Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 20

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Book 2, Chapter 20 – Bombardment


That noon on the seventh day, the sixth wave of the attack from the Germans finally started.


As the rumbling sounds of guns began to resound over the town, shells whistled over and fell on the British, creating large shockwaves, and impacting the soldiers’ nerves. The burning fire was everywhere, as the dilapidated town began to suffer another bombardment.


A large number of German soldiers came rushed out from all directions; the sound of gunfire echoed everywhere as crackling sounds were issued by the dry logs in the flames.


Surprisingly, in this smoke-filled battlefield, despite the collapse of buildings in the bombing, were still standing in the ruins, persisting not to fall. The paratroopers relied on these ruins, to play a fierce street fighting with the enemy.


The previously destroyed roads in the second German attack had been paved. As all the mines were detonated, all obstacles were destroyed, filling the pit. Tiger Tanks, one by one, went into the town.


As the anti-tank was in serious shortage of weapons, the soldiers began to use incendiary bombs (a.k.a – The Molotov Cocktail). The bottle of homemade incendiaries in the World War II battlefield was able to shine; it was especially suitable for urban street fighting. As long as the incendiary bombs landed on the radiator of the engine of the tank, burning the liquid and penetrating through the radiator, thus would burn the engine. In addition, clusters of grenades also blew up tank tracks. Later, many in the world were unable to use this tact. In fact, at this time, it was more effective than the anti-tank weapons, because it could still be used now.


The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, who fought through the battlefield and to the German tanks, launched a death charge.


Major Ralph took the lead personally. He lifted a PIAT and went in a house with Michelle, ready to ambush the German tanks. As Michelle climbed to the top to indicate the direction for Ralph, a Tiger Tank passed. Ralph aimed at the tank’s muzzle and fired, causing the tank to be immediately destroyed. But the follow-up German tank found them, as it immediately fired at their hiding house. Fortunately, Michelle quickly responded, jumping off the roof in time. As for Ralph, he was half buried in broken bricks. Fortunately, he didn’t die.


As he laid in the heap, he shot a second shell against the tank. This tank also “followed” its comrade.


“Pretty, Major!” Michelle called out loudly.


“Not pretty enough,” Ralph answered coldly.


Far from the clock tower of Arnhem Cathedral, an adventurer was using a sniper rifle very accurately, as each shot killed its target.


“One contribution, two contributions, three contributions… Motherf*cker, I want contribution, I want rewards, I want BP….” He muttered, constantly pulling the trigger. Each time he pulled the trigger, a German soldier fell.


A tank slowly turned its turret, the muzzle aimed at the clock tower of Arnhem Cathedral.


The adventurer muttered a ‘F*ck’ as he ran to the other side with his gun.




The tank shell hit the center of the cathedral bell tower.


A miracle happened as the bell tower did not collapse, but the strong impact opened a window on its roof. The adventurer was choked by the ubiquitous dust; he coughed, but still crawled back into the sniper position.


He found that the bell tower’s right side wall had been blown off. From here, he could clearly see the battlefield below.


“Damn!” The adventurer spat on the ground as he aimed the gun at the Germans again.


*Bang! Bang! Bang!*


At the other end of the town, Shen Yi, Hong Lang, and a few other people were relying on the bunkers to fiercely fire towards the Germans. They were like a knife inserted into the German’s flank, crazily harvesting their lives. The benefits of infinite bullets in the Spirit Flame Gun was fully demonstrated at this time. Without the need to consider the stock, Shen Yi kept sweeping his gun. Hiding behind the bunker, a hand with guns sweeping the outside, forming a suppression effect like heavy firepower. In particular, the fire damage attached to the bullet always suppressed a region, giving great difficulties for the Germans.


“Who can fire in my place!” Shen Yi shouted, “My arm cannot hold it!”


“I’m coming!” Hong Lang shouted as crawled over.


As Shen Yi retracted his arms and threw the gun at him, Hong Lang continued to sweep at the Germans.


Shen Yi completely hid his body behind the bunker. Looking at his right arm, he found that it became green and swollen.


“You should have given yourself a few Strength points.” Hong Lang laughed, “Your gun’s recoil force is not too much, I can use it to sweep for a day and night and still be alright.”


“Then you use it.” Shen Yi lightly said.


“But I have a problem!”




“If I use your gun to kill these German devils, the contribution points will count to you or me in the end?”


