Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 7

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Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo


Chapter 7: Escape From The Small Town (Part 1)

The adventurers’ designated landing point was a small town which was 500 meters from Arnhem Bridge. Don’t look at this as a mere 500 meters, the Allies plan to open up the Dutch road was only 63 miles long but on the road leading to Arnhem, almost every meter was painted with fresh blood.

But the reason all the adventurers landed here was mostly because the secret interference of the Bloody City. At least every adventurer didn’t fall outside the designated area – as long as they jumped down, it was certainly within the range.

Gently opening the door, the sky was still full of fire, and many paratroopers were still in the air.

Although he was the last one out of the C-47, Shen Yi was the first one to land on the ground.

He landed too fast, especially the last 200 meters, he fell straight down without a parachute.

Several German soldiers apparently saw him landing. Carrying guns the rushed toward the cabin.


In the shed beside the house, Shen Yi suddenly appeared.

While the Germans soldiers were shocked, Shen Yi turned around. His Spirit Flame Gun fired a series of bullets towards them. With the fire-element damage attached to the bullet, it ignited their bodies into flames, making several German soldiers wail. They tried to roll their bodies on the ground to extinguish the flames, but eventually all of them died.

“It’s really powerful.” It was the first time Shen Yi used this gun. The feeling was great.

After Shen Yi used Appraisal on the German soldiers, he saw that their HP was only 50 points, the same as ordinary people’s.

Compared to the Van Helsing World which had strong individual combat power, this World War II World used the human-waves tactic as their force.

In this time period, the German soldiers generally used MP40 – a.k.a Schmeisser Submachine Gun. This gun had good accuracy, it didn’t get stuck easily, was easy to control, bullets damage of 12 points, and it increased kinetic energy by 5. The drawback was the slow speed, with the magazine capacity being only 32 rounds.

The infinite-bullets’ biggest advantage was not only saving bullet’ cost, it also has a great value. It had no need for magazine changes. Because of this, in a battle it would bring great advantages. Some people who were in one-on-one gun fights often calculated the bullets left according to the number of shots, and then dealt a fatal blow when the opponent paused to change magazines. But with this infinite-bullets magazine, it could get an enemy off guard. The moment before their death, their only thought was: ‘why does he still have bullets?’

Dealing with the German soldiers whose equipment was not on the same level as the adventurers; there was basically no suspense. Unfortunately, facing human-wave tactics, a gun alone was clearly not enough.

After killing these German soldiers, Shen Yi quickly leaned on a low wall and went to the north.

On the road, from time to time German soldiers would come out, but would be quickly killed by Shen Yi. With his reaction speed now, several German soldiers wouldn’t be a threat to him.

On the road, when he tried to pick up a Schmeisser Submachine Gun, he received a prompt: Non-mission reward items can be used, but cannot be carried back to the Bloody City.

In front of a machine-gun turret continuously firing to the sky, three German soldiers wore helmets and sprayed bullets into the air. With only four or five others that were patrolling. Shen Yi saw with his own eyes an adventurer that was landing over their heads who was being torn into pieces by the machine-gun’s heavy firepower.

“God bless you, Amen.” Shen Yi sighed and shook his head.

Not far from there, another paratrooper was about to land near the machine-gun’s position. Several German soldiers and the machine-gun turret moved the muzzle. But when that adventurer was about to be swallowed by gunfire, a black item was suddenly thrown towards them.

A German soldier looked at that thing in horror and uttered a shrill call.


The machine-gun turret was blown up into pieces and flew to the sky, seven or eight German soldiers were burned together and turned into flying ash.

Shen Yi slowly walked, took out a cigarette, and used the fire to ignite it.


That paratrooper landed on the ground, quickly rolled, and drew a dagger, cutting the parachute ropes. Evidently he was a good soldier.

Shen Yi said, “You owe me a favor.”

The paratrooper replied, “I know. I’ll pay you back.”

The voice stunned Shen Yi.

The adventurers, after taking off their parachute package came over. Seeing Shen Yi’s face by the light of the fire made her stunned too.

This was the beautiful girl he just met. Such a coincidence.

“It’s you?” The beauty exclaimed in a cry. She was about to say something, when suddenly her expression changed, “Get down!”

She rushed up, hugged Shen Yi and rolled.


