Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Organizing

After all the German soldiers in the town were exterminated, the adventurers were finally fully assembled together. Of course, not counting the number of the people who went to the South, from the two planes, there were eventually 22 adventurers left.

Shen Yi was surprised that Hong Lang was also in this mission; in addition to that, Jin Gang and Fatty also survived.

Hong Lang rushed over to join and lightly punched Shen Yi. He said laughing, “Haha, I thought on the plane: as long as you were in this mission, then you would certainly choose to break through North.”

Shen Yi grinned, “You know me so well?”

“That is so.” Hong Lang boasted.

He was attracted by the fire from the rocket launcher but didn’t expect that it actually belonged to Shen Yi.

“Didn’t you say that every 30 days one needed to participate in a mission? How is your and my cycle the same?” Shen Yi was curious, it would be too coincidental.

Hong Lang shook his head, “Thirty days is only a deadline; as long as you are willing, you can go to the mission world sooner. I calculated your time and knew that you’d participate in the mission today, so I took the initiative to participate in the task ahead of time to synchronize with your cycle.”

It seemed that Hong Lang spotted Shen Yi’s potential and even went into the mission world in advance to synchronize with him.

Jin Gang also seemed to know Hong Lang, smiled, “Bro Hong, how do you know him?”

“Last time I tried to rob, I failed in the hands of this kid. After that, I reformed.(1)”

Shen Yi heavily sweated!

(You think you are a call-girl? Even “reform”!)

Jin Gang laughed, “So that’s the reason. Oh yes, I saw you in the air, you didn’t open your parachute. But instead took out a gun and shot toward the sky, so cool. Now I really believe you got rid of Dracula.”

Many adventurers said, “Yes, yes, I saw too. You didn’t open the parachute in the air and fired at the aircraft wreckage.”

Shen Yi was in the air at that time, so a lot of people saw him. Because he was the last one to jump out, but didn’t open the umbrella package, he fell faster than the rest. Adventurers who clinged to their parachutes only saw him facing the sky, his back toward the ground, and crazily firing at the wreckage of their own aircraft. That performance was absolutely unprecedented, so it left people with a very strong impression. But if he didn’t do that, Shen Yi would’ve been broken into a pile of meat.

Wen Rou was slightly surprised and turned back to see Shen Yi, “So you were that flying man? I wonder who was so bold, I remember you later shot your own parachute.”

“If you want, I can also shoot your parachute (2).” Shen Yi smiled and answered.

Wen Rou gave him a death glare then turned back to continue to observe the situation.

Among the whole adventurers team, only she had a far-infrared telescope with night vision, so the scouting naturally fell onto her.

“There is a road across the town that lead to Arnhem Bridge, but the road has four artilleries, six Tiger Tanks, about three hundred German soldiers, and at least ten turrets. In addition, there are some German soldiers scattered behind the grass, slopes, and bunkers. As well as at least twelve snipers that are occupying favorable terrain.” Wen Rou observed and reported.

She looked back to see the others, “We are 350 meters away from Arnhem Bridge, and I have just reported the current part of the troops that could be seen. We must expect that the German forces have fully surrounded Arnhem town, and total up to nothing less than 800 people.”

“22 individuals to break through 800 soldiers plus 4 artilleries, 6 tanks, and 10 turrets. F*ck, the City really did give such a quest. Isn’t this forcing us to go suicide?” Hong Lang wrathfully said.

Shen Yi said, “Does anyone have a map, I would like to look at the topography of Arnhem. Maybe we can find a path so that we don’t have to take the risk of attacking this road. This is quest is only of Difficulty Level I, it can’t be so outrageous.”

He had influence from shooting the plane and killing the adventurer just now. No one even dared to refuse.

Fatty trembled as he raised his hands, “I have one.”

Shen Yi snappily said, “This isn’t a classroom! Don’t raise your hands, and bring the map here.”

Seeing Fatty’s map, Shen Yi was extremely angry, “This is the world map, also it’s of the 21st century! What I want is the Arnhem map which includes the contents of each street here, it is best if it was a local map which even shows the route to the public toilet!”

Wen Rou pulled out a map and handed it to Shen Yi. It was Arnhem’s map.

Shen Yi laughed, “Finally! it’s still the beauty who is thoughtful.”

Everyone gathered in front of the map to look.

“Wen Rou can you compare this to our position now, and specify where we are at?”

Wen Rou nodded and pointed to a small point on the map, “At present, we are northwest from Arnhem Town.”

Shen Yi looked at the map and said, “In the northwestern direction, there is a river and across the river there is a small forest. After that small forest, we can reach the bridge of Arnhem. If we detour from here, we’ll probably have to travel two miles more. But I can be sure that the German defense there will be much weaker than the road ahead. “

Hong Lang and Jin Gang looked at each other, nodded together and said, “We can consider that.”

Wen Rou, “I think before we attack, it is best to make reasonable arrangements. We need to fully cooperate together, or doing such a breakthrough mission would be suicide.”

“Let us all first introduce ourselves to each other, how many people have bullet-proof items, how many people have a sniper rifle, how many people have heavy firepower weapons, how many people have infinite bullets? As well as their skills.”

Jin Gang first said, “I use a heavy machine gun, no infinite bullets, and I do not have a bulletproof item. I have a Kevlar body armor and a United States standard infantry helmet. My Psychic Power is Telekinesis, I can control a target from a distance. But I am in lack of Psychic Energy, so things I can control are relatively small, dealing with the big objects are very difficult.”

Everyone was surprised to hear him; they didn’t expect that Jin Gang even had Psychic Powers.

Many people didn’t even know about Psychic Powers.

But abilities has always been the most important information for each adventurer. Today we were comrades, tomorrow, in another mission scene, we might become enemies. So even now, when each introduced their own ability, how much was still hidden was unknown. The others understood, so they didn’t ask much.

“I have a passive skill: Enhanced Hearing. I can capture the abnormal sounds from the wind, help guess the enemy’s location, and can record each other’s voice information. I also have a skill to use with the corresponding weapons. As for my equipment, you have seen it all.” That was Wen Rou.

Shen Yi laughed, “You’re really suitable as a scout.”

Wen Rou gently smiled, her passive skills were also obtained from the beginner’s mission. From her harvest, her mission completion was not too low.

“I can create a Mana Shield…” Fatty whispered, “It is at level 3, I can create a shield with 150AP with a defense of 3. If it’s not be attacked, it can be sustained for an hour but costs 5MP, so I can only make ten per day.”

Shen Yi smiled and patted his shoulder, “It’s already good. The protecting tasks will rely on you. Look, everything has their use.”

Some people said, “My skill is Sword Beam Impact, it creates a straight line of sword beam to form a fixed amount of 50 points in damage, with a distance of 15 meters.”

“Skills: Stab …”


Every adventurer had reported their equipment and skills. At least one-third of the adventurer’s skills were not suitable for use in this World War II scene. Interestingly, most of the adventurers only said a skill, but as Shen Yi saw it, at least more than one-third of people here had more than two skills.

In order to let everyone fully have a trump card, revealing everything was impossible.

“Spell skill: Heavenly Thunderbolt. In an area of 9×9 meters, it creates nine thunderbolts to strike the enemy. They each have 30 points of  damage with a duration of 10 seconds.” Suddenly a voice echoed with a faint amount of arrogance.

Shen Yi didn’t expect that in such a small group of adventurers, there would be someone who had such a powerful AoE spell; all the adventurers were excited.

But Shen Yi still asked with a cold tone, “How much MP does it cost?”

The adventurer was stagnant and reluctant to answer, “25 points.”

Everyone sighed.

In other words, if this adventurer’s MP didn’t reach 50, then the for a period of time he could only use this spell once.

