Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 21

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Book 2, Chapter 21 – Fatty’s Value


The sixth wave of the German offensive was finally repulsed. In this war, Shen Yi’s crazy performance impressed everyone.


“Damn your crazy a*s!” Hong Lang pointed at Shen Yi’s nose and scolded, then he shook his head and said, “But I like it.”


Shen Yi leaned on the sandbag and hummed a few times, it could be regarded as disdain for Hong Lang’s argument.


It was Jin Gang who asked him, “How many uses are left on your bullet-proof item?”


“Three times.” Shen Yi replied. In his crazy stunt just now, he was hit seven or eight times, equivalent to dying seven or eight times. Then he grinned, “A Stuka is worth 100 BP.”


“Oh, hell no!” Hong Lang’s fist hit the ground, making a big crater.


Wen Rou sat up and said, “Can your anti-tank rocket launcher shoot down an aircraft?”


“Of course, but the rockets are running out.” Shen Yi said with a smile as he pinched Wen Rou’s face, “I didn’t think you were a little money’s fan, hearing about BP was enough to make you recover.”


Wen Rou gave a death glare to Shen Yi, and then softly said, “Thank you for saving me.”


Seeing Shen Yi rage when she was shot, and rushing out to fight the German aircrafts desperately, Wen Rou’s heart was still quite comfortable now.


“Don’t need to be polite.” Shen Yi replied.


Next to the two people, Jin Gang and Hong Lang suddenly did not speak, the scene fell into a terrible silence.


Wen Rou felt odd, she looked at them and found that they were staring at her chest.


She looked down and her face blushed.


When she was shot just now, several bullet holes appeared in her clothes, including one near the chest. In the emergency situation, naturally, no one would be interested in this. At the moment the fighting ended, everyone’s minds were relaxed, so when Wen Rou sat up, she didn’t notice this problem. Loopholes everywhere vaguely exposed her body as the two guys stared without a blink.


“A bunch of perverts.” Wen Rou felt shame and anger, gripping her clothes, she gave each of the two bastards a kick.

As Hong Lang was kicked, he muttered, “That guy touched your boobs, why do you not kick him. Haiz, life is unfair ah.”


Wen Rou said, “He just wanted to save me, how can he be the same as you?”


Jin Gang immediately said, “You say this, but I think it is up to Shen Yi’s healing skill, he must touch the wound to use it. Then, if you are injured in a more secret place …”


Everyone was suddenly shocked at the same time.


Shen Yi was also stunned.


At that moment, numerous ideas passed through his mind, as he suddenly called up, “Damnit, I now know why this skill is called The Despicable Healing Arts. F*ck, this must have been invented by a playboy. Its role is not as we previously thought, those are all fake! Its role is for flirting!”


What kind of man in the world could have a reasonable and legitimate reason for stripping off a woman’s pants without having to be worried about being accused as it being seen as s****l harassment?


The answer was simple: a doctor.


The adventurer who invented The Despicable Healing Arts must be a true pervert and had a fanatical pursuit of the women’s body. So, he deliberately invented this melee healing skill, with the purpose of not saving MP, but to openly play with girls. In some special scenes of the world, such as ancient China, female and male contact had absolute strict restrictions. In many dynasties, a girl must marry the man first before he touched her body.


In other words, with this skill, he could adapt in many worlds.


He could even get help from some special females.


It was hard to imagine that the adventurer who invented this healing skill had not intended to cure himself at first, but to flirt. If it was not the name of the healing skill that reminded Shen Yi, he absolutely could not believe that in The Bloody City there would be such an adventurer.


But he had to admit that this was indeed whimsical, but very useful method for playing with girls.


When it came to the attitude of women, Shen Yi was not pedantic. He always welcomed gestures from beautiful women. But such a deliberate training for a skill to facilitate flirting… Shen Yi couldn’t do that. So when he understood this point, Shen Yi was also dumbfounded.


This skill was indeed very good, but how was it created so shamelessly…


Hong Lang and Jin Gang enviously looked at Shen Yi, as they really wanted to be able to rob his skill for their own.


“Why do I not have such a skill.” Hong Lang despairingly said.


