Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 6

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Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo


Chapter 6: Parachute Drop

The sky at this time was full of fire from the flares, there was so much fire that the dark night sky had turned into day. Numerous artilleries fired against the sky. Accompanied by the explosive sounds, the sky seemed to be filled with large masses of fire. The British aircrafts one after another exploded in the air like a firework festival.


A huge explosion went off which was too not far from the transport plane, but it made the huge transport plane roll up in the air like an autumn leaf, almost colliding with another plane. A group of people fell from the plane, issuing frightened screams.

The transport plane’s door opened, but no one wanted to be the first to jump out of the plane.

“Quick, jump!” Shen Yi roared.

Everyone knew that the distance from the plane to the ground was not long, but it was extremely dangerous. No one thought that the Bloody City would put them in the mission this way.

Anyone who hadn’t jumped flocked to the door, and leapt together with a large number the of Allied airborne troops. The sky was full of the white-colored parachutes.

Artilleries and machine guns on the ground frantically spat fire, painting a long flame in the sky. From time to time paratroopers in the air were torn to pieces by the hail of bullets, with flesh and blood flying everywhere.

On the C-47 transport plane, Fatty trembled, as he went step by step toward the hatch. Excluding Shen Yi, he was the last one who hadn’t jumped. After watching the fierce artillery firepower and with the flesh and blood flying in the air, all the adventurers held no difference from the other paratroopers in becoming the German’s live targets. His courage was completely scared away.

“I said you are to f*cking to jump now!” Shen Yi cried.

The Fatty was scared, shaking again and again, “I … I don’t dare … I’m afraid ….”

“Damnit, I don’t know how you passed the beginner’s mission!” Shen Yi angrily cursed.

With them being the focus of the artillery shots, the airplane pilots have received orders to immediately fly back to the base after dropping all the airborne troops. The C-47 began to turn. Shen Yi could imagine that if they didn’t jump down, even if they weren’t shot down, they would be brought back to the Allied airports.

Shen Yi didn’t want any of these results.

He lifted his leg and kicked the Fatty’s a*s, “Jump down for me!”

Fatty screamed, immediately falling through the air.

Fear made the Fatty lose his courage, but he didn’t become confused. The next moment, a huge white lotus bloomed in the air, he excitedly shouted, “I opened it, I opened it!”

“Damned coward, but at least he’s not scared to the point of becoming stupid.” Shen Yi cursed and jumped into the air.

Just after flying out of the door, he heard a loud bang from above him. The C-47 plane joined the sky of flames which was falling in the air. Burning wreckage grazed Shen Yi’s body, and several fragments fell in some parts of the parachute, igniting it on fire. The paratroopers who lost their parachute screamed out of fear, and one by one fell from the air to the ground.

Shen Yi couldn’t find the opportunity to open the parachute package, because there were countless debris that followed his descent.

Once recklessly opened, if the parachute package was burned, he would die for sure.

Shen Yi’s body flipped in the air, facing the falling debris.

His hand raised the Spirit Flame Gun, shooting it toward the sky.

One after another, pieces of the aircraft that fell toward his head were hit by bullets, blasting it away. With the wind whistling beside his ear, Shen Yi’s eyes became clear. He forgot death, forgot the height, forgot the time, forgot his still-falling body, all his attention was focused on this moment. He ferociously swept his arms, the shrapnel flew scatteredly, the reaction force sped up his falling speed, but the pieces of debris that could threaten his parachute were reduced one by one. While the Basic-level Firearms Forte greatly increased his ability to shot dynamic objects, the fire on the debris made it easier to aim.

Seeing that there was no more fragments that could really threaten his parachute, Shen Yi pulled the line, only to feel his falling body suddenly stop a little, then his whole body was floating up.

At this point, he was no more than 100 meters away from the ground.

With the increasingly close distance to the ground, the artilleries’ and machine-guns’ fire became more and more fierce.

Some German soldiers were also firing into the sky. After entering this low height, despite the decreased threat of the artilleries, the hail of bullets became a greater threat. Some white light flashed on his body. His Bullet-Proof Jade played its role, didn’t letting him get hurt.

“Ahh!” Accompanied by a scream, Shen Yi clearly heard that someone who was above his head was hit.

A guy was unfortunately hit by a machine gun and turned into a sieve. His parachute dragged his corpse in the air, but instantly after, the parachute’s surface also suffered a few holes, the rate of descent was significantly accelerated. His corpse drifted past Shen Yi’s vision. That was an adventurer.

Looking at the rapid fall of the body and the wild fire that danced everywhere, an idea flashed through Shen Yi’s mind.

With the paratroopers now, the sooner they landed, the safer they’d be.

At least it’s much better than in the air, receiving bullets without being able to fight back.

Otherwise, even if he, who had a Bullet-Proof Jade, was shot by machine-guns. he was as good as dead.

Shen Yi didn’t like to depend on luck, especially now in this bad situation.

He suddenly took out a pistol from the Bloody Crest, which was the worthless stuff the young man from the store had told him to abandon.

He raised the pistol and fired a shot at his parachute.

Fortunately, he still kept this pistol. If he used the Spirit Flame Gun, its fire-element damage would be enough to completely burn the parachute.

A hole immediately appeared. The whirring wind torn apart the hole and as continued to expand. The rate of descent suddenly accelerated. With this acceleration, Shen Yi was no longer adrift, but fell almost straight down. He stared at the ground.

   80 meters.

   70 meters.

   60 meters.

   50 meters.

Not far away there was a house, along with Shen Yi’s falling, he slammed across the roof straight down.


Immediately after landing, Shen Yi rolled. This offset the falling momentum, with his b**t sitting on the ground.


A bullet grazed Shen Yi’s scalp. He didn’t turn back, with a backhand shot he made a German soldier’s head explode.

Fortunately, he only encountered a lonely German soldier.

Shen Yi slowly stood up, the Bloody Crest prompted: “Main Quest 1 completed, Reward: 500 BP.”

“Earning a mere 500 BP is not easy.” Shen Yi muttered.

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