Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 25

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Book 2, Chapter 25 – Countdown to Return


In the military camp, a surprising scene was taking place.


As a prisoner, Shen Yi was not pulled out by the SS, nor tortured.


On the contrary, he sat in the tent of the Major General with a drink in his hand.


A large group of SS soldiers were pointing guns at Shen Yi’s head.


They had no other way, they had already searched his body, but couldn’t find where this guy hid his weapons.


The NPC characters couldn’t see the Bloody Crest.




Two glasses hit together.


Shen Yi put the cup of red wine into to mouth and nodded while he tasted it, “It seems this is Bremen produced wine, it should’ve been produced in a local winery. But I can’t determine which winery.”


“The Roland winery. That is my home, my father is the owner of the winery—a pure Aryan. This wine is a home production, it’s not famous. You know that drinking from the Bremen area is already a very great thing.” The Major General officer replied.


The SS, in addition to being brave soldiers, murderers, butchers, were also racist. Their racial discrimination was world-famous. In their eyes, the Aryan descent was the highest descent. While the Jewish descent was the most inferior.


How many BP was an Aryan bloodline worth, Shen Yi thought without malicious intent. He blinked at the Major General,


“In fact, I see it from the bottle, there is the name of Bremen.”


“You… cunning guy.” Major General was somewhat annoyed.


Despite the fact that the bastard had already become a prisoner, he seemed to not have a prisoner’s conscious.


He even asked his Majesty to accompany him to drink while being pointed at by guns.


The Major General also knew that if he wanted to know about the secrets of the bullet-proof vests, the miracle potion, and those weapons which could appear and disappear into thin air from the mouth of a guy who was clearly not afraid of death, he was bound to do some concessions and acquisitions.


Outside, the rumbling sound of weapons was still echoing… night had fallen but the Arnhem town fire was still raging.


Shen Yi, while drinking grape wine and eating roast steak, had his eyes focused on the town.


In the town were Wen Rou, Jin Gang… who were worried about his life. He was also worried about theirs.


He didn’t know how they were now.




The situation of the Arnhem town’s fighting wasn’t optimistic.


The Germans have broken through the third defensive line and the battalion was forced to retreat to the bridge.


There were three adventurers that died in battle.


Two tanks rumbled over the ruins of the house towards the adventurers.


“Get rid of them!” Jin Gang shouted.


A swift figure unexpectedly appeared on the top of a tank.


It was the adventurers who had flash boots.


He opened the top cover, threw a grenade inside, and then quickly jumped away. A loud explosion from inside the tank came out, making the adventurer who threw the grenade smile proudly.


Looking back, he saw another tank with a heavy machine gun that had been transferred aim at him.


The adventurer’s face instantly became pale, “Motherf*cker!”


The heavy machine guns began to fire.


Channels of blood from the adventurer’s body flowed out. In an instant, he was turned into a bloody man by the heavy machine guns.


He shook a bit, then finally fell to the ground.


He was still not dead. But when he was planning to climb out of danger, the tank rumbled over, rolling him under the track…


A figure quickly rushed over—it was Hong Lang.


With eyes as red as blood, he rushed from the side, giving the tank’s track a punch.


Strong Impact—1.6 times the Strength damage.


Under Hong Lang’s punch, the track was interrupted. A burst of metal out of line sounded in chaos as the Tiger Tank was forced to stop. Hong Lang made a high jump, ripped the heavy machine gun off the tank, kicked the cover and swept the heavy machine gun inside.


A shrill whistling echoed across the sky.


Hong Lang was stunned to see a Stuka bomber dive toward his subduction.


The aircraft’s gun formed a huge chain of bombs, like a sledgehammer, mercilessly hitting the body of Hong Lang, sending him flying.


“Hong Lang!” Wen Rou and Jin Gang cried together.


Wen Rou rushed out, braving the hail of bullets to grab Hong Lang. A big hole was opened in his chest by the cannon as she could even see the internal organs.