Jin Gang, who was in the distance, shouted, “You use someone else’s p*nis to shoot your wife, who is the child’s father?”


Hong Lang was furious, “F*ck you, Jin Gang! The dog mouth cannot spit ivory (1)!”


Shen Yi and Jin Gang laughed at the same time.


Shen Yi quickly glanced at the outside, then retracted, “This wave seems to not have a lot of tanks.”


“Twenty or so.” Wen Rou answered.


“Strange, how can it become less? There were twenty-two in the last wave.” Shen Yi was confused, “Don’t they come with more forces with each wave?”


“This is already a powerful force, and you want to fight more?” Hong Lang shouted.


Shen Yi ignored him. Frowning to himself, he said, “The force can only increase, otherwise, it doesn’t meet the principle of increasing the difficulty of the City. I am already preparing for the last day to be hundreds of tanks launching the assault on our group.”


“Are you crazy!” Hong Lang cursed.


“I said the last day, but we delayed three days, so it shouldn’t be the case.” Shen Yi replied as he once again looked outside, “But it shouldn’t be like this.”


The low sound of the motor in the sky awakened Shen Yi, who was in contemplation.


Looked up to the sky, a few small black spots in the distance were rapidly approaching towards their location.


“Damnit!” Shen Yi shouted, “The bombers! German bombers!!! Everyone get on the ground!!! The bombers came!”




Three Stuka aircraft bombers were rapidly entering Arnhem.


The pilot on the plane looked at the smoke that filled the battlefield, easily determining the British counterattacks’ position. Pulling the lever, Stuka began to launch at the ground. In a flash, the aircraft’s gun poured out a large number of bullets, forming two long chains, instantly making two narrow strips of death in the town.


With the shooting, there were a large number of fuel bombs and explosive bombs dropped.


Three big iron birds in the sky dropped the bombs like laying eggs. In ten seconds, it launched all the bombs. Looking up, the sky was covered by big iron bombs that whistling down, causing a series of explosion sounds to echo. The ground was set off by a dark smoke.


Overlooking the battlefield from the point of view of the bomber’s pilot, it was a long, long stream of smog on countless lattice – like city battles.


“G51 reporting, all bombs are dropped, request to fly back.” A German pilot reported the results to the headquarters.


Navigation station’s rustling sound came, “The request is refused, continue to observe the ground counterattack force, if necessary, use aviation artillery to create ground blockades.”


“Yes, sir.” The German pilots put down the phone. They circled the sky, readily dispersing the smoke and then re-entering the battlefield.


The roar of the explosion almost deafened everyone’s ears. In fact, these days, in the town of Arnhem, there was no moment of silence.


Every time there was always a sound of gunfire or bomb explosion sounds. Their vision had never been clear, as the smoke and dust filled the sky, creating a black haze.


From the dust, figures appeared as Shen Yi and the others emerged. Shaking their bodies a bit, soil and ashes fell down.


Hong Lang was the next as he coughed, coming out from the soil.


Then Jin Gang, he now looked like a gray gorilla.


Finally, Wen Rou. The beautiful female cop became a muddled doll, as only a pair of eyes were still bright and clear.


“Hey, Shen Yi, is this what you said about there being ‘more and more’?” Jin Gang shouted.


“What did you say?” Shen Yi dug his ear and spoke loudly as he pointed to his ear, “I can’t hear you, my ear is still buzzing.”


“I said: is this what you said about there being ‘more and more tanks’?” Jin Gang roared.


“Oh.” Shen Yi looked to the sky, and then replied, “Quantitative changes caused by a qualitative change, not surprising! Tomorrow there will be more aircrafts coming over.”


“I now regret to accepting the Optional Quest! Fighting in this place is like standing all the time on the edge of the cliff, being at the risk of falling at any time!” Hong Lang shouting.


“This is a good thing, an official war ah! Through this one, everyone’s nerves became tough. Being familiar to death, they’re not so afraid of death anymore!” Shen Yi patted Hong Lang’s shoulder.


“F*ck, I am willing to not have this ‘good thing’!”


“Unfortunately, you have no choice!”


As the smoke dispersed slightly, Wen Rou observed the sky with a telescope. She then cried, “Three Stukas are flying back, we have to get on the ground!”


(BAM!), The aircraft’s barrage swept as this action confirmed Wen Rou’s words.


