Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Escape From The Small Town (Part 2)

Tiger Tank I – Defense: 35, Armored Points: 280 (1), Artillery Damage: 300. Weak Spots: hatch, bottom cover, slip ring.”

[1 – Armored Points (AP) of mechanical products are equivalent to HP of a living being.]

This was the result of Appraisal.

“Gee!” Shen Yi shook his head and praised.

It indeed was a formal mission, the Tiger Tank’s attack and defense were much stronger than the Silver Werewolf he encountered in the beginner’s mission.

If the adventurers were to be hit directly by the tank’s attack, with their current vitality, they would basically not survive. It’s fighting power was maybe even stronger than a BOSS’s. Fortunately, the tank had many drawbacks, obvious its lack of flexibility, as well as its slow attack frequency, and numerous weak spots.

The problem was that they were numerous.

At that moment, Shen Yi and Wen Rou hid behind a small broken room, Wen Rou asked, “Three Tiger Tanks, what do we do now? Our firepower cannot last against them.”

Shen Yi coldly said, “Help me to pinpoint the location, I will handle them.”

“You?” Wen Rou was quite surprised, but a moment later on Shen Yi’s hand, something suddenly appeared.

“A portable anti-tank rocket?” Wen Rou exclaimed aloud. “You did the preparation work well too. Is it infinite?” Wen Rou asked.

Shen Yi let out a wry smile and shook his head, “How can it be? This was only the common one, it needs to be reloaded after each shot. I have to manually modify the aiming position, in addition to a super big problem: the recoil force is enough to damage the user’s body. Each shot makes me lose 7 HP. If an ordinary person without enhancements used this, 13 consecutive shots would be enough to kill them. But the firepower is quite nice, rocket attack-damage of 300 points, increased kinetic energy by 50 points, 10% Armor-Breaking effect, only effective against large armored weapons. Can’t be used against adventurers, reduced 50% damage when attacking a human.This thing is a single-use item, after this mission ends, it will disappear.”

Wen Rou smiled as she continued to observe with her telescope, “One tank at 11 o’clock, another at 12 o’clock, and the last one at 1 o’clock. Behind each tank there are more than 30 German soldiers.”

“I know.” Shen Yi loaded the rocket launcher, “I will fire one shot, whether it hits or not, immediately change positions.”

“Understand, I will give you cover.” Wen Rou raised her light machine gun and shook it.

Shen Yi exposed his body from the side of the wall. The long rocket launcher had been aimed at one of the Tiger Tanks. A sharp whistling rocket created a visible whirlpool in the air, it hit the tank and made it explode with a loud *BANG*. Dozens of German soldiers shouted and rushed over, only to be swept by Wen Rou’s bullets as they all fell on the ground.

Shen Yi took back the rocket launcher and shouted, “Go!”

The two people ran together toward the rear.

Of course, the other two Tiger Tanks began to redirect their cannons.

Only one shot and it demolished the house they were at, but this time the two people had fled, and hid again.

Maybe because they saw a Tiger Tank get destroyed, a large number of the adventurer’s morale were raised. Someone cried, “Damn, who is so rich, that even a rocket launcher is affordable?”

Wen Rou looked at Shen Yi, “You quickly became an idol, why not be a little modest?”

“Modest?” Shen Yi chuckled, “You read too much YY novels(2)? Here is the world of killing! Being modest is an invite to death and a stupid behavior. The more people know you have the strength, the more people are convinced by you, To be modest, just to come out as a blockbuster movie scene? I can only say that that person’s brain is not normal. To get along well, one must perform when one needs to perform.”

This statement was the truth, people would only follow the strong, not the weak. Counting on other’s sharp eyes or knowledge? That’s a foolish idea. It not as good as a performance with real power.

The icing on a cake was always more than timely help.

In the Bloody City, waiting for a pure friendship by not relying on strength. Even if you waited until death, it would never come.

