Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 23

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Book 2, Chapter 23 – The Last Attack


Receiving the Medal of Honor, Shen Yi was quite surprised.


He didn’t expect that reaching the highest Friendliness Rate would have this benefit. Being able to summon the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion to help in combat, in Difficult Level I, this was a powerful support. But unfortunately, summoning them needed to pay a quite expensive price too. Assuming that, in the end of this mission, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers had 200 people that survives, then it was 200 elite soldiers. Between Level 1 elite soldiers and ordinary soldiers, in fact, there was not much of a difference. The only advantage was that elite soldiers could be leveled up, but no one could tell how much their power would rise after they leveled up. It was estimated that they couldn’t be stronger than an enhanced adventurer, but the price would be doubled. If one wanted to summon 200 Level 2 elite soldiers, Shen Yi had to pay 12000 BP. This price was too high. In a mission, whether one can have such a harvest or not, needed to be considered. As for the future in higher difficulty areas, BP might not be a problem. But the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, when facing quests with those who are highly enhanced, whether or not could also play a role, was really a question. It seemed that making a good use of this Medal of Honor was not an easy task. The best way was to start with a small amount, and after being familiar with their ability, plan for their roles.


But, these were the issues to be considered in the future. The primary task right now was to solve the problem of the artilleries.


2km away from the road leading to Arnhem, there was a relatively low hill slope.


The German artilleries were continuously concentrated on this hillside. A large number of German soldiers were establishing a circular line of defense to prevent the British paratroopers’ raid. Some patrol soldiers were scattered around, with several German officials loudly commanding on the battlefield, denouncing his men to speed up.


In a corner 300 meters behind the hillside, Wen Rou was observing the surroundings with a telescope, “The artillery position is being built, sixty guns are pulled up, and the rear continues. The shadow of the tank has not yet been seen.”


“How many soldiers in the defense?”


“Two hundred or so, it is the SS, scattered very openly. All veterans are experienced, the defense is done in place. I cannot find any dead ends.”


“Even the SS came?” Shen Yi was shocked. He was lying on the grass and looking at the sky, his mouth chewing grassroots. Hearing the news made him immediately sit up. He looked at the Wen Rou, and then asked, “Can you give me some good news?”


“The good news is that you guessed it right, they really are building a front-line ammunition depot, this is our opportunity to defeat the artilleries.” Wen Rou put down the telescope to Shen Yi’s side. Shen Yi said, “We must take care of all of these artilleries within five minutes after the last wave starts. After two or three rounds of firing, Arnhem town will have disappeared by more than half.”


“It has already disappeared by more than half.” Shen Yi took Wen Rou’s telescope and observed the front.


Sure enough, a large number of SS troops appeared on the hillside position.


The telescope, in the position on the search back and forth, suddenly shook.


He spat out the grass in his mouth, “Mom, you know the city f*****g is uneasy.”


“What did you find?” Asked Wen Rou.


Shen Yi handed the telescope back to her, “You see there, at the German artillery is the establishment of a second ammunition depot. A group of gangs didn’t intend to put all the ammunition in one place. It appears that there are at least three to five ammunition depots, and each ammunition depot has a barrier against long-range artilleries.”


“It is impossible to get rid of all their ammunition depots in one hit with the rocket launcher.” Wen Rou said when she saw that the Germans were building a new ammunition point, her face changed a bit.


“Yes, it seems we can only use the second plan, secretly invade and blow up from the inside.” Shen Yi sighed.


They already knew the City was not so generous, the opportunity was next to the trap.

“I’m afraid not.” Wen Rou immediately shook her head, “All the German uniforms we got are German infantry uniforms, the soldiers who are guarding the ammunition depot are all SS, we don’t have SS uniforms.”


“Strange, how can the SS appear here? I see, the City modified the members of the Arnhem forces… It is deliberately trying to test our ability to breakthrough individually, so even if the opportunity is mixed in disguise, it doesn’t give it to us so easily.” Shen Yi shook his head and sighed.


“What do we do now?”


“Fortunately, I have prepared.” Shen Yi took out a vial from the Bloody Crest, “Stealth Pill, the reward I got in the beginner’s mission. Fortunately, I didn’t sell it, and now I can make use of it. It can make me invisible for 1 minute. As long as I don’t initiate an attack, its effect won’t disappear.”