Shen Yi was the final one, “My ability, all of you have already seen, so I will not say anything. My gun is a Spirit Flame Gun with an infinite-bullets magazine. I’m also equipped with an anti-tank rocket launcher; I bought 70 rockets, but there are now 67 left. “

Hearing this, everyone could only be jealous. An infinite-bullets magazine could guarantee uninterrupted firepower, and the anti-tank rockets were a lethal weapon against the Tiger tanks. It could be said that Shen Yi was now a medic, raider, and an anti-tank. Triple duty in one and all were very important.

Jin Gang smiled at Shen Yi, “Bro, I know your healing ability consumes MP, but since we have to do the quest together and need to cooperate to break through, can you not charge for it?”

Shen Yi smiled and replied, “No problem, but this way I cannot play the raider role, I have a bulletproof item, but it can only block up to 40 bullets, and now there are only 36 opportunities left to save your life.”

“Okay.” Jin Gang shouted, “The ones who have bullet-proof items, stand out. Which motherf*cker has one but didn’t introduce it. Playing when we fought with our lives. Get out of the team, go on your own. Whoever has bullet-proof items form a line ahead, heavy firepower line up behind, and snipers are last. Anyone have any opinions?”

The adventurers looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Hong Lang was the next to stand up and speak, “My skills are of the melee-type. In this damned place, it’ll not be too useful, but I have a bulletproof item. It can withstand 30 bullet attacks. I’m willing to take the first raider role, but after I’m hit five times, I will retreat. The second one will go up, we will take turns.”

Wen Rou showed a bit of her hands in the thermal imager and said, “I’m responsible for scouting, no matter if they are hiding behind a bunker or a slope, I can basically find the enemy no matter what. So that Shen Yi and I can cooperate, I point and he will attack.”

Jin Gang nodded, “Shen Yi, do you have any opinions?”

Shen Yi shrugged, “I like the cooperation with the beauty.”

Hong Lang said, “Let’s discuss our abilities again, to see what role you can play. We don’t need someone like that stupid muscle brains, his death was really called for.”

Hong Lang clearly referred to the Rambo-like adventurer.

Many people who had enhanced abilities were not suitable for this modern war. They really only could play a role when a weapon was in their hands.

An adventurer said, “In my last mission, the world was full of monsters. This time I came prepared to fight with those damned monsters. I didn’t expect to be thrown into World War II. It’s really my damned bad luck.”

“You should be satisfied with it, we’re home… No matter what, being on Earth is always better than being on any other planet.”

“Sh*t,” The adventurer grinned, “Let’s call a transport to another world, this is not a return home. This is the world of 1994.”

“Okay, enough nonsense. Those who can’t play a role go to the side.” Hong Lang gazed and shouted.

The adventurer was not convinced but still went to the side.

Unconsciously, Hong Lang, Jin Gang, Shen Yi, and Wen Rou; these four people had formed a sympathized leading group.

This was a basic rule of war, people with the fastest speed, were actively or passively selected as a leader. Whoever had the ability and who was superior.

Hong Lang acknowledged Shen Yi. He clearly realized that this guy was a newcomer, but compared to most of the adventurers, he had more power and potential. For Jin Gang, this guy had the brawns, but on the inside, he was a really delicate guy. The only one who opened the Psychic Power system, he was indeed a talented adventurer.

As for Wen Rou, although she was a woman, she had a wealth of experience and was amply prepared. And the role of a scout was also irreplaceable.

In just a few minutes, these four people at the same time made up their mind, they wanted to gather the adventurers together to help the four complete this mission.

As for who would become the real leader of the leading group, and whether it would be maintained to the end. That would be decided by later fights.

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  1. This is a word usually used for a call-girl who quit her job.
  2. Not completely sure, but I think this is a pun. The word “parachute/umbrella” sometimes can be used as a slang for “condom”. So Shen Yi’s word can be translated as “shot through your condom”… Well, you know what it means :).

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