The same was seen on the plane. If Shen Yi didn’t let everyone know that he was a new person but already had power equal to some experienced adventurers, then the other adventures wouldn’t listen to his choice to go North.

Even the opportunity of letting him finish his speech earlier would’ve not been possible.

For example, what would happen if Fatty who had even forgotten to learn how to parachute, tried to convince a group of people to break through North?

The consequence would be that everyone would go South together.

So Shen Yi did not care about flaunting his strength, as long as this showing don’t expose all his cards.

At that moment, such as Shen Yi said, they began to move closer to Shen Yi’s side. Which was apparently because of the rocket launcher.

The effect was immediate.

Wen Rou admired, “In this world whoever had the bigger fist also has more rights to speak, I even forgot this. You’re right, meaninglessly being modest is a kind of stupidity. Your rocket launcher that you bought, it ‘s worth the money.”

Shen Yi also laughed, “The launcher is not expensive, only 450 BP. It is the rockets that burn money, each costs 5 BP.”

“How many rockets did you buy?”

“70, plus the rocket launcher, I spent a total of 800 BP.”

No wonder there were so many adventurers but no one had this thing. 800 BP for consumables item, for most adventurers, it was a luxury. Only Shen Yi who made a fortune in the beginner’s mission could buy it.

“I don’t know if that’s enough or not, but this is only the beginning. To clear the way, I don’t know how many tanks and artilleries we will run into.” Wen Rou wrinkled her eyebrows.

Shen Yi ‘s voice sounded strange, “I don’t know if it’s enough or not, but I now know another thing.”


“Getting rid of a Tiger Tank rewards 25 BP.” Shen Yi pointed to the Bloody Crest. Wen Rou obviously became excited.

However, in Shen Yi’s view, a BP reward without chests was a very cruel treatment.

The official missions were really not as generous as the beginner’s mission.

“There are two left. Tell me their location, I’ll give this to you and let you destroy one, how is that?”

Wen Rou sweetly smiled: “Thank you, you are a good man.”

Shen Yi shuddered, he did not expect that a criminal like him would be able to get the praise of a beautiful policewoman, life was really unpredictable.

With two loud bangs, the two Tiger Tanks were warped in fire. The adventurers issued a victory cheer and rushed toward the German’s position.


With the destruction of the Tiger Tanks, the adventurers launched their own counterattack.

Had to say, these guys had a lot of talent. The variety of means of attacking made people dizzy when looking at them.

Some people controlled flying swords, some people used the surrounding plants, including grass to attack, and some people had abilities similar to Psychic Power and could remotely control objects. There were even two adventurers standing at a distance silently casting spells. When they raised their hands, two pillars of ice and fire rose up, a variety of colors appeared at the enemy’s position, it was really a beautiful scene.

These skills were mostly primary-level, so their offensive power was not strong. When facing a Tiger Tank it would have no effect, but using this to kill soldiers was more than enough.

Shen Yi and Wen Rou followed the forces and used their guns from time to time to sweep the German soldiers around. A large number of adventurers consciously gathered around, with Shen Yi as the center.

An adventurer was hit by a few guns, his HP dropped to the bottom line as he laid on the ground, no longer able to stand up.

The other adventurers continued to move forward and ignored that adventurer’s shout, “Wait for me, help me!”

Unfortunately, no one cared about him.

In battle, everyone could only care about themselves, no one would do things like helping others without any benefits. Not taking the opportunity to kill was already being very polite.

The adventurers probably knew he would not have a good ending and angrily cursed.

Shen Yi looked at the injured guy and said to Wen Rou, “You wait for me here, I want to help that guy.”

Wen Rou was somewhat surprised, but not opposed, nodded and said, “Very well then, I will wait for you.”

Shen Yi bravely passed the hail of bullets and got to that adventurer’s side and asked with a deep voice, “Can you still stand?”

