Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 24

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Book 2, Chapter 24 – Reckless Struggle


At the same time that the large-scale explosions occurred at ammunition depots, the German 2nd Armored Tank Division had also reached the front lines.


They stopped 1,200 meters from the British army’s position and began their first long-range bombardment. Learning from the previous lessons, the German armored division did not use the usual ground roller-type assault tactics. They first used heavy fire for regional clean-up, and then launched a comprehensive advance.


The shells issued by the sixty tanks flew with a flame tail. All buildings, one by one, were flattened. All who were exposed outside the buildings were wiped out.


At Arnhem Cathedral, an adventurer was using a sniper rifle to kill again and again. The adventurer only smiled contemptuously when a tank shifted the muzzle toward him. These days, the cathedral has been bombarded several times but still stood.


So, he just used smiled out of habit.


But, at the next moment, he saw at least four tanks aiming at him at the same time.


His face slightly changed, “F*ck!”


He didn’t hesitate, the adventurer ran toward a big hole next to him, trying to jump directly from the Cathedral. To his Vitality, a fall from this height may hurt, but wouldn’t be fatal. But, just when he jumped out of the church’s hole, he saw that a shell was flying toward him.


“No!” The adventurer uttered his final mournful call as he was crushed into powder.


Arnhem Cathedral instantly collapsed and turned into ruins.


The bombers’ sound started echoing in the sky.


Twenty-five Stuka bombers, each were in a group of five, arranged in a queue of five groups. All flew over the town.


“Be careful, it’s the Stuka! Get rid of them!” Hong Lang screamed.


Twelve adventurers aimed at the sky and fired at the same time.


Jin Gang shouted, “Shoot!”


The adventurer with the Heavenly Thunderbolt dropped his gun and jumped out of the trench with both hands raised toward the sky.


Suddenly, a large thundercloud appeared in the air. The twenty-five Stuka bombers tried to avoid, but at least more than ten planes went into the thundercloud. In the clouds, that violent thunder and lightning hit the Stuka bombers. One after another fell to the ground while burning. Only a few planes could escape from the thundercloud.


“Haha, eight! I destroyed eight of them!” The adventurer excitedly roared. This Heavenly Thunderbolt was powerful, but also consumed a lot of MP. There was not enough time to recover.


In the next moment, Jin Gang suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”


The adventurer was surprised. He looked up and saw that a huge bomb was falling from the air, mercilessly pounding his head…


Seventeen Stuka bombers, after escaping the thundercloud, re-formed, immediately diving toward the ground. Bombs dropped like a hen laying eggs. One after another they fell on the ground, exploding. The huge blasts blew up a large dust fog, forming a smoke wall.


An incendiary bomb fell in the vicinity of adventurers. They were all scared. As they tried to escape, a huge fire wave then surged impetuously.


Two adventurers didn’t escape in time and were swallowed by the flames, issuing a miserable wail.


“Retreat! Retreat!” Jin Gang made a loud call.


In just a few minutes, the Germans had swept the first line of defense; the front became rubble.


Bombers in the sky still dived to bomb. They were looking for the British’s heavy firepower.


Several tanks and artilleries captured by the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion became their main targets. A cluster of bombs instantly turned several heavy firepower into flames.


The second line of defense was also being torn at quickly.


“Back to the third line!” Frost cried.


The Germans attacked fiercely. The British army, after many days of fighting, regardless of ammunition, physical strength, morale, equipment, or the number of people who could still fight, tried to fight on.


The only thing they could do was use space in exchange for time. But this time, the space that could be exchanged was really limited.


Far away, a silhouette came from the side. The shells, from time to time, blasted next to that silhouette. The pressure pushed the figure into the air, causing it to fall to the ground. The figure did a roll and landed safely, continuing to run toward the side.


It was Wen Rou.


“To the side!” Hong Lang shouted.


A Stuka in the sky threw three heavy bombs, one of which was above Wen Rou’s head.


Jin Gang jumped out from the trenches, a finger pointed at the falling shells far away.


The shells stopped in the air suddenly and did not fall again.


From Jin Gang’s mouth, ears, and nose, blood gushed out. His eyes were wide open.


Wen Rou went toward the side as fast as lightning. Rushing to Jin Gang’s side, she held him and jumped to the trenches in a flutter. The two fell heavily into the trench. Behind the trench suddenly there was a loud sound, an out-of-control bomb exploded on the ground.


“Damn, you are… really heavy.” Jin Gang turned over the supercilious call.


Wen Rou smiled, dusting her little face, “Thank you, big man. I forgot you have this trick.”


“Unfortunately, I don’t have enough Psychic Energy. If there was enough Psychic Energy, I could control a plane to hit another aircraft. I have to take a break…” Jin Gang coughed up blood while answering. He was not bombed, but his excessive use of Psychic Energy consumed his life force.


“How’s Shen Yi?” Hong Lang rushed, “I saw him blow away the ammunition depots, is he out?”


Wen Rou eyes flashed a trace of heartache, shaking her head, she said, “He doesn’t intend to come out.”




The Spirit Flame Gun’s muzzle was placed on the head of the SS, while Vampiric Touch was pointed to the Major General’s neck.


Outside the camp, smoke filled the scene of an inferno. Dozens of SS soldiers in the smoke aimed their guns at Shen Yi.