Everyone was beaten to the point that they couldn’t even lift their head. As Hong Lang received two shots, he lamented, “Damn, I was shot!”


His bullet-proof items’ 30 time-limit has long been depleted, the bullet began to cause real wounds.


On Shen Yi ‘s body, a white light also flashed a bit. As he was lying on the ground to see the head of the aircraft passing, he murmured, “They have no bombs, and are using machine guns for sweeping. Wen Rou, look at the German soldiers over there, how are they?”


There was no response.


Shen Yi felt cold. Looking down, he saw Wen Rou lying motionless on the ground, her face was bloodless.


“Wen Rou!” Shen Yi roared up.


He quickly rushed forward. Turning Wen Rou’s body over, he saw that her body had three bloody holes that were constantly bleeding.


Shen Yi was anxious. Hugging Wen Rou, he put his hand on her wounds, activating his healing skill.


A warm current flowed into Wen Rou’s body, it seemed to stimulate her some as her body slightly moved.


“Wen Rou, hang in there!” Shen Yi shouted.


Quickly taking out a medium-level healing potion from Bloody Crest, Shen Yi poured it into her mouth, while still using Despicable Healing Arts.


The healing skill combined with the potion quickly played the effect, as Wen Rou’s eyes finally slowly opened.


Watching Shen Yi’s nervous expression, she smiled, saying with a faint voice said, “No bullet-proof item, Kevlar somehow could not stand it, there were two bullets that hit the weak spot… really bad luck.”


Seeing that Wen Rou was pulled back from the dead, Shen Yi smiled.


Wen Rou’s injury was very heavy, but fortunately, the potion was effective. Because of the blood loss, her face was somewhat pale.


The three bombers in the sky were roaring and sweeping the ground. At least dozens of British paratroopers in this round of attack were sacrificed or were seriously injured. Everywhere Shen Yi was being called, wanting him to come to save them.


But Shen Yi did not come over, watching the bombers roaring in the sky, his eyes flashed a sharp glare.


Not far away, there was an abandoned German SUV vehicle. Above it was a Browning M2 heavy machine gun. This heavy machine gun was the invention of the Americans, so it should have been seized by the Germans in the war. But now Shen Yi was more concerned if it can be used.


Shen Yi gently put down Wen Rou, “You take a break.”


Then he got up and headed for the SUV.


“Shen Yi! Are you f*****g crazy? Get down!” Hong Lang shouted.


Shen Yi seemed to not have heard.


He accelerated, running towards the vehicle faster and faster, instantly accelerating into a rush state, such as a wolf in the prairie. As his boot’s skill ‘Sprint’ activated, 100% of his speed increased. Shen Yi ‘s speed was over the human limit. After a few steps, Shen Yi jumped into the SUV.


Touching the M2 heavy machine gun, Shen Yi quickly turned the muzzle up to the air, pointed at a roaring bomber which was diving, he frantically poured a hail of bullets.


That Stuka bomber probably did not expect to encounter such a counterattack, and soon braved in the black smoke, falling to the ground.


The other two bombers rose at the same time, but heavy machine guns’ bullets tailed them.


The two bomber pilots were very experienced, at the same time maneuvering to both sides to escape that terrible hail of bullets. One of the bombers escaped, gliding in a circle, it circled around the back, it aimed two aircraft guns at Shen Yi, launching a sweep at the ground.


Bullets hit the ground, forming two strips of death toward Shen Yi, as the heavy machine gun in Shen Yi’s hands also sprayed bullets. The trajectory left trails, bullets danced, and mournful wails rang beside his ears.


Aviation machine guns formed two line of bullets at Shen Yi, a few bullets hit Shen Yi, making intense white lights, Shen Yi did not move. The M2 heavy machine guns spit out of a large number of shells. This scene was like the scene in the Matrix when Neo in the helicopter swept toward the building, numerous shells fell like rain toward the ground, creating metal crisp sounds. The muzzle sprayed a metal storm that hit that bomber, even directly tearing it in half.


The residual half of the bombers in the air rolled down, hit the ground, issued a crashing explosion, and made all the Germans that saw this stunned.


The final bomber saw that the situation wasn’t good and made a U-turn flight, hastily fleeing the battlefield.


Shen Yi dropped his heavy machine guns, readily lit a cigarette, jumped off the SUV to slowly move back.


Along the way, not even a German dared to fire at him.


All were frightened.


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