A huge explosion appeared at the two’s previous standing place. The ground had formed a crater, not far from there was the beauty pressed on Shen Yi’s body. The two were covered with soil.

Shen Yi took a deep breath, “Now we’re even. I have to say, your paying speed is very fast.”

The beauty looked at Shen Yi and smiled, “No, I still owe you a favor.”

“Oh?” Being pressed by a beautiful girl, Shen Yi just felt very comfortable.

Unfortunately this wasn’t a good time. The beauty stood up, shook off the dust on her body and said, “After I learned the City’s situation, I realized how lucky I was. If I had run into someone else, I’m afraid that I would be robbed. Fortunately, you had warned me that the Bloody City did not allow adventurers to attack each other, so I still owe you a personal favor. I’m sorry I said you were a robber that day.”

“If that’s the case, you owe me two favors.”


“On the building roof before the Beginner’s Mission…”

That beauty rolled her white eyes¹, “You are really mean, why do you think I was against you? Well, I admit that I really wanted to grab the gun from your hand, but I didn’t want to leave you to die. I wanted to work with you in the mission, and I thought that my marksmanship was better than yours.”

Shen Yi smiled, “So you are good with guns?”

“Of course.” She was very proud of it. Then she stretched a hand, “My name is Wen Rou². What’s your name?”

Shen Yi lightly shook Wen Rou’s soft white hand, “I’m Shen Yi, glad to meet you again. I apologize for my previous excessive caution.”

“Cautious people survive longer, especially in this place.” Wen Rou didn’t care.

At that moment, a large number of paratroopers landed, with only a few that were still floating in the air. The ground-to-air firepower gradually decreased, while the ground-to-ground firepower gradually increased. Corpses were everywhere – there were many Germans, but also many Allied soldiers. On the trees, roofs, and even the church bell tower, many paratroopers failed to land. They were instead hung high, becoming the German’s living targets.

“I didn’t see you on the plane… were you in another plane?!” Shen Yi asked while he went toward the North.

“Yes,” Wen Rou answered. She was holding a M95 Submachine Gun, the standard gun of the British troops. At that moment a submachine gun was sweeping the enemies in front of her.

“Motherf*cker!” Shen Yi cursed.

“What?” Wen Rou looked back.

“Nothing.” Shen Yi still angered, “You also chose to break North?”

“Yes, to go capture Arnhem Bridge.”

“On my plane I mobilized all the people together to break through the North. I think this plan has a lot of advantages, but I didn’t expect the Bloody City to arrange two aircrafts. If it’s like this I’m not gonna be able to manage everyone to break the North. A few people will likely go South.”

Wen Rou looked back at Shen Yi, surprised, “You want to rally everyone to capture the bridge?”

“Yes, but it seems like I won’t be able to. How many people were there on your plane?”


“To have one-third of the adventurers go North is pretty good.” Shen Yi muttered.

The two people rushed toward a bunker under the hail of bullets. A lot of adventurers landed, among them many people had heavy machine-guns with strong firepower, and started to fight back.

Wen Rou took a telescope with infrared vision from the Bloody Crest and looked around, “There are a lot of people who chose to go North, it seems like you did a good job. The number of people going North is higher than the number of people going South.”

“You even prepared a telescope?” Shen Yi curiously asked.

“Not only this.” Wen Rou took out a display with a thermal image that could be assembled with the telescope, which is a good weapon for a night fight. It was the best against an enemy that was hiding. Shen Yi greatly praised it.

“You are more prepared than I’m.” Shen Yi said thoughtfully. He didn’t expect the woman in front of him to come even more prepared than him.

“It’s normal, after all, I’m a professional. I didn’t expect that these skills would be helpful.”

“Are you a soldier?” Shen Yi was surprised. This beauty in front of him, before entering the Bloody City, had a job of killing.

“I’m a policewoman, but I served in the military.”


Wen Rou helplessly said to Shen Yi, “Okay, I was a commando, Women’s Commando Team.”

Shen Yi sighed. A murderer and a police officer fighting side by side, something was really wrong here!

Then he replied, “Engineer, complicated machinery.”

The sky was still full of fire. The adventurers who began to hit the ground fiercely fought back. Many adventurers already showed their own special abilities, they had no method to deal with the Germans in the air, but on the ground, they became arrogant.

