Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 22

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Book 2, Chapter 22 – Medal of Honor


9:00 AM, the sky was clear, not a trace of clouds.


Shen Yi stood under that piece of blue sky, looking up at it.


He still stubbornly looked at the sky, refusing to bow before it.


“Hey, what are you looking at? Waiting for sky fall?” Wen Rou came over and used a light machine gun b**t to smash at him.


“Looking at the weather, such good weather.” Shen Yi muttered.


“So what?” Wen Rou didn’t understand what good in the weather looks good.


“Yesterday a Dutchman was listening to the radio and the weather station said it was going to rain today, it was a heavy rainstorm. Would you like to see the weather-like rainstorm?


Wen Rou also looked up, then shook her head, “That’s impossible.”


“Weather station’s forecast generally is rarely wrong with rainy weather, so this time a wrong forecast is very outrageous in meteorology. Don’t you think it’s strange?” Shen Yi’s neck had some aches, so he finally put his head down.


“What do you mean…”


Shen Yi walked to the road, took over the telescope in Wen Rou’s hand, and stood on the bridge looking afar, “Because the City does not allow it. If there is heavy rain, the Germans’ attack will be greatly affected, and our last day will be very easy…”


“Are you saying that the German offensive is completely under the control of the City?”


“Yes, if this is a game, then the City is the Game Master. It has been controlling the process of playing the game.” Shen Yi gave the telescope back to the Wen Rou. “It is 9:00 AM, from the end of the mission there are 23 hours left. The Germans have not come yet. From the break between each attack, they were supposed to have begun since an hour ago, but until now, we still have not even seen their figures.”


“Should this be a good thing?” Hong Lang and Jin Gang walked over.


“Before the bombers appeared, you thought less tanks would be a good thing, didn’t you?” Shen Yi replied.


Jin Gang immediately realized what Shen Yi meant, “You mean, the City deliberately dragged the Germans’ attack, not because it wanted to help us, but because the upcoming final offensive will be very strong?”

“I’m afraid that is the case.” Shen Yi’s eyebrows were tight, “Strong to the point where the City had to worry that we simply couldn’t stop this wave of attack, so the attack time was delayed.”


“Damn, they don’t really have to transfer over the two tank divisions, right?” Hong Lang said.


“Logically, it shouldn’t be. From the previous offensive wave, the City has been in control of the offensive power, orderly increasing it. This shows that our previous guess was right: grab the bridge sooner, and we must face stronger German attacks. But today is the last day, I’m afraid that it isn’t increased by order, but a fixed scale attack. In other words, a large scale attack is inevitable, but I don’t know to what extent.”


When Shen Yi finished, everyone’s Bloody Crest suddenly issued a sound at the same time.


The Bloody Crest prompted: “The German attack will be launched at two o’clock in the afternoon. This attack is the final wave. Hold the bridge to the end of the remaining time and the quest is completed.


The attack will contain twenty-five German bombers, sixty tanks, one-hundred-twenty self-propelled artilleries and fifteen hundred soldiers. All adventurers please get ready.”


“Damn! Bastard!” Upon seeing this prompt, all the adventurers bursted into shouting: “What does this mean? Twenty-five bombers, sixty tanks, one-hundred-twenty self-propelled artilleries, does this f*****g thing also let people live? It wants us all to go die!”


Hong Lang was also anxious.


This offensive force was large enough to destroy an infantry division at one breath alone. With the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s remaining soldiers and fifteen adventurers, two people of the fifteen were unable to fight, how would they survive?


Even Shen Yi was stunned.


Despite the psychological preparation, he still did not expect this last wave of attack to be so crazy. The force was raised ten times.


This was a ‘Difficulty Level I’ quest? It was like they were being treated as senior adventurers in the Common District.


“Impossible!” Shen Yi repeatedly shook his head, “How could this make sense? There’s no reason they would be so powerful, it is simply unblockable.”


Shen Yi rushed over to grab Hong Lang’s collar and asked, “Didn’t you say that the Bloody City never gives suicide quests?”

“How do I know, I heard from senior adventurers. They said that the Bloody City never gives suicide missions. There is always a way to survive, you just need to be meticulous enough to find out!”


“You said that there is always a way?” Shen Yi asked.


“Yes!” Cried Hong Lang.


Shen Yi slowly loosened his grip, nodding, “I hope you are right. If so, it can explain why the City informed us five hours ahead of time of the Germans’ final attack, and even told us the specific strength of the Germans. It is to give us time to think, to prepare, and to solve this problem. If so, there should be a way, we just haven’t found it yet.”


