it is, it cannot stop us.” Dracula said with a deep tone.

Suddenly, a mournful howling echoed throughout the underground tunnels.

Dracula and his brides looked at each other, and determined that it was the sound of Frankenstein.

The three vampires sprung into the tunnel at the same time.

The tunnel was very dark, but for the vampires who had night vision, this was no obstacle. After running for more than 100 meters, they found that Frankenstein was tied to the pillars. When Frankenstein saw Count Dracula, he was horrified, and growled more loudly.

Dracula waved his hands, and the two Vampire Brides immediately rushed to try to save Frankenstein; he himself kept a distance of 10 meters away.

The moment the two Vampire Brides were about to unlock Frankenstein, Dracula suddenly found that at the foot of the monster there was something flashing.

He shouted, “Come back!”

A dazzling light broke out, as though a tide swept through the two Vampire Brides and Frankenstein.

It was the light trap which had killed many goblins, and it was also Shen Yi’s second  preparation.

While mournfully wailing, the two Vampire Brides flew out with Frankenstein.

The blazing sunlight mercilessly burned the two Vampire Brides; their beautiful appearance at the moment was like burnt coal, with strange black and white stripes.

Frankenstein was not weak against the sun, so he was not hurt in the slightest.

Dracula looked at his brides and the monster, his face showed two contradictory emotions of anger and joy.

At the same time, from outside the tunnel, rumbling sounds reached their ears.

It was the sound of countless rocks collapsing.

Dracula knew that this was not good thus, quickly ran to the tunnel opening.

The tunnel opening had been blocked by a huge number of stones, leaving only a hole which was not too large.

Through that hole, he could see a man standing outside.

It was Shen Yi.

“That’s him! That’s the guy who killed Marshika!” Verona shouted .

“Ahhhhh!” Dracula wailed.

When he was about to push these stones out to kill Shen Yi, he suddenly heard the sound of a bullet shot from behind.

Dracula felt cold in the heart and immediately knew that, except for Frankenstein, there were others hiding in the tunnel. He should have realized sooner, the light trap needed to be preset to trigger. The one who set that trap, obviously couldn’t have tied Frankenstein.

A black figure from the depths of the tunnel rushed over and faced Dracula as he continuously fired; it was Van Helsing.

In the dark tunnel, countless bullets whistled and flew toward Dracula. Dracula was shocked at first, but immediately let out a cold smile. This level of attack couldn’t even enter his eyes. With a wave of his hand, the two Vampire Brides simultaneously rushed to attack Van Helsing.

In a blink of an eye, a series of crackling sounds echoed. Although Shen Yi couldn’t see what happened, but from the sounds he could analyze the intensity of the fight.

Shen Yi could even hear the painful cry of Van Helsing, which apparently, was caused by an attack.

In such a short period of time, Van Helsing was wounded; obliviously he was in a disadvantageous state.

But this was the battlefield Shen Yi carefully chose; he arranged the traps himself, of course, it couldn’t be only a simple light trap.

At the next moment, Shen Yi had taken a little strange looking thing out of the Bloody Crest.

Unnamed item: Created by Carl. Uses Vesuvius volcano’s magma and Gobi Desert’s pure soda to create an unknown source of light. Can build a sun-like light source that deals 120 damage per second to undead creatures for 8 seconds.”

This was an item in the original plot, but when he created this item, Carl didn’t know how this thing was used, so he directly handed it over to Shen Yi, who now has a use for it.

This was a deadly weapon against the vampire, the cumulative damage was nearly 1000 points. For any undead this was undoubtedly a major disaster, and was also Shen Yi’s third preparation.

Shen Yi threw the light source through the hole. With that, a huge bright light shone; the entirely dark cave shined as bright as a sunny day, as Dracula and his two bride’s frightening cries could be heard.

The space was narrow, the road was blocked, the tunnel was desperately blocked by Van Helsing, Dracula knew they did not have much time. He roared with anger while panicking, swung his arms and a boulder blocking the way was sent flying as it revealed a hole as large as a washbasin. At that, Aleera issued shrill screams, her whole body showed signs of collapsing.

Dracula used both his arms, and two other boulders flew out and revealed a big hole which half a person could pass through. However, Aleera had already died.

Van Helsing’s pressure was decreased, but he still remembered Shen Yi’s command and desperately fired at Dracula.

Perhaps knowing that she was about to die, the final Vampire Bride Verona attacked Van Helsing, her fingernail almost touched Van Helsing’s face, but in the final one-tenth of a second her action was stopped. Like a mummy passing thousands of years, she became fine ashes and scattered along with the wind.

“No!” Dracula uttered a shrill and wrathful cry.

He hit the final blocking stone and sent it fly toward Shen Yi.

At this point Shen Yi had already fired four shots at Dracula. Seeing the flying rock, he didn’t dodge and continued to fire a fifth shot.

The boulder rubbed his cheek and tilted a ray of hair.


Dracula finally broke all the stones and roared at Shen Yi.

This was the greatest trauma he had suffered since becoming a vampire, his three brides were all killed because of this one person, he himself had withstood the direct sunlight but right now, he still was not out of the scope which the light shrouded.

But he didn’t think and had just rushed out of the tunnel, only to find that a cluster of vines had wrapped around his feet.

It was a low-level binding trap.

Bloody Crest prompted: “Because the binding target’s level is high, binding trap can only make target immobile for 1.5 seconds.”

Shen Yi’s eyes exposed a shine of cunningness.

Even in all his lifetime, Dracula might not understand, how Shen Yi could have known where he would set his foot down.

But the fact was, in the beginning Shen Yi didn’t use the binding trap.

But when Dracula began to break the stone wall, Shen Yi clearly knew where he would come out, because he had seen the location of Dracula.

 So he quickly buried binding traps, waiting for Dracula’s escape.

1.5 seconds was a very short time; but for Dracula it was very long.

While the short time passed, he quickly took a step towards the slanting side, to avoid stepping in binding traps again.

However, he was dismayed that he actually stepped on another binding trap.

Shen Yi placed three binding traps in a triangle. If Dracula, after stepping in the first trap, immediately rushed straight forwards, he would have escaped. But because he immediately learned after a loss, the result was falling into another trap.

Two consecutive binding traps dragged Count Dracula for 3 seconds. It not only gave Shen Yi time to fire three shots, but also made Dracula exposed to the sunlight for three more seconds. When Dracula got out of the second binding trap, he didn’t dare to rush at Shen Yi, he ran headlong into in the dark corner of the cave and finally escaped the last two seconds of the sunlight.

Illuminated by the sunlight for six seconds, Dracula lost 720 HP, plus the period of Van Helsing’s and Shen Yi’s crazy attacks, almost half of his HP was gone; with the two Vampire Brides dead, Dracula was widowed. This could be said as the biggest setback Count Dracula ever suffered.

And all of it was because of Shen Yi, earning him the extreme hate of Dracula.

The next moment when the light disappeared, Dracula flew out from the dark corner and ferociously flew at Shen Yi, while shooting a red blood gas jet from his hand:

“Vampire Dracula Unique Skill – Bloody Blast: Deals 150 damage to all enemies within 20 meters of a straight line.”

With that, Shen Yi, who had a mere 100 HP, would be instantly killed if he took the attack directly.

However, at that time, Shen Yi had done something that surprised Dracula.

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