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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 12

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Book 2 Chapter 12: The Fierce Battle (Part 1)

The so-called Team Reward was – if the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion survived; 100 soldiers meant 2,000 BP, and two battalion commanders giving a 1,000 BP reward. That’s 3000 BP in rewards that would belong to the whole team. It would then be allocated according to the proportion of contribution rather than everyone getting 3000 BP. The contribution was done entirely by the City’s analysis and evaluation, so there would be no cheating.

As for the special rewards, they only belonged to the adventurer that had the highest contribution. In fact, that was the real rare reward, generally unique items that couldn’t be bought at the City’s store.

According to the City’s standards, the highest contributor could choose an Unranked reward item if his contribution didn’t exceed the average contribution by more than 10%. More than 10% would change the reward to a Rank D item, and more than 20% was a Rank DD, and so on. But no matter what kind of Rank it was, it was an item that was definitely very difficult to get, even in Mission Worlds.

The moment everyone saw the prompts, everyone had eyes full of greed. They all very much wanted to destroy the enemy and win the highest reward. Even the adventurer, who Shen Yi stopped from using his AoE spell, also jumped up. In a heartbeat, he couldn’t help but think that fortunately, he didn’t use the spell. Otherwise, he would not have the opportunity to gain contributions for himself.

However, compared to those who had a positive response, only a few people were clearly aware of what this meant. The Optional Quest would not be as easy as the Main Quest. An airborne mission only rewarded 500 BP, while causing the adventurers to suffer heavy casualties. Now, the Optional Quest suddenly rewarded 4,000 BP. With the addition of a bonus reward, the difficulty will be upgraded by at least ten times. High-risk, high-return was the eternal theme of the City, “not experiencing hardship but still succeeding” was really nonsensical.

The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s original number was more than 600 people, plus there were some other units of the paratroopers that drifted to this area to get temporarily added to Frost’s 2nd Paratroopers Battalion. So, the number was around 800. After a few hours of fighting, only 600 people were left, with more than 200 people who were directly killed, and the remaining half wounded. Dozens of people were seriously injured. From landing to now, only four hours had passed, yet the casualties had reached this point… truly showing the tragic situation of the battle.

And they must continue to fight like this for ten days.

The adventurers completed the Main Quest eight hours ahead of time. The advantage was that they could join the battle ahead of time to reduce the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s casualties. The downside was that they must defend the bridge eight hours more than the scheduled task.

Because of the Additional Team Reward Quest, the plan that used the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion as cannon-fodder was not desirable. Thus, they must not only strive to fight and win, they must also ensure that the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion survived with as few casualties as possible. After all, protecting the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s soldiers was going to be included in the team contribution.

Jin Gang had a strange look on his face while he watched Shen Yi, then he pointed to an injured soldier laying the ground not far from them, “Depends on you.”

Shen Yi let out a wry smile, “I will try my best to ensure that my MP consumption is regenerated. I can only save one person every 20 minutes.”

He did not expect after he said this, Jin Gang and Hong Lang would call out at the same time, “How could this be!”

“What?” Shen Yi did not understand why they were so surprised.

“How can your Will be so high? How can you recover 1 MP every 2 minutes?”

“I only have 10 points of Will, every 10 minutes it automatically restores 1 MP.” Shen Yi did not understand why they exclaimed.

Hong Lang and Jin Gang looked at each other and spoke unanimously, “Does your healing skill only need to consume 2 MP per use?”

He suddenly realized that he missed a very important thing. His healing skill was so easy to use… it was definitely a practical ability. But how could it only consume 2 MP?

Listening to Hong Lang and Jin Gang’s speaking, an ordinary healing skill needed to at least consume 7 or 8 MP, and the effect would be like that of a pot of medicine or a pot of water almost.

He was slightly startled and immediately said, “My healing skill really consumes only 2 MP, it’s a reward I got from the beginner’s mission. I don’t understand why it consumes only 2 MP.”

Jin Gang said with a deep voice, “Can your healing skill be used remotely?”

“No, I have to come into contact with the wound.”

“Can it make a limb grow back?”

“No, it simply restores HP, but the injury cannot be repaired. With damage caused by special attacks, it cannot even restore HP.”

Jin Gang immediately said, “I understand, this is likely to be an important reason as to why it has a low MP consumption. The biggest feature of your healing skill is not to restore HP, but rather less consumption. The scope of application is narrow. In short, it only heals common injuries and is more suitable for temporary maintenance in fighting. This is clearly a special healing skill developed for an adventurer’s need. After all, even with more heavy injuries, as long as the adventurer can return to the City, it can be restored by spending BP. But in a battle, if the MP consumption is too much, very few drugs can restore MP. It would be a matter of life and death. Your healing skill is obviously designed for common use.”