Coughing out a big mouth of blood, Hong Lang moaned, “Damn, am I dying? Did I die? It seems I can see my liver.”


Wen Rou desperately tried to stop the bleeding, “Don’t talk nonsense, you’re not dead! Don’t forget what we are, we are not the same as them!”


Jin Gang took out a bottle of healing potion from the Bloody Crest, pouring it into Hong Lang’s mouth, “You kid have good luck, I have the last potion here. After returning to the city, you have to pay me a bottle!”


“If… If we can go back, even paying 10 bottles is OK.” Hong Lang answered.


Yes, could they go back to the City? All their hearts went cold.


This battle was so tragic… even if they were able to complete the quest, how many people would survive?


Looking back, the Germans were crowding toward the position impinge.




Shen Yi’s heart suddenly jumped a few times.


Standing from his height to see, the fire had almost filled the entire small array. Everywhere, gunshots echoed. The pace of the German soldiers was steady and powerful as they went forward.


The commanding camp was ready to move forward.


“Report: General, we have won the town’s north side. The British paratroopers are trying to  hold the bridge, but there are not many left.”


“Use the tanks to attract the enemy’s firepower. Artilleries go forward, cover the area of the bombing. Order the second infantry regiment to immediately ready to cross the river from the downstream, resolve the fighting within three hours.” Major General watched the map while calmly issuing the order.


There was no doubt that this was a good general, he had been issuing orders several times, and accurately determined the British paratroopers’ defensive center. Making arrangements for a counter. With the advantage of a strong force, coupled with a reasonable command, the German’s victory was constantly expanding.


Shen Yi could not let the situation continue.


“General, perhaps we should have a good talk.” Shen Yi said.


“I know what you want, but you don’t have the qualifications to talk to me!” The Major General’s head was still lowered.


“It may not be the case.” Shen Yi chuckled, “Compared to the Arnhem bridge, I guess you are more interested in Montgomery and the Allies’ offensive plan.”


“What did you say?” The Major General body shivered as he turned toward Shen Yi.


Shen Yi said slowly, “Your Excellency, if you want to know General Montgomery’s follow-up attack plan and know everything about me… Then as I said, immediately stop the Arnhem bridge attack plan, until… tomorrow morning.”


“Why should I believe you?”


“You don’t have to believe in me, but I believe that both you and I are aware of one thing—General Montgomery’s ground forces have no chance of arriving at Arnhem Bridge in a short period of time. You have plenty of time to make sure that the bridge is back again to your control. What I ask is only one night.”


The Major General looked at Shen Yi for a while.


After a long time, he finally said, “If you dare lie to me, I swear in the name of the Führer, I will let you taste a most painful death.”


Then he cried out to the outside: “Pause the attack!”


Shen Yi exhaled a long breath.


With the command of the German Major General, Shen Yi heard that the guns from the town were significantly weakened, gradually becoming quiet.


The attack stopped.


The Germans began to retreat to the rear, leaving only corpses.


Everyone didn’t understand what happened and just looked at each other, staring blankly.


Jin Gang looked weak as he whispered, “Do you know what happened?


Wen Rou shook her head, “I don’t know, but… maybe someone knows.”


Shen Yi?


In the hearts of the surviving adventurers, they saw a glimmer of hope and a trace of gratitude.


“I knew… I knew this kid could do it.” Lying on the ground, Hong Lang laughed, “He could always do what others couldn’t!”




After a hard day of fighting, everything finally calmed down.


The adventurers’ last night was a surprisingly silent night. No one thought this was possible.


On the horizon, emerged a line of white as the Bloody Crest prompted: “You can return after one minute.”


Shen Yi was sitting on the hillside, watching the distant sunrise. As the sun had shined on earth, his face showed a satisfactory smile.


Behind him came strong footsteps, the Major General in military uniform stood behind Shen Yi.


