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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 15

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo

Book 1 Chapter 15: Death Match (Part 1)


How strong was Vampire Dracula?

Shen Yi didn’t know.

But he knew, as a specifically designed final BOSS for after-enhanced adventurers to break through, no matter how strong you think you were. it must not be underestimated.

2000 HP was not the only problem; the vampire race itself was good at restoring life force.

If Shen Yi didn’t decisively give up the idea of using the townspeople to siege Dracula, which, resulted in the lack of living beings in the underground cave for him to absorb life force from, in turn caused the vampire’s inherent power to be limited. If he didn’t, then even if Dracula was more injured, he still wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Even so, Shen Yi couldn’t withstand Dracula’s casual skill.

But he didn’t need to withstand it.

The moment Dracula was using Bloody Blast, Shen Yi did one thing:

He pulled Frankenstein to block his body.

If Dracula continued, there was no doubt that he would be able to kill Shen Yi. But at the same time Frankenstein couldn’t escape unharmed.

Dracula couldn’t allow such a situation to happen.

Seeing this scene, Dracula’s hand instinctively shaked a bit. His attack originally was aimed at Shen Yi but then he immediately deviated and instead hit a boulder next to him.

At the same time, Shen Yi shamelessly stood behind Frankenstein and continued to fire at Dracula.

“AHHHH!” Dracula angrily wailed.

This little brat clearly had no fighting power, but his response was so agile; it was out of his expectations.

Moreover, his despicable acts made Dracula himself fall into “want to smash a rat, but fearing to break the vase” state.

Van Helsing also rushed out from the cave and started to shoot at Dracula over and over.

Dracula’s had no place to vent his anger, so he immediately rushed at the Van Helsing, with his extended nails.

“Vampire Race Skill – Blood-draining Demon Claw: Damage: 75. Ignores 30% of the targets’ defense. Each attack temporarily decreases 2 points of defense, and does 20% life-steal.”

Same race skill, but in Dracula’s hands, its effect was much stronger than Marishka’s.

Van Helsing clenched his fist and did a side-step movement. Shen Yi immediately know that he wanted to use his two-skills combo.

Dracula dashed as the two people fought as fast as lightning. He and Van Helsing tried to attack each other at the same time, the fist and the claw collided. Dracula’s claws hit Van Helsing, making blood splash from his chest; Van Helsing’s fist also hit Dracula’s lower abdomen. This was followed by Van Helsing’s high jump – he apparently wanted to use Elbow Bash on Dracula. But he didn’t expect a backhand from Dracula, at a very fast speed, forcefully blocking Van Helsing’s elbow.

“Combo failed, Elbow Bash’s effect disappeared, could not hurt the opponent.”

Van Helsing and Shen Yi hesitated at the same time, Dracula threw a kick at Van Helsing.

The kick was too hard and heavy, Van Helsing vomited blood, and was knocked back.

Seeing Dracula rush to take the opportunity to kill Van Helsing, Shen Yi pushed Frankenstein toward Dracula, and then shot at Frankenstein. Dracula quickly jumped to block in front of Frankenstein, and received this bullet; his vicious eyes glared at Shen Yi.

Dracula couldn’t imagine that the opponent’s despicable level can be upgraded — first he only used Frankenstein to block his attacks, now he directly attacked Frankenstein.

However, with this heavy burden, Dracula finally didn’t dare to attack the two people, and could only guard Frankenstein. Shen Yi took this opportunity to go to Van Helsing’s side, helping him stand up. He secretly activated the Despicable Healing Arts, and healed his wounds.

“Are you OK?”

“Still didn’t die.” Van Helsing lowly said, his face becoming ugly.

One trap after another, but they still could only deplete half of Dracula’s HP. But the two people already had more tricks to use.

Prior to Shen Yi’s various arrangements, Van Helsing didn’t agree; he was a hunter of the Church, believing in openly offensive, he didn’t like this despicable acting style, so he wasn’t satisfied with many of Shen Yi’s arrangements. But this situation right now proved that Shen Yi was correct.

Dracula’s might was far beyond his expectations.

At this point Dracula stared at the two, and growled, “You two have to die!”

“I don’t think so Mr. Dracula, do you think I have only prepared two or three tricks to deal with you? If you thought like that, then you are wrong, I never underestimated any opponent.”

On Shen Yi’s hand, suddenly appeared a strange injection. After stabbing into Van Helsing’s shoulder, he said, “Don’t worry, with this, you will have the power to fight against vampires.”

The next moment, Van Helsing only felt the power of his body and the bloodlust in his heart rapidly increasing; his whole field of vision became blood-red.

“This is…”

“Werewolf’s blood, it will give you the ability to turn into werewolf.” Shen Yi whispered.

This was Shen Yi’s fourth preparation.

Using Appraisal on Van Helsing, because of the ally relationship, almost all the information of Van Helsing appeared in front of him.

Werewolf Van Helsing – Main Attributes – Strength: 40. Agility: 40. Vitality: 80. MP: 10. Will: 20. After transforming in a werewolf, all original offense skills cannot be used. Transformation time: 3 minutes. During transformation the user falls into a Bloodlust state.  Attack speed increased by 20% and Critical rate increased by 10%. Damage when attacking a vampire increased by 50%.”