At this point, Jin Gang affirmed, “I suspect that your ability is a variability skill rather than the City’s own skill.”

“Variability skill?” Shen Yi was shocked, “Isn’t it a skill adventurers create on their own? How can it appear as a City reward?”

“I don’t know, but as this skill has a very specific practical use, it is likely a Variability skill. Ah, what is the name of your healing skill?”

“Despicable Healing Arts.” Shen Yi said the name with reluctantly, this name was really ugly.

Jin Gang and Hong Lang looked at each other. Such a good healing skill, how could it take on such a name?

Hong Lang laughed, “I think Jin Gang is right, this ability has an 80% of being created by an adventurer, or such a name would not appear. But we have never heard of this Despicable Healing Arts… and it’s reasonable to say that the Bloody City does not have a reason to not include an adventurer’s ability as a reward.”

“Unless…” Jin Gang suddenly said.

Three people at the same time called up, “Unless that adventurer is dead!”

The adventurer who invented the Despicable Healing Arts was undoubtedly a genius. He limited the scope of the healing skill and gave up the capacity of remote healing as a cost to reduce the consumption of MP to a minimum of 2 points. This was mainly aimed for common injuries. For uncommon injuries, he could choose to use a drug to heal the wound or heal after returning to the City, greatly reducing the cost of the healing skill. Otherwise, for just a normal injury, using a healing skill that consumed too much MP was not worth it. That adventurer was likely not a skill-based adventurer who mainly enhanced MP, but was a melee-based adventurer. He needed a certain degree of self-healing ability so that he could endure a long time in the battle. Almost all adventurers who could create their own skills were stronger than your average adventurer. If he was a tank, this single person could hold an army. If he was a supporter, this was a very fearful combat medic.

And now, maybe for some reason, that adventurer had died and Bloody City, for an unknown reason, gave this skill as a reward to Shen Yi. Shen Yi suddenly had a kind of winning lottery feeling, because the utility of the Despicable Healing Arts was far greater than a general healing ability.

“It seems my luck is really good.” Shen Yi laughed.

“You can have luck only if you have power. If it’s us, survival or not is a problem.” Hong Lang was not jealous.

Jin Gang whispered, “It ‘s strange, I never heard of the Bloody City using an adventurer’s skill as a reward for another adventurer. How did it happen?”

A shell suddenly whistled by and exploded not too far away from Shen Yi’s place, interrupting their talk.

When the shells hit, a new round of German attacks began.

“A tank! A Tiger Tank!” A British paratrooper called out loud.

On the other side, a row of Tiger Tanks rumbled out. Their 88mm artillery began to crazily fire at the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s base camp.

From the excited state when they heard about the highest reward, the adventurers were suddenly being pulled back to the ground by the Tiger Tanks firepower. An adventurer was unluckily hit by the focused firepower and was directly burnt into ashes.

“Everyone get on the ground!” Shen Yi shouted.

For the people who had not experienced a real battle, it was difficult to imagine this kind of survival in the hail of bullets. The air filled with gunpowder smoke; all they could hear was the gunfire sound and the cries of the wounded. The bullets rained down like a hail, falling hard to the ground. Fragments of such could make people die right on the spot.

The firepower formed into a large network that was densely woven, frantically sweeping all objects that dared to be exposed to the air. A British paratrooper that wanted to stand up and fight back, was instantly ground into minced meat.

Shen Yi lied down in a bunker, only to hear crackling sounds like beans being fried.

He shouted, “Wen Rou!”

“Here!” Wen Rou shouted back.

“The enemy’s firepower is very fierce, observe the situation!”

“I know!” Wen Rou said. She did a roll and quickly ran to the forefront to carefully observe any flank movements.

Then she quickly retracted her body and shouted, “Twenty German soldiers are rushing in… with at least three heavy machine guns and a tank destroyer!”

“Use grenades to deal with them!” Shen Yi cried as he took out a grenade from the Bloody Crest.

This was only an ordinary grenade so its price was not high, only 5 BP. Shen Yi only bought ten grenades to use to deal with such a strong firepower suppression. Excluding one grenade he had used to save Wen Rou, there were nine left. He had 1,000 BP remaining, in addition to the bazooka, grenades, parachute learning, he also bought two Kevlar armors. He came in with most of his BP spent, holding the idea of success or death.

