Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 10

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Book 2, Chapter 10 – Prestige

Along the town in the northeast direction, the adventurers finally saw a section of the river.

Wen Rou squated with her right fist raised – it represented that there were enemies ahead. All the adventurers laid down.

After observing for a while with her telescope, Wen Rou said: “On the other side of the river, there are about forty German soldiers, three heavy machine guns, a small canon, and no tanks.”

“Their defense force is not very strong.” Hong Lang was relieved.

“The problem is that we have to cross the river in order to attack them. We are Difficulty Level I adventurers, not much better than ordinary humans; our enhanced abilities are limited. How many of you can cross the river? How many of you can guarantee that when we cross the river you won’t be attacked? Hong Lang, your bullet-proof item can only withstand 30 bullet-attacks. If you’re swept by the heavy machine guns twice, it will be wasted, right? “

Hong Lang nodded: “Then should we destroy this threat with several rockets?”

“I refuse.” Out of his expectation, Shen Yi directly refused.

Hong Lang hesitated: “Why?”

Shen Yi coldly replied: “I gathered all of you because I needed the power of everyone, not vice-versa. I don’t care about your thoughts, my rocket launcher is only for fighting tanks. After all, the number of rockets are limited. “

Tanks gave BP rewards, heavy machine guns would not be so generous. Shen Yi didn’t want to use his limited resources if there wasn’t any return.

But his words were right, if the three heavy machine guns and cannon were all destroyed by Shen Yi alone, the other people would only have to follow Shen Yi to complete the quest. How could there be such a good meal in the world?

“It seems that you have long made up your mind. Even after this quest, you’ll go to complete the Optional Quest as well?” Jin Gang’s mind was very agile and immediately guessed Shen Yi’s intention to take the Optional Quest. If not for this reason, he wouldn’t have to consider his rocket stock problem. He looked like such a silly figure. No one could’ve guessed that he had such a flexible mind. He was really more than meets the eye.

Shen Yi nodded: “I don’t know what the Bloody City’s existence means to you, but in my eyes, this is a game. The truth is, no matter it be a game or real life, we basically always exist in cycles. I had good luck, my starting point was a little higher than everyone else’s. As a newcomer, it was a good start. If this is the case, and I don’t go face challenges, it’s no different from slowing down my progress. It’s easy to see that the difficulty of the quest has a fixed growth. If I don’t desperately enhance myself to make my own strength advance faster, then the difficulty of the mission world will increase. Then, the good cycle that I established will lose its footing.  As the difficulty of the missions will rise again and again, then I will ultimately fall into a bad cycle. In addition, a mission’s difficulty is clearly different, in Difficulty Level I, it’s easy to complete the quests. The more Difficult the Level, the greater the risk. We are in Difficult Level I now. If we are afraid of taking risks at a low difficulty level, then we simply don’t need to think about survival.”

“But if you put yourself in a crisis in the early stage, you may die early.”

Shen Yi chuckled: “Death one or two months sooner, what is the difference? If you cannot get up early, might as well die early, save the living offense.”

Everyone was speechless.

That’s right, they didn’t dare to take risks. If they also ran away this time, it would be difficult to escape the next time. Since they would die sooner or later, why not accept the challenge early on? This was not only to courageously face difficulties but to also continue to enhance themselves. To complete – as Shen Yi said – the good cycle.

“Well, this time without the rockets, we have to find a way to cross the river. I suggest that we send a few high Agility-type melee attackers.”

“I agree, if some people have the cover-type ability, that would be best.”

Unfortunately, there was no one within the group of 22 adventurers that had this ability. Unless they had a reliable team, the support ability was the most unpopular in Difficulty Level I.

Several controversies were heard by the other adventurers, as an adventurer whispered, “I’m a high leveled Agility adventurer. I have the primary-level stealth skill so I don’t need to worry about being found by the enemy.”

Shen Yi laughed, patted his shoulder, “Okay, with you, we have one. We need at least three people to destroy the three heavy machine guns and the canon. As well as four pioneers, each with a bullet-proof item. If they don’t have one, then they need to borrow from someone who does. Rest assured, with so many people here, no one would dare to refuse.”

Hong Lang threw his bullet-proof item to that adventurer, “You use mine, don’t use it too fiercely. Leave some for me to use later on as well. Otherwise, I will not spare you. After you get rid of the heavy machine gun, withdraw immediately. Leave the remainder to us.”

Among the 22 adventurers, we quickly found four pioneers. One was an assassin that had a stealth skill, one who was a diving expert, one who was good at camouflage, and one who had a pair of boots. The boot’s skill was called Blink. Once activated, it could directly teleport one to the opposite side. Unfortunately, the equipment’s Rank was low, so the skill’s cooldown time was too long. It could only be used once a day.

The four individuals had their own method of quickly and secretly getting close to the enemy. After they wore the borrowed bullet-proof item, they crossed over to the opposite side of the river.

The guy with the boots was the fastest, he just flashed and had already landed at the designated location. He then laid down in the bushes, motionless. After the other three came ashore, the four individuals in accordance with the prior allocation, quietly went toward the four designated attack points.

The real difficulty of the Operation Market Garden scene was the infinite number of German soldiers and modern weapons, but the quality of the soldiers themselves was clearly worse than that of the adventurers.