Attributes rose, HP rose, the ability of melee combat rose, especially the 50% attack damage bonus against vampires. The common attack power was also greatly improved, no wonder the werewolves were vampire killers.

At the next moment, Werewolf Van Helsing had become a tall and hairy monster; he roared and rushed toward Dracula.

Dracula’s eyes had a flash of terror, but then, he deeply laughed. His body’s joints suddenly made gurgling sounds, his image of a refined elegance gentleman became grim in an instant. First, a pair of fangs grew out onto his lips, then two sharp long ears grew, a huge pair of wings emerged from his back, seeming like a huge version of a bat.

This was clearly the vampire’s transformation ability. Shen Yi was dismayed to see, when Dracula transformed, his HP suddenly increased by 1000 points. This change was a huge surprise for Shen Yi.

This guy turned out to be able to increase his HP by transforming, and the rate of increase was even more terrify than Van Helsing’s.

Van Helsing and Dracula rushed toward each other, the two crazily fought. Just listening to the rumbling sounds in the underground cave, a rockfall was caused due to their intense fighting.

Van Helsing’s battle morale was high, his eyes became blood-red. Facing Dracula, he desperately slashed with his wolf claws, although he lost the ability to use skills, he still had a powerful melee combat ability brought about by the transformation, and it made him feel an incomparable pleasure. It also seemed like Dracula, after transforming could no longer use his skills too, so plenty of flesh and blood splattered around from their battle.

Shen Yi raised his gun to shoot at Dracula, but Dracula heard and the flying bullets were caught in the palm of his hands, as he crazily roared at Shen Yi and knocked Van Helsing away.

Two minutes had already passed, Van Helsing’s HP had also dropped again to a dangerous state. Shen Yi’s Despicable Healing Arts couldn’t be used remotely, so he could only look helplessly.

“It seems that a Werewolf alone cannot take this guy down.” Shen Yi whispered, “But the time is almost here, they should be back now.”

Following Shen Yi’s whisper, at the top entrance of the underground cave, an angry howl of a werewolf suddenly sounded.

With this howl, another werewolf jumped into the cave.

Riding on the werewolf was Anna.

Behind them was the pub-waiter Gasken.

The werewolf and Gasken jumped into the cave with just a leap as they launched an attack at Dracula. Anna took the opportunity to jump off the werewolf’s back and ran to Shen Yi, “I hope I didn’t come too late.”

“Just in time.” Shen Yi laughed, “Has your brother regained his sanity?”

“Yes, everything went like you said.” Anna very sweetly answered.

When Dracula and his Vampire Brides came here, he didn’t expect that Anna and Gasken had been ordered to open the door to his vampire castle according to the instructions of Shen Yi. For this task, Gasken was 10000% willing.

Because Dracula wasn’t standing guard in the castle, his his troops were also on the road to attack Transylvania town, so the vampire castle was defenseless. In the castle, Anna found the werewolf antidote. (Author’s note: In the original story, Van Helsing turned into a werewolf to kill Dracula. Anna in order to give Van Helsing this drug, was accidentally killed by Van Helsing, so the drug belongs to the crucial elements and must exist, it’s not affected by the plot change.)

In accordance to the instructions from Shen Yi, Anna and Gasken only gave him half of the drug, so that he could continue to maintain the state of a werewolf, but would no longer be under the control of Dracula.

This was Shen Yi’s fifth preparation.

Usually in order to kill a final BOSS, only senior adventurers would be able to deal with them. However, Shen Yi used a variety of ways to weaken the opponent, in turn, strengthening his own forces.

Now that the two werewolves plus a powerful warrior had joined the battle, this could be described as a heavy blow to Dracula.

When Gasken saw Dracula, he shouted and rushed out; his axe actually released an unusual light:

Rage Slash – Axe skill Level 5. Causes (2 x Strength) damage on a single target. After use, normal attack-damage increases by 10% for 40 seconds.”

Gasken, himself, was a Strength-Type fighter; his Strength attribute was at 35 points, which was 5 points higher than Van Helsing’s, who was a famous monster hunter. The Rage Slash created a huge dent on Dracula’s chest, the pain made Dracula miserably wail out loud.

Van Helsing and Gasken fought Dracula, the three melee fighters formed a siege, together with Shen Yi frequently firing a shot sneakily. Sometimes Shen Yi also rushed forward to use Despicable Healing Arts to help restore their HP – this made Dracula become extremely passive.

Dracula saw that his HP was being lowered with each hit, there were wounds all over his body. He suddenly punched Van Helsing, and sent him flying. At the same time, Dracula suddenly returned to human form and waved his arms. His whole body instantly turned into thousands of bats, flying above the heads of everyone.

“Vampire Dracula’s Unique Skill – Bat Incarnation: Uses remaining HP of the user to embody a group of vampire bats. The bats can attack the enemy. With each bat killed, the user loses 1 HP.”

Vampire Bat – Incarnation of Count Dracula. Attack: 5, Defense: 0, HP: 10. Has Unique Skill: Suicide Attack – Each bat, through self-destruction, explodes and deals 15 fixed damage to the target.”


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