“Shut up.” Shen Yi snapped at him, “Today has passed, it is estimated that the Germans will not attack again in the night. There are three days left, as long as we last, we can go back to the city. Everyone’s BP will not be lessened, the number is 5500. Go back to The Bloody City and you can play with women as much as you want.”


Hong Lang shrugged his shoulders.


Three days, only three days left.


But could they pass these three days?


Today, even the bombers appeared.


In the next three days, aircrafts, tanks, artilleries, a large number of German soldiers would come over. With half of the battalion now and a group of adventurers, how would they be able to sustain?


Hong Lang sighed and didn’t say anything as he lied down.




The next day, the German charge was even more ferocious.


The offensive wave was stronger.


Tanks emerged by the dozens, the number of aircrafts in the sky began to increase to seven or eight, sometimes even more than a dozen. The attack force was a whole regiment. Repelling back an enemy attack, in exchange for a few hours before the enemies would come with an ever larger-scale attack. The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion had a serious case of shortage in weapons and ammunition; weapons and ammunition seized on the battlefield was not enough to use. Some soldiers had even begun to fight with the enemy’s bayonet, a small number launched a suicide attack, from time to time there were soldiers holding explosives and rushing into tanks, taking an enemy to death with them.


The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion rapidly downsized as Shen Yi couldn’t save that many people.


The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion was in a bad situation, and the adventurers were not much better. Most of the bullet-proof items have run out, as they survived only by their own regen and with Shen Yi’s treatment.

Wen Rou’s Kevlar body armor had been broken because of the continuous attacks, it simply could not be reused. But fortunately, Shen Yi gave his spare one to Wen Rou.


In addition, the rockets had also been mostly consumed, even though Shen Yi had repeatedly saved and hadn’t used them unless necessary. But still, it could not drive out the amount of tanks, cannons, and aircrafts that took turns going into battle.


The need of using the bazooka was too much, but he only had a limited number of rockets.


The other adventurers didn’t have many bullets left. In addition to four sniper rifles and bullets, two 62mm caliber Gatling machine guns have been exhausted. Two adventurers tried to pick up some weapons from the battlefield for temporary use. But on the eighth day of the battle, the two adventurers died under the tanks and artillery shells.


At this point, of the original 21 adventurers, 17 were left. One was seriously injured, four hit with a bullet, and more than two-thirds of the bullet-proof items have lost their effect.


The adventurers began to feel the shadow of death fall onto them. Bullets ran out, bullet-proof item’s protection was lost, melee skills in this kind of war had almost no effect, and the enemy has become more powerful. The gap was infinitely narrowed, the strength of the adventurers and ordinary soldiers had not much of a difference.


Because of the serious shortage of weapons and ammunition, in order to survive, some adventurers had to use their reward items – the submachine guns in gray chests which could be used in exchange for BP.


A few people began to regret choosing to accept this Optional Quest, and angrily said if Shen Yi didn’t put them on a dead-end road, they were going to go back to the City and have a feast.


On the ninth day, two more adventurers died.


One of them was A Sheng, the big boy from Hong Kong.


He was hit by the German tanks, 300 points of damage broke his whole body into pieces.


He could have survived, but the reason he was shot, was because of that timid Fatty who was cowardly running back. As he escaped, A Sheng and another adventurer were planning to attack the Germans from the side. This damned Fatty went from the other side to their hidden location, attracting the attention of a German tank. The result was that one shell was shot towards the two, who were killed on the spot.


Fatty, who brought them deadly catastrophe, only had minor injuries.


This incident made all the adventurers and the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers feel grief and anger.


After the fight, Fatty was tied up.


An adventurer with a gun aimed at his head and shouted, “You bastard, from the beginning I didn’t see you as pleasing to the eye. Timid, afraid of death, even retreating without doing anything! Why those German are still unsuccessful in killing you I don’t know. But it does not matter, the Germans cannot fry you, but I can shot you, terminating this scourge for everyone!”


“Don’t do this! I also didn’t want them to die!” Fatty was scared. Kneeling, he cried, “Please don’t kill me! If you kill me, you will lose the eligibility to receive the team reward!”