Their expression was solemn. But in their eyes, there wasn’t any panic because a captain was held hostage.


The rumbling sound of the explosions was like this extremely tight moment’s background music. It was surprising that it didn’t make people feel heavy or solemn. On the contrary, it sounded funny.


Because both Shen Yi and the Major General’s officer, their faces didn’t have the slightest feeling of tension.


“You are a superb soldier,” said the SS Major General suddenly, “What a surprise, how did you come into my position to do all this, and how could you suddenly appear?”

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your own little life?” Shen Yi laughed.


“I don’t think so. Maybe you don’t know who the SS is, maybe you think you’re kidnapping me and that you’re going to run out of here. That’s simply ridiculous,” said the Major General, coldly. “This is war, everyone should have a state of consciousness to sacrifice for the nation, and the SS is the most loyal to the existence of the Führer. If there is anything in this world that we feel fear of, it is not death. But rather, that we cannot complete our sacred mission.”


Shen Yi slightly narrowed his eyes.


He remembered some of the legends about the SS.


The United States has a well-known war correspondent that said that the history of mankind was the most sturdy and most courageous, most worthy of relying on the army from an objective point of view. It should devalue World War II due to the SS.


Aside from the political position and the good and evil points of faith, the World War II Nazi SS, under the command of Hitler, were fanatics who would die for their country. They fought bravely and were not afraid of death, known as the most terrible professional soldiers.


Soviet Marshal Zhukov once said that his army commanders and their formed units once heard that on the front of the Germans, were the SS. Everyone wrote a last will note, all became very solemn, some even became deserters. In his memoirs, he wrote: “… those Nazi SS dogs are the real soldiers. With them, Eisenhower’s and my forces are amateur dolls. From the bottom of my heart, they are my respected opponents.”


After Hitler suicided, within just a month, the SS had more than 63,000 people who suicided to follow him. More than 70,000 people hid in the corner and refused to surrender and were therefore killed. According to US military statistics, no one of the Nazi SS took the initiative to disarm the coalition forces. They basically fought until their last bullet and were captured. So far, a sergeant of the Nazi’s last words were, “Tell the Führer I have tried my best, tell my father I still love him.”


Despite the fact that the SS were later targeted by many notorious war crimes, particularly in the Holocaust, which had been the subject of negative evaluations in World War II. The SS was divided into two Organizations: SS Secret Operations Team and Waffen – SS. The main perpetrators of the massacre were the SS Secret Operations Team. Waffen – SS were the conquerors of the battlefield, an army that let the enemy smell horror. While they participated in the massacre, there were relatively less of them. The Secret Operations Team receiving some black name was not wrong.


Zhukov said the real soldiers, were the Waffen – SS, and now Shen Yi met this force.


What kind of fighting power did they have? In the end, Shen Yi had no way of knowing. But they had a kind of loyalty that would last and were not afraid of death, Shen Yi immediately understood this the next moment.


Because the SS Major General in the next moment loudly shouted, “Our glory, called loyalty! For Führer, all listen to my order, ready to open fi…”


All the SS soldiers have been prepared to fire their bullets.


“Wait a minute!” Shen Yi shouted.


The SS Major General laughed coldly, “Put down your gun, I can spare you, but you cannot get more.”


“I think I still can use my own way to exchange for a better chance of survival.” Shen Yi smiled and replied.


He didn’t believe this Major General.


Although the SS were known for bravery and being skilled, they were also known as ruthless.


A Major General of the SS was captured by a British paratrooper, if this rumor spread out, it was definitely not a good thing. It was 80% possible that at the moment Shen Yi releases the Major General, he would be killed on the spot.


But he was sure that this could be reduced to a minimum.


“You don’t want to know how I came in? I’m sorry I cannot perform, but I may be able to let you take a look at other performances.” Shen Yi said as he took off his Kevlar armor.


Throwing the bullet-proof vest on the floor, he took out the little pistol and said to the Major General, “Look at this.”


He raised his pistol at the body armor and fired three shots.


His movements were slow, but also very clear, he didn’t give the SS soldiers any misunderstandings.


The general’s eyes were opened widely.


That Kevlar bullet-proof vest the pistol shot at had three small holes, and the bullet was still evidently in the body armor, but it didn’t penetrate to the ground.


“I think you know what that means, right?” Shen Yi smiled very happily.


“A very amazing invention, I have never seen this before.” Major General said with a dry tone.


“Yes.” Shen Yi removed the muzzle from the head of the Major General.


Taking out a bottle of healing potion, he threw it to the Major General, “Drink this, your injury will be better.”


And then he threw the gun into Bloody Crest. Shen Yi’s gun disappeared. His next move made everyone stunned.


Shen Yi slowly raised his hands: “I surrender!”

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      • Sakamaki Izayoi

        Wen Ru dying would be bad for him tho…

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          • Sakamaki Izayoi

            A cop girl is still a must for anybody who is or was on the wanted list… It’s common knowledge

    • Lancent

      All of your questions will be answered in the next chapters. That’s all I can say.

    • ChLN

      Actually, only Main Quest isn’t suicide mission. Opitional Quest, as its name implied, it’s all your choice to challenge higher difficulty. Not mention that Opitional Quest have safety mechanism to exit.
      As for Fatty, he don’t survive just because plot armor. Read in the next book.

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