Wen Rou looked at a black pill in the vial, her voice became low, “Only one?”




“Then, how do you get out?”


Shen Yi didn’t answer.


He just looked at Wen Rou, silence was the answer.


Wen Rou’s heart sank, “Shen Yi, don’t take risks. Even if you can complete the task, you cannot escape.”


“Some things have to be done. Do it, and there may be someone who has to die. Don’t do it… everyone has to die.”


Wen Rou was stunned.


Shen Yi could see Wen Rou’s eyes showed a bit of suspicion, a bit of confusion, and a bit of surprise.


She couldn’t understand… How could such a cold-blooded murderer have such a noble consciousness….


Perhaps, because he could see the doubts in her heart, Shen Yi smiled, “Escaping the siege of the Germans, perhaps that’s not likely. But living until tomorrow morning, I still have a chance. Rest assured, I’m not that easy to kill.”




1:55 PM.


There were five minutes left until the German’s full-scale attack began.


A large number of artilleries on the hillside formed battle positions, the tank group issued a huge roar.


Shen Yi silently calculated the distance and the time.


Wen Rou said, “You must first approach a distance of about 100 meters, and then use Sprint’s speed to pass the remaining 100 meters to come near the position. And within fifty seconds, you must detonate five ammunition depots. An average of ten seconds per target.”


“It cannot be determined if this will succeed or not. If the situation is bad, I’ll first manually detonate two ammunition depots. The other places I come close to, I will directly use the rocket launcher, as long as I can pass the barrier.”


“This is the roadmap, put it in mind.” Wen Rou had drawn the hillside position facilities and designed a route.


Shen Yi memorized the whole line with a glance.


Gently moving his body a bit, Shen Yi rushed out like a cheetah.


Wen Rou watched Shen Yi’s back, slowly raising the big brick-like walkie-talkie, “Shen Yi just started, the Germans are preparing a comprehensive attack consisting of sixty tanks and thousands of German soldiers… I wish you good luck.”


Out of the obstacles, Shen Yi was lying in the grass, quickly moving forward. Fortunately, in the University, his military training covered this circumstance, so he had some mastery of the basic skills for creeping forward. Coupled with his enhanced physique, this terrain was not much of a problem.


Perhaps this was their own carelessness, perhaps this was the city’s intentional arrangements. The Germans only focused on the front and didn’t think they would be raided from a side wing, so the guards here weren’t too much.


Shen Yi was almost 80 meters away from the position.


Hiding behind a large stone, Shen Yi put the stealth pill to his mouth. After activating the boot’s skill—Sprint—he then quickly rushed out. When several SS soldiers heard the sound and turned back, Shen Yi’s body had disappeared into the air…


80 meters away, Shen Yi slid like the wind. The soldiers on duty only felt a gust of wind blowing by their ears but didn’t see anything.


Shen Yi had not stopped for a moment. From the Bloody Crest, he took out a bunch of explosives. Plugging them in several points below the ammunition depot, he ignited the lead, then quickly ran away.


These shells were completely in an open-air display, there was no defense. The Germans never dreamed that their opponent had the ability to sneak in under their eyes. The soldiers didn’t even see where the explosives were stuffed into.




The ammunition depot instantly blew up, making a small mushroom cloud. A huge blast made dozens of Germans in the surrounding overturned because in front of each artillery was a small amount of artillery shells. It instantly produced a chain of explosions as turbulent flames instantly swept through all directions, also wrapping Shen Yi, who hurriedly ran in stealth mode.


However, Shen Yi didn’t receive any harm. As long as his existence during the invisible duration was not found by the enemy, he could be exempted from all attacks. When the flames bolted out, Shen Yi had come to the next ammunition depot. At this point, a huge explosion had attracted the attention of all the SS, so Shen Yi’s action was more easily done. He quickly put a second pack of explosives into the shells, ignited the lead, and continued to the next one.


One after another, explosions in the hill formed a large piece of smoke cloud. The adventurers in the town could clearly see it. Such a large-scale explosion couldn’t be caused by only those explosives Shen Yi brought with him. Someone uttered a loud cheer, even Jin Gang and Hong Lang also scolded, “Damnit, there is nothing that this kid can’t do.”