“Your reminder is right. Then I can cut your legs, tie you up, and put you on front lines so that the Germans can kill you, right?” The adventurer sneered and aimed at Fatty’s thighs and pulled the trigger. Suddenly a hand stretched over, held up the muzzle and lifted, a bullet wiped Fatty’s face, scaring him into a scream.


It was Shen Yi.


“What are you doing?” Shouted the adventurer.


“You can’t do that.” Shen Yi coldly said, “We need manpower now.”


“What is the use of this fatty?” The adventurer shouted angrily.


In fact, in addition to Shen Yi, everyone felt that it was useless to keep Fatty, he only dragged them.


In these days, the German soldiers killed by him could be counted on one hand.


Shen Yi lightly said, “At least he has a gun in his hand, and his gun has bullets.”


“He doesn’t even know how to fire the gun.” The adventurer sneered.


“That means he still has value left, not to mention he can create Mana Shields, improving everyone’s chances of survival.” Shen Yi said, and then he looked at the Fatty, “Of course, taking into account his previous mistake, after we return to The Bloody City, you can let him come up with half of the BP to distribute to everyone.”


This sentence made all the adventurers hesitate.


The adventurer thought for a moment, and nodded, “That’s fine, but it cannot be half, it must be all.”


“Two-thirds of it, don’t be too extreme, keep a line of hope for him. Anyways, let’s have him keep the Main Quests BP.” Shen Yi said.


Everyone looked at each other and finally nodded.


Jin Gang choked Fatty with a gun, “Hey, say something, do you agree with us, dummy?”


“I agree! Don’t kill me! After we go back, I will give my BP to you! “


“First you have to get 1,700 BP out, as there are 15 individuals here, each person will take … 113 points. And when we go back to the City, you will take the remaining BP out, sign a contract or die!”


Fatty didn’t dare to say no.


Shen Yi suddenly said, “This time, I don’t need it. Distribute these BP to Hong Lang, Jin Gang and Wen Rou.”


Then he turned around and left.


The crowd was stunned.


“How is this kid so generous?” Wen Rou asked.


Everyone didn’t understand, only Jin Gang was thoughtful.




Lonely sitting on the abandoned tank, Shen Yi’s eyes slightly squinted. Looking at the far distance, no one knew what he was thinking.


Hong Lang strode over and he handed Shen Yi a cigarette, “Do you smoke?”


Shen Yi took it, wanting to ask Hong Lang for fire, but after some thought, he directly took out the Spirit Flame Gun and fired. The cigarette was directly burned by half as Shen Yi fiercely sucked, “Energetic!”


“Your gun is strong, but not strong as your mind.”


“Already guessed?” Shen Yi didn’t look at Hong Lang.


Hong Lang let out a wry smile, “Jin Gang figured it out, but only told me and Wen Rou.”


“Jin Gang, that guy is not simple.” Shen Yi laughed.


“He had a beginner mission and four official missions. In Difficulty Level I, he can be considered as an experienced adventurer.” Speaking of which, Hong Lang helplessly said, “I really served you, Shen Yi. Using the fat guy to reduce the average contribution, only you can realize that method, after this, you’ll become wealthy.”


For this Optional Quest, the real big reward was not the 4000 BP, but the unique reward according to the contribution of the team. According to the Bloody City prompt, the team’s highest contributor would be able to get one Ranked item. The item’s base rank would increase with every 10% increase in the average contribution of the other surviving adventurers.


In the battle, Shen Yi received part of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s contribution of combat, certainly becoming the team’s highest contributor. Plus, with his healing ability, rocket launchers, as well as his command in causing the delay of three days to take the bridge, this strategy was likely to be included in the contribution too. So at the end of the mission, as long as Shen Yi didn’t die, he could get nearly half of the contribution. But Shen Yi was not satisfied.


Fatty’s presence made Shen Yi aware of an interesting thing – this was a guy with almost zero contribution.


Since his contribution was almost zero, then an alive Fatty was undoubtedly the best way to reduce the average contribution of all the survivors.


If the number of adventurers that survived was relatively small, then the reduction was even greater.


This was the reason why Shen Yi could not let Fatty die.


His presence, for Shen Yi, might directly play an important role, as it was likely to help Shen Yi break the 10% ratio.