“Give me some distance!” He shouted.

“They are beside our house door!”

“Understand.” Shen Yi pulled the lead and threw it out without looking.

Several adventurers were inspired by Shen Yi and also threw out their grenades. After a few bangs, Arnhem Bridge was filled with smoke, with more than half of the 20 assaulting German soldiers that instantly met with casualties, thus significantly reducing the suppression of firepower.

Shen Yi took out the rocket launchers, aimed at the tank destroyer and fired.

“There are about ten Tiger Tanks outside a 600 meters mark,” cried the Wen Rou, “They are continuously shooting at here, you have to find a way to get rid of them. Else you cannot win the bridge!”

A Tiger Tank’s range was 1,600 meters. At the moment, they were firing from a far away distance, causing airborne soldiers who lacked heavy weapons and strong firepower, to complain.

Hong Lang shouted, “Shen Yi, can your antitank rockets hit a target 600 meters away?”

“No problem. Even though this is old, it is still one generation more advanced than a Tiger Tank.” Shen Yi replied, “Wen Rou, help me find a target. A few of you cover me!”

“First hit the 10 o’clock direction, behind a wall. You only need to face the wall and shoot in a straight line!”

At the same time, Hong Lang and Jin Gang also rushed up. Standing in front of Shen Yi, their guns shot non-stop toward the front. A white light continuously flashed on their body – it was the scene after being shot.

Under the cover of the two, Shen Yi aimed his fully loaded rocket launcher at the small wall. His eyes showed a trace of loathing, “Hey, pal, you’re not hidden well enough.”

He pressed the button lightly.

*Whooosh* Rockets passed like a red light on the surface of water and flew into the Tiger Tank’s cannon. That Tiger Tank immediately exploded into a fireball upon contact.

“Ah!” The soldiers of the 2nd Airborne Battalion all cheered at the same time.

For them, those Tiger Tanks were a headache as they could not deal with them. In World War II, Tiger Tanks became the Allies nightmare on a grounded battlefield. One of these tanks, when battling seven or eight normal tanks, recklessly won the battle.

After he destroyed a Tiger Tank, Shen Yi quickly loaded in another rocket, aimed at the next target, and successfully took out the second Tiger Tank. Before the other tanks aimed their muzzles at him, he quickly changed places to prepare the third shot.

Although he had not been a soldier, fortunately after enhancing, he not only had an excellent physical fitness, he also experienced a month of hard training. In fact, he had a slight difference from those paratroopers in terms of combat; he only lacked experience and fighting skills. But, by virtue of high technology and equipment, he effectively made up for this shortcoming.

Lieutenant Colonel Frost and Major Ralph did not have much hope for the airborne troops. A total of 21 people, how could they have any effectiveness?

They did not expect the adventurers to, one by one, make them shocked. Not mentioning the strange weapons in their hands, there were many people who were invulnerable to weapons!

What was the white light on their body, how could it be so powerful? To even be able to block a bullet?

The thing that guy used to fight the tanks, the two commanders never ever saw such a thing. During World War II, a tank was the main force of the ground forces. Anti-tank weapons’ development had been theorized and put in the paper, but it was only a prototype.

Shen Yi’s rocket launcher evidently had some details in common with the Germans invention, the “Panzerfaust” anti-tank gun. The problem was that the “Panzerfaust” is a single-shot gun, it also did not have such far range. The British were using the PIAT anti-tank weapon to deal with tanks, but this weapon had a complex structure. It had a huge recoil, and the risk factor was also high. It also needed two people to operate. In contrast, the anti-tank rocket launcher Shen Yi held at the moment, for the soldiers in terms of World War II, was definitely a sci-fi weapon.

“Oh my God, what are they?” Major Ralph exclaimed.

Despite the heavy night, the fire had exposed the tank’s position. With Wen Rou constantly helping him find a target and reporting out their position, within a few minutes, Shen Yi had changed positions four times… destroying six Tiger Tanks. With the number of Tiger Tanks reduced, the number of artillery shells falling to the ground became less and less. The two tanks left even began to retreat. The Germans were obviously also shocked by that anti-tank weapon of Shen Yi’s.

“I dare to use my head to swear. When that guy came, on his body, there wasn’t any of that stuff. How did he take it out? Is he a magician?” Frost also cried.

“Maybe God?” Ralph asked.

“No, he’s not qualified enough,” Frost replied, “Perhaps a messenger of God.”

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