“What way?” Hong Lang asked hurriedly.


Shen Yi extended his hand, “I don’t know, we must find an idea. Before the Germans launch a formal attack, if we cannot think of a solution to the problem, then I’m afraid that only a dead end will await us.”


Time passed, everyone was struggling to think about how to complete this quest, which seemed impossible to complete.


Shen Yi sat on the tank cover. As he smoked one cigarette after another, his eyebrows were crumpled together.


Wen Rou ran down and sat down beside him, “Did you think of a way?”


Shen Yi shook his head, immediately making Wen Rou’s heart go cold.


Shen Yi said, “But there is a problem that makes me feel a bit strange, perhaps it’s a starting point.”


“What?” Asked Wen Rou.


Shen Yi did not answer. As he stood up, he shouted, “Jin Gang!”


Jin Gang took a big step forward, “What? What have you thought of?”


“I haven’t, but there is something to think about. Did you find… the offensive forces’ configuration to be a bit strange?”


Jin Gang nodded,”I just thought of this problem. The last attack, the most terrible thing was not the tanks or aircrafts, but those one-hundred-twenty artilleries, this number is too scary.”


Arnhem was stationed between two tank divisions, so having an artillery was not unusual. But if it used mainly artillery to fight, this was surprising. After all, it was not an artillery division.


“What do you mean…”


Shen Yi waved his hand, “I always felt that this was the key that the City give us, the one-hundred-twenty artilleries is a clear clue.”


Jin Gang took that into account, “Tell me what you think.”


“I remember a general saying such a sentence—Defense without counterattack is certainly a failure, because you can only be crushed by the enemy’s attack. To seize the key opportunity to counterattack, sometimes will play a good effect.”


Wen Rou and King looked at each other in the eye. Hong Lang and the other adventurers also heard a few words of what Shen Yi said and came around.


Someone cried, “Shen bro, you mean, the opportunity the City is giving us, is to fight back? But how do we fight back?”


“Destroy their artilleries.” Shen Yi categorically answered.


“How do we do it, that’s one-hundred-twenty artilleries.”


“I don’t know.” Shen Yi very reluctantly said, “I only know that this should be the key to the problem, but I don’t know how to solve it.”


Finding the problem was always much easier than solving it. In this matter, Shen Yi couldn’t think of any ideas.


Wen Rou eyes suddenly lit up.


“I remember that in the history of World War II there was such a real case,” she said, “Once, the Germans and Americans had an artillery fight. The Germans took their artillery shells in order to hit their opponents faster. As the frontline of the US artillery had been on the verge of defeat, someone misfired a shell and it fell into the small woods, coincidentally hitting the ammunition depot, resulting in all the artillery shells exploding. It destroyed dozens of artilleries, killing hundreds of German soldiers, resulting in the US army’s victory.”


Everyone was shocked.


“Are you saying that this time the Germans will probably pull their cannons and ammunition all the way to the forefront, and repeat the real history of World War II?”


“This is possible.” Shen Yi immediately called up, “The City will not give us no clue, it also will not give us too obvious clues. It will give us the opportunity to survive, but won’t make it so easy to survive. So from a probabilistic point of view, this chance may be very big, and from the Germans’ minds, they don’t have to worry about being counterattacked.”


“But if not?”


Shen Yi loosened his hands, “Traps sometimes… are opportunities.”


This was justified. Everyone was lost in thought.


Jin Gang considered for a while, “Shen Yi, then you mean to take the initiative? To bomb the German’s ammunition depot?”


Shen Yi nodded, “We have no other choice.”


Wen Rou asked, “Who is going to do it?”


When this sentence came out, all was silent.


Everyone knew that destroying the artillery positions was a 99% death quest. After all, this was an action being made inside a German camp.


Shen Yi’s eyes swept at all the adventurers in the circle, as everyone bowed down like they were watching their toes.


Shen Yi smiled, “Since you don’t want to go, then I’ll go.”


Everyone stayed still.


“Are you kidding? A man alone confronting with the German artilleries?”


Shen Yi asked, “If I really bombed the ammunition depot, and then got rid of some artillery, how many contribution points will The City give me?”


Hong Lang face immediately collapsed, “Brother, you can’t value money more than your life, right?”


Jin Gang also said, “Bro, listen to me, you don’t have to do this, people who have escaping skills can do it better.”


Shen Yi coldly said, “This is similar to a suicide mission, you cannot force anyone to do it. Even if forced, he also may not fulfill the quest. Since no one volunteered, I can only be that person.”