This was a brutal killing world, the only thing to do was improve as much as possible in order to maximize one’s survival. Everyone wanted to make themselves stronger, but strength alone, without using the brain, would clearly not work. This was like doing business, you not only had to complete the sale, but also the process of completing the sale must be maximized by interest, minimizing the cost.


No matter what kind of world it was, as long as it had rules, there were available loopholes.


The loopholes might not be obvious, and it might not necessarily work, but like the old saying: ‘Grasping the details is the inevitable path that leads to success.’


The overview, of course, was important. The details at the same time could not be ignored.


The difference between success and failure was often only on these small points.


Shen Yi found the key factor in this, so he protected Fatty.


“Am I bad?” Shen Yi asked Hong Lang.

Hong Lang smiled, “This is the law of the jungle in the world, soft-heartedness is not fit. Fatty is useless, and you have no friendship with him. If you didn’t have the slightest advantage but wanted to protect him desperately, I can only say that on this bloody road, you can’t go far. This world is not suitable for the survival of saints. As for now, I’m more optimistic about you.”


Shen Yi also laughed, “Since you say so, then would you help me with a favor? Bring Fatty to the bridge under the protection of Frost, and don’t let him go into the war.”


“What? Do you worry about other people?”


“Jin Gang can figure it out, other people can also figure it out sooner or later. You know that jealousy is sometimes very terrible, some people prefer to get less than to let others get more. They don’t dare to deal with me, as for Fatty, it’s hard to say. So, from the start, don’t give them the opportunity. Sometimes the reason why bad people are bad is because you gave them the opportunity to do bad things. This is like if your house’s door is opened at all time, the chances of your neighbors becoming a thief increases. Let him hand over the gun and bullets, leaving him a pistol is fine. “


“Good.” Hong Lang nodded, agreeing, “Right, I still don’t know where you are from.”


“W city, why do you ask this?”


“Casually asking, W city people… close with S city, I heard the development there is good, the environment is clean.” Hong Lang came near Shen Yi, “I also heard that the Southern girl’s skin is especially good? “


Shen Yi faintly answered, “What about you? From Shaanxi?”


“Hey, you hear it out, I am Xi’an.” Hong Lang touched the back of his head. Lying on a tank’s cover, he said, “Not as good as yours, but no matter what, that was my own home. Unfortunately, there’s no chance to see it again.”


“Not definitely. There is still the Ending Mission, right?”


“With my abilities, do you think I can rise to a Marshal?” Hong Lang laughed with a bit of loneliness.


As Shen Yi was about to speak, he waved his hand and said, “I know what you want to say, but do not mention those comforting words. I know what I am, not much better than that Fatty. I can go further than him, but the final result is the same. This f*****g death game, one person per ten thousand may be alive to leave, but that person will not be me. If you must let me say who among the people here have the most hope to live out, then I think this person can only be you.”


While Hong Lang was saying this, his tone and facial expression was very serious.


Shen Yi was slightly shocked for a moment. Discarding the cigarette butts, he said, “Don’t say such boring words, life and death is up to fate, the wealthy and poor belong to heaven, we can only do our best and listen to destiny, it’s that simple. No one can set who must live and who must die.” He patted Hong Lang, “I say that in the end, we’ll be alive to leave.”


Hong Lang laughed, “For those words, when I go home, I will offer you to eat our home’s steamed mutton with buns. I guarantee you will like it. You Southerners, I see you do not lose to our Northern man, sometimes you even have a little more thought.”

Shen Yi laughed, “Well if we really can go out, I will go to eat your steamed mutton with buns.”


“OK.” Hong Lang raised his head a little. He suddenly took out a small book, wrote some rows of words, and then handed it to Shen Yi, “This is my home address and my family’s name, put it in your Bloody Crest, leave a permanent space for me.”


“The preparation was also done quite nicely.” Shen Yi smiled as he took it.


“Do me a favor, brother. If I die and you can live out, go to my house to see my father and mother, to see my sister…” Hong Lang said very seriously.


Shen Yi looked at Hong Lang, stunned.


He suddenly understood why he told him these things.


He was accounting for those last words.


Figuring that out, Shen Yi let out a wry smile.


He laid on the tank cover and slept.


He did not know how long he slept until the distant sunrise appeared.


The tenth day had finally come.


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