The adventurer cried, “I’m going to die, f*ck, not enough money to buy potions, to die here… I want to go home…”

Shen Yi let out a wry smile. He stretched out his hand toward the wounds of the adventurer, “Endure for a moment, I’ll help you.”

The adventurer suddenly felt a warm feeling flow into the bleeding wound, it made it recover with a speed that the n***d eye could actually see. The blood stopped flowing and the pain also disappeared.

Shen Yi’s Despicable Healing Arts had reached level 2, a gunshot wound was a normal injury so the skill could restore 40 HP. That adventurer’s vitality was not high, he only had 100 HP, a moment ago he had only more than 10 HP left. After Shen Yi’s treatment, he immediately restored half his life force, he could not help but be overjoyed.

“One minute cooldown, wait a minute then I will heal you one more time.”

“Thank you!” Cried the adventurer.

Shen Yi turned his head back to Wen Rou and saw amazement in her eyes, “This is your skill?”


Many adventurers saw the scene, a group of people shouted, “That guy has a healing ability!”

A large group of adventurers ran toward Shen Yi.

A stout and chunky adventurer faced Shen Yi and shouted, “You are a doctor? You have healing abilities?”

“I have a healing ability, but I’m not a doctor.”

“Hey, boy, I got a little hurt, give me a look.”

Shen Yi used Appraisal on him, then shook his head and said, “No need to, you only lost more than a dozen points of life, the problem is not big. My healing ability is limited by MP. If you lost less than 40 HP, don’t find me, it’s a waste. Moreover, I didn’t like the way you called me.”

The adventurer was furious. He pointed a gun at Shen Yi’s forehead and shouted, “I say, you f*cking doctor, will you heal me or not? Don’t be proud because I gave you face!”

Shen Yi looked at the adventurer, his eyes released a cold light, “I’ll give you a warning, you’d better not point a gun at me.”

“I will also give you a warning, doctor, don’t get me angry. I don’t think the f*cking bazooka was great!”

“I said to don’t call me doctor, in the 21st century, many doctors are corrupted, I don’t like them.” (3) Then, Shen Yi’s mouth slightly twisted up, his hand was fast as lightning. He seized that guy’s gun and pointed the muzzle toward the sky. A row of bullets fired; at the same time the Spirit Flame Gun’s muzzle flashed, a few rounds of bullets hit that adventurer’s chest.

The adventurer never dreamed that Shen Yi really dared to attack, he fell and wailed. Apparently because of his enhancements, he didn’t die instantly, but if several more bullets hit his body, he would not be able to bear it. Shen Yi looked at his body rolling on the ground and coldly said, “I will repeat for the last time, I’m not a doctor, but a battlefield butcher.”

A group of adventurers rushed to see the situation and were all frozen in place.

Shen Yi stepped on the adventurer’s body and extinguished the flames on his chest as he pointed to the wound, “Only an injury like this will make me treat it, 30 BP per heal.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three rounds of bullets went into the guy’s head and consumed his last HP. Shen Yi coldly glared, “But I don’t have the habit of helping a potential enemy.”

Everyone was silent.

No one was willing to stand up for a stranger, especially a dead one.

In particular, this person was becoming their main tank and was also the only adventurer who had a healing ability.

With his showcase of power and decisiveness. That will help him obtain authority.


TL note:

  1. You can think AP as “HP of non-living things”. The difference between AP and HP is AP is unaffected by some special effects like Life-steal, Bleeding… but can’t be restored by healing.
  2. YY = yi yin (意淫)

Literally translates to “fantasized/sexualized thoughts”.

This term usually is used to describe a “delusion” novel with plot like: loser MC suddenly become ridiculously OP, weak to strong without hard training, harem with every girl falling in love with MC from first or second sight, fall into trap (usually involve a cliff) but acquire cheat items, etc…

  1. Author note: I have no opinion on doctors, just substituting Shen Yi’s thinking, the doctor will inevitably be biased. Character thought does not represent the author’s thought, so please do not equate.

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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