“I’ll go with you,” cried Wen Rou.


Shen Yi shook his head, “Don’t come joining, this isn’t a fun trip.”


Wen Rou sneered, “You need me to scout for you.”


“Here a scout is needed.”


“People here have a way to retreat, there you don’t… you must succeed in one try!” Wen Rou’s attitude was determined.


Wen Rou was right. Since the implementation of destroying the artillery was a task with only one or two people, then they basically didn’t allow any omissions. Wen Rou’s reconnaissance ability brought great convenience for Shen Yi, so that in the quest implementation process, he could, as much as possible, take into account all the changes.


Shen Yi helpless nodded, “Well, OK, anyone else want to go with me?”


Jin Gang was about to speak, but Shen Yi stopped him, “Jin Gang, you have to stay here. Here is the main position, there must be someone in command while I’m not here. They need to rely on you to get through.”


Jin Gang was about to say something, when Shen Yi whispered in his ears, “Among these adventurers, I can only trust you and Hong Lang, so I need you to help me protect Fatty. I’m risking my life, what kind of return I can get depends on him.”


As Shen Yi gave Jin Gang a punch, he was a little shocked. Finally, he smiled and nodded, “Well, this time, if we can go back alive, no matter what your reward is, everyone here owes you.”


Hong Lang sighed, “In this case, Shen Yi and I will go.”


“No, you stay too. Wen Rou and I are enough.” Shen Yi said to Hong Lang’s ear, “Please, a large group of men, and only one  beautiful woman, you really want to dispute with me?”


Hong Lang blankly watched Shen Yi, he certainly knew that this was just Shen Yi’s excuse, including the instructions to Jin Gang. Although Fatty could help Shen Yi increase his incentives, it was just a possibility.


He thumbed-up at Shen Yi, “Don’t say it, I know this kid has enough loyalty. You go, as long as the cannons cannot show their power, I guarantee that this bridge will not go anywhere.”


“Twenty-five bombers, sixty tanks, fifteen-hundred German soldiers, don’t make light of them. This is very risky. Even with you here… this is not necessarily easy.” Shen Yi said. Even if they succeed in this task, the remaining attack power was still three times more than the previous attack. There were thirteen adventurers here, half of them surviving was already a good result. Shen Yi didn’t care about the others, but for Hong Lang and Jin Gang, Shen Yi didn’t want them to meet misfortune.


Thinking of this, he whispered to Jin Gang, “Authority must be used when it’s needed. Now you are the head here, Hong Lang is your deputy. When meeting a dangerous quest, put someone else in front. If anyone dares to not listen, you don’t need to kill him yourself, let Frost do it. As long as the bridge is okay, the two of you and Fatty will not die, I don’t care about the others too much. I will let Frost know and tell him to support you.”


Jin Gang whispered, “I know you are not a good thing.”


Shen Yi smiled and squeezed words out from his teeth, “Thanks for your praise, you and Hong Lang take care of yourselves.”


“Rest assured.”


Things were set down, attacking the artillery task officially fell onto Shen Yi’s and Wen Rou’s shoulders.


Before leaving, Frost heard Shen Yi and Wen Rou would go to bomb the Germans artillery positions and was also moved.


In particular, he found Shen Yi. He took a medal from his chest and put it onto Shen Yi’s hands.


“Dear Shen, although you are not a professional soldier, your courage has been worthy of the title of a hero, please accept my little gift.”


When Frost said this, The Bloody Crest prompted: “The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion admires your courage. Friendliness Rate rises to 500 points. You received the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion Medal of Honor.


2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s Medal of Honor—Summon medal. In other worlds, you can summon the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers. The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers’ upper limit is five-hundred people. After the end of this mission, the surviving soldiers will be promoted to elite soldiers, can be upgraded, can be equipped or enhanced, each one needs (30 x soliders’ level) BP to summon, they permanently disappear after death. Supplementary soldiers are ordinary soldiers, can be equipped or enhanced, cannot be upgraded, can be re-added after death, each one requires 15 BP to summon.


Each death of an ordinary soldier reduces 1 point of the Friendliness Rate. Each death of an elite soldier reduces 2 points of the Friendliness Rate. When Friendliness Rate is reduced to 0 points, Medal of Honor disappears. Pensions for sacrificed soldiers can make up for Friendliness Rate. Pension and summon price are equal.


Note: This item is a Binded item, unable to transfer or trade.”



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