The huge explosions of the ammunition depots not only destroyed many ammunitions but also gave the Germans huge casualties. Hundreds of artilleries, in an instant, became ashes. If he could destroy all the other ammunition depots, the remaining small amount of artilleries would also be a loss of attack capability due to the lack of shells.


With four consecutive huge explosions, four ammunition depots were put out. The fifth storage point was far from the fourth, sp Shen Yi needed to run some way to get there.


But the SS’s response was quick, they were clearly aware that an enemy was attacking the ammunition depots. So, an SS officer shouted out and mobilized the soldiers to go to the final depot. A large number of SS soldiers tensely surrounded the fifth ammunition depot in the vicinity, searching and looking for attacks that could come from anywhere.


Shen Yi could feel that his transparent body had begun to appear unstable, it was the sign of the duration ending.


Damn, too late.


Seeing that he had no way to go to the destination; not far from a command camp, a Major General SS officer came out from the tent and shouted.


Shen Yi ground his teeth, rushed toward that camp and at the same time took an anti-tank rocket from the Bloody Crest, shooting at the fifth ammunition depot. After this attack, Shen Yi’s position was also apparent. Putting the rocket launcher back, Shen Yi ran non-stop like a whirlwind toward the Major General.


The response of this Major General was also quick, he drew a pistol and aimed at Shen Yi.


*Bang! Bang!*


Two consecutive shots, Shen Yi’s body emitted two white lights, but it didn’t stop him from rushing at that Major General. In an instant, he had rushed to the Major General’s side.


Shen Yi was also surprised that the skill of the Major General was not weak. Seeing Shen Yi come, his face was actually ferocious. He flung the gun, faced Shen Yi and punched.


This punch was powerful and ferocious, it hit Shen Yi in the middle of the lower abdomen. It felt like a strong hammer hit his body as Shen Yi was sent flying out.


The Major General jumped, his feet in the air did a rapid rotation, a wheel-like dance toward Shen Yi neck.


Shen Yi held his arms in front to block. It felt like his two arms were being severely hit by a big iron bar by the general. It was painful and then cracked.


Shen Yi vomited a big mouthful of blood, his HP suddenly decreased by one-third.


This Major General strength in close combat was comparable to an adventurer. Shen Yi was pretty sure the kick just now must be some kind of skill attack. Otherwise, it couldn’t have made him lose nearly 60 HP.


Seeing that Shen Yi was repulsed, the Major General ran back a few steps as a leg swept at Shen Yi. But he didn’t expect that in his left hand would suddenly appear a bright red dagger. The Major General’s elbow hit Shen Yi’s neck, issuing a cracking sound. At the same time, Shen Yi’s Vampire Touch also plunged into the body of the Major General.


Shen Yi’s disadvantage was that he had only four Strength points. Even with the Vampire Touch, the damage was still limited. Each attack on the opponent would only absorb 4 to 5 HP, but the Vampire Touch’s 50% chance of Bleeding, in this moment, played the effect.


The Major General wailed as his backhand hit Shen Yi. Shen Yi vomited out a mouthful of blood as his nose was almost broken. But, at the next moment, Shen Yi’s Vampire Touch stabbed the body of the Major General, who also spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.


The Spirit Flame Gun at the same time continued hitting the major’s body that was trembling, but still immortal.


The Spirit Flame Gun’s fire damage also caused the loss of HP. As the Major General found himself rapidly losing HP, he was actually shocked as he stared blankly. Three times the fire damage stacked, plus blood loss by the Vampire Touch’s Bleeding effect, even the Major General’s vitality couldn’t hold.


Shen Yi rushed over with the rifle, b**t hit the head of the Major General, causing the Major General to fall on the ground as he used Appraisal, “German Major General, Hans Mitchell—Attack: 15-25, Defense: 7, HP: 120/300, Skills: 1—???; 2—???.”


The other’s Will was obviously very high, as Shen Yi’s Level 2 Appraisal could only see limited information.


Who would have thought that this Major General was similar to a small Boss. Shen Yi, in this moment, was not aware of that and was actually almost defeated by him.


But, at this moment, Shen Yi’s muzzle was placed on the general’s forehead. The dagger was pointed at the Major General’s neck as blood flowed from his mouth. He then sent a smile to the surrounding SS soldiers.


He smiled and said, “You shoot, and I shoot too.”

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