Once the adventurers found a breakthrough, clearance was not too difficult.

Surely enough, the four adventurers arrived at the designated location and launched their attacks at the same time. The three heavy machine guns and the cannon were destroyed instantly. The German soldiers in the aftermath of the raid called out loudly, as the river bank immediately reverberated with the lively sound of gunfire.

On the other side, the 18 adventurers raised their weapons in hand and crazily poured out firepower.

The adventurer who had the Heavenly Thunderbolt skill intended to release spells, but did not expect Shen Yi to seize his hands and shout, “You fool, your spell consumes too much MP. There are only dozens of people; use this skill my a*s!”

This adventurer from the town came all the way here, he had almost no opportunity to demonstrate his skills. He could only look at us discuss our operational plans, command, and build our prestige. At this moment, he finally caught the opportunity to show his power but didn’t expect that he would be scolded by Shen Yi. He angrily said, “You are not my boss, why should I listen to you?”

Hearing these words, Shen Yi laughed.

At this point, on the opposite side, the German soldiers were under the adventurer’s attack. There were only a few left, but the remaining few were still stubborn. But, the four pioneers relied on their bullet-proof item to directly assault them. Several adventurers who lent them their bullet-proof items looked at the white light that shined and let out a distressed sound. Seeing the others getting shot, it was like they themselves were shot. Since they entered this bloody world, this was the first time they were concerned about the safety of others.

Shen Yi patted the adventurer ‘s shoulder, “You’re right, I really am not your boss. And I’m not qualified to order you around.”

Then, he suddenly fiercely punched the adventurer in his lower abdomen. This made him curl up like a big shrimp, then he pointed his Spirit Flame Gun to the adventurer’s head and spoke in a cold tone, “If you have the ability to complete the mission on your own, don’t come with us! Since you don’t have the intention of listening to a command, what’s the point in keeping you? Isn’t it better to deal with you with one shot? What do you think?”

“You…” The adventurer sweated in pain. Shen Yi’s punch did not have much strength, but it hit him at his weak spot. Since he acquired the scroll of the Heavenly Thunderbolt, in order to use this spell, all his BP was used to raise his MP. He barely enhanced his other attributes, so he wasn’t able to endure this punch. At the moment, he could only endure the pain, “I just… just wanted to help.”

“Then listen to orders.” Shen Yi coldly said. He noticed a few adventurers around him had a face of disapproval, they were apparently still very convinced of their own abilities.

Hong Lang apparently also saw the dispute, shot the last German soldier then strode over. He faced all the cold-eyed adventurers who looked at him, “Let me remind you that this is a cooperative scene, only if we unite together as a group will we have hope to live. Shen Yi is right, a wide-range attack should not be wasted, good steel is used in a blade isn’t it? Unless you are capable of releasing dozens of skills with ease, you who have that ability, do not have much value in this Difficulty Level.”

“We do not force anyone to listen to our orders, but if you refuse to accept the orders, please leave our team,” Jin Gang said.

Many adventurers heard the two men speak, but no one stepped out.

Wen Rou coldly sneered, “What, the task is not yet completed but there is already in fights?”

Shen Yi laughed, “No, just eliminating the restless factors. After all, we have a long way to go after this.”

Jin Gang said, “Then quickly across the river. I gave everyone a suggestion, if anyone wants to go alone, they can leave on their own. But for those who follow behind us to wait for a reward to fall into their laps, I’m sorry, but I’ll kill them first.”

They first had to establish positions, ensure prestige. If not, the following fight could not be continued. This was the thing which Shen Yi, Hong Lang, Jin Gang, and Wen Rou thought of at the same time. As for the other people who were convinced, that was a different matter.

The German soldiers were cleaned up, with the German officials actually dropping a gray chest.

When Shen Yi opened that chest, there was a Schmeisser submachine gun and several magazines, worth 300 BPs.

From what Shen Yi knew, the Germans dropped chests, but their rank must be that of an officer and above. The drop rate was very low; the items were very poor incentives.

He really missed the copious rewards from the beginner’s mission.

After clearing the German forces, the group of people quickly passed the river and fled before the arrival of the German’s main force.

On the road, an adventurer who survived thanks to Shen Yi’s healing went to Shen Yi’s side and said, “Big Brother Shen, you saved my life. I will listen to you and do whatever you say.”

“What is your name?”

“My name is Ah Sheng, from Hong Kong. How is the Mandarin I spent 50 BP to learn? Works right?” Ah Sheng laughed.

Shen Yi stopped, “Well, my first order is: During the action, don’t say nonsense.”

Ah Sheng stuck out his tongue and didn’t speak anymore.

A group of adventurers behind him whispered, “Damn, what’s that pride about? Just because he has a gun and a rocket launcher.”

Hong Lang’s cold voice echoed behind him, “I suggest you better not mess with him, that guy is a killer.”

An adventurer said with disdain, “Which one of us here is not a killer?”

Hong Lang laughed, “I said he was a killer before he entered the Bloody City, idiot.”

Wen Rou’s ears slightly moved. She was very sensitive to have captured their conversation, as she looked at Shen Yi with a profound look.

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