An adventurer after landing didn’t use a gun, but rushed straight at the German’s position. Apparently his own speed was enhanced. With a few jumps he came to the German’s side with a razor that he obviously purchased in the Bloody City. He cut the throats of the German soldiers.

There was also an adventurer that simply didn’t avoid the bullets, he was holding a six-tube gatling-gun, shooting crazily at the Germans. The bullets hit him, but only left a white mark. Apparently he was wearing a Bulletproof item. Some German soldiers shot at him then hid behind the wall – he turned around – a bunch of bullets penetrated the wall, the wall along with the people were torn into pieces.

There were also adventurers who were holding bows and shooting arrows. Don’t look at this and think that it’s a simple arrow. Each arrow came out with a Burst effect. After hitting a target it, it exploded into a large fire.

Though the number of adventurers was small, against the German soldiers, they were still overwhelming.

Shen Yi and Wen Rou, together with the other adventurers, gradually moved toward the German line of defense, with a large number of adventurers coming from all directions. With their firepower, the Germans were clearly on the losing side.

Wen Rou couldn’t help but admire, “Fortunately, you mobilized them. But if your plan to breakthrough the North is successful, the adventurers on the South will suffer.”

Shen Yi gently shook his head, “It’s not so simple. If the German’s line of defense was so easy to breakthrough, it cannot be considered a quest.”

“What do you mean?”

Shen Yi referred to several aggressive adventurers in the front, saying, “They’ll die for sure.”

With Shen Yi’s words, the first unlucky one was an arrogant man that looked like Rambo. With his six-tube gatling-gun shining radiantly in the night, he attracted all the German artilleries.

Boom! Boom!

Consecutive sounds echoed. It was an attack from a 150mm gun.

The gun was turned into powder by a series of artillery shells. The Bulletproof item obviously couldn’t stop so many artillery shells. On the ground, a huge crater appeared, while the body became ash.

“Unfortunately, a good gun was lost.” Shen Yi and Wen Rou said at the same time. They looked at each other then smiled.

Because this Mission was in Team Cooperation Mode, after an adventurer’s death, weapons and equipment would immediately lose their effects, becoming ordinary weapons.

This heavy firepower at the appropriate time could play a very large role in suppressing the enemy, but that guy was too overconfident. With the Bulletproof item and such a large trump card in hand, he thought he could crush the German soldiers as he liked. The result was becoming a living target.

“That guy was a private first class at worst, there was a Bullet-proof item, a six tube gatling-gun, infinite-bullets magazine… now it’s all gone.” Shen Yi muttered.

“Unfortunately, my submachine gun didn’t have an infinite-bullets magazine, I couldn’t afford to buy it.” Wen Rou also sighed.

The death of that guy was just the beginning, there were several other adventurers who suffered.

The guy that rushed the fastest, thought to himself that he was as cool as Neo in The Matrix. Despite his speed, the German bullets were still faster than him. The flying bullets spaced into a large net and his figure in the air just paused for a moment, then instantly fell down.

Then the adventurer with the bow and arrows.

This man was cautious, he hid in a bunker. From time to time he’d make a sneak attacks, like a wood elf with superb archery skills. But he still couldn’t resist the bullets, the Germans still killed him.

A Tiger Tank rumbled out, its cannon rotated. Facing the adventurers, it burst out a large amount of fire.

The low-wall bunker, and the body of the adventurer hiding in it, instantly became ash.

At this point, the Rambo-like man, the Neo-like man, and the elf-like man, were all killed. After the Tiger Tank appeared, a large number of adventurers that were brave until now, all of a sudden ran and tried to escape.

From brave fighters to fugitives. Sometimes that just needed a little push.

TL note:

  1. “Roll white eyes” or “gave (somebody) white eyes” is a term to describe eyes open-wide while the pupil shrinked, it’s usually used to show annoyance.
  2. “Wen Rou” means “gentle” (Ironically, she’s definitely not gentle)

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      Strength determines physical power and stamina.
      ☆ Agility increases movement speed, attack speed and reaction speed.
      Vitality determines HP and endurance.
      Will increases resistance against crowd-control type skills, along with negative status. It also increases the speed of MP regeneration.

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        Reaction speed can be increased by hard training, or Psychic Power and Innate.

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