“I’ve given you the time you wanted. What about your promise to me?”


Shen Yi slowly stood up.


Turning around, he looked at the Major General. His face showed a trace of a smile, “Want to know my secret? It is actually very simple.”


Shen Yi raised his hand, the Spirit Flame Gun suddenly appeared.


A bunch of bullets flew toward the Major General, making bloody holes in his chest.


The Major General didn’t think that in this situation, Shen Yi actually dared to attack. He furiously jumped again, fiercely kicking Shen Yi.


Skill: Windmill Kick—uses the legs to continuously attack the enemy, each hit deals 20 points of damage, can continuously attack three times.”


Shen Yi vomited a big mouthful of blood.


The two men had a fight before, so each had some understanding of the other’s situation. Shen Yi had prepared for the Windmill Kick. Likewise, the Major General also didn’t relax with Shen Yi. The reason he dared to solo with Shen Yi, was not because of the protection of the other soldiers, but because of his self-confidence in his own experience. After the failure before, he had learned a lesson. In fact, in the previous fight, this Major General was captured by Shen Yi. On one hand, because Shen Yi had the advantage of equipment. On the other, it was his underestimation of the strength that Shen Yi had, resulting in the neglect of the fight.


But this time, the Major General believed that he could definitely wipe the floor with Shen Yi.


At that moment he kicked Shen Yi, his backhand then severely sent a blow toward Shen Yi.


Skill: Heavy Fist—uses the power of the whole body to throw a strong punch, deals (2 x Strength) damage.”


This vicious blow made Shen Yi’s HP immediately drop by 60 points.


Two consecutive vicious skill attacks left Shen Yi’s HP with only 30 points. Shen Yi quickly took a step back and activated the Despicable Healing Arts, restoring 24 HP.


The Major General sneered and rushed forward at Shen Yi, fiercely sweeping his legs.


Shen Yi’s left wrist flipped as Vampire Touch re-appeared, stabbing at the Major General’s thigh.


The previous two attacks were skills, so Shen Yi couldn’t interrupt it. But this time, it was different.


Vampire Touch went into the Major General leg severely as the pain made him scream.


Unfortunate for him, Vampire Touch’s 50% chance to cause a Bleeding-effect played again. The Major General once more fell into a 12-point damage per second injury-state.


But this time, he had been psychologically prepared. Relying on his advantage of having a relatively high value of HP, he kept in close range with Shen Yi; facing Shen Yi’s attack head-on. His idea was very simple, he could win against this cunning bastard in close combat before he was exhausted.


However, at the next moment, a scene that shocked him appeared.


Shen Yi’s Vampire Touch suddenly disappeared. In his hands was an anti-tank rocket launcher.


Pointing its muzzle at the body of the Major General, Shen Yi lightly laughed, “Goodbye!”


He pulled the trigger.


A Rocket hit the body of the Major General.


A Huge explosion tore the Major General’s body into pieces, resulting in huge airwaves that enveloped the entire hillside. Even Shen Yi was pushed into the air.


This was Shen Yi’s last rocket, but also the last weapon that he prepared to deal with this Major General. If not because the rocket launcher’s damage would be reduced by 50% when attacking a human, he could’ve finished the 300 HP of the Major General with just a finger, not having to fight so hard.


At this moment, a huge explosion alerted all the German soldiers, as shouts came from all sides.


Shen Yi smiled and rushed toward the center of the explosion that was still filled with smoke and grabbed a blue chest. At the same time, the Bloody Crest prompted:


“You killed German Major General Hans Mitchell. Reward: 500 BP.”


“Optional Quest: Protect Arnhem Bridge for ten days is completed. Reward: 4000 BP and 1 skill point. Now you can return, please confirm to return or not.”


Distant bullets were whistling toward him, but Shen Yi calmly pressed the return confirmation button and faded like a ghost in front of all the German soldiers’ eyes.

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