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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 10

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Book 3 Chapter 10: Death Race (Part 1)

The driver for the Hummer changed — Now Shen Yi was responsible for driving and Wen Rou was in charge of navigating in the city.

“From here, exit to the public road, and turn to southwest with a deflection angle of 25 degrees!”

Fortunately, this was a high-tech map, and it could pinpoint their own real-time location. Otherwise, Wen Rou wouldn’t be able to give distance and direction that well.

“Tell me whether it’s left or right, not whether it’s east or west!” Shen Yi cried.

“Left!” Wen Rou loudly answered.

Shen Yi went full throttle with a single step. The Hummer crashed into a fence on the side of the road, ruthlessly driving through it and onto the grass on the other side.

Although the Hummer was not as fast as the the red sports car, it had the advantage in terms to stability, being solid and reliable, and thus was able to drive on a variety of terrain.

Shen Yi’s Hummer drove a crazy speed, just like a red-eyed bull in its final charge. He drove into a house and brazenly brought a whole room to collapsion before leaving the road in shatters.

If you watched from above, Shen Yi’s Hummer would be like a large bulldozer diligently doing demolition work.

His work was very efficient and full of energy. In just a minute, dozen of houses collapsed. Now there’s an artificial road in the middle of the residential area, as well as a mark on the map in the shape of a thick black arrow.

In front of the arrow is New York’s most prosperous urban area, where high buildings, lots of vehicles, numerous pedestrians, and much, much more are…

“200 meters ahead is the Hobby square. Pass through there to reach the next road, but be careful, there are a lot of people.” Wen Rou turned around to the long, narrow ruins. There dozens of residents went out from the ruins, cursing at them, one even chased after them with a car.

“Hong Lang!” Shen Yi shouted, “Open fire! Scare them away!”

“Understood!” Hong Lang took his machine gun out, appeared on the sunroof and started to fire at their pursuer.

“Fire to the front!” Shen Yi snapped, “I want you to open a path! Why do you even care about the people behind us?”

“Oh!” Hong Lang realized and turned the gun over.

The Hummer sped into the Hobby square.

Here was the Brooklyn area’s most lively place, surrounded by eight large shopping malls. Fortunately, the power struggle had caused economical instabilities in New York, so Hobby Square wasn’t as packed as before.

When the Hummer rushed into the square, Hong Lang desperately swept the ground with his machine gun, frantically shouting, “Out of the way! This is a robbery!”

One after another, war-scarred civilians escaped to both sides of the road. One of them suddenly jumped next to a flower bed, where the Hummer charged straight at him.

He screamed in fear, but then he suddenly felt something on his waist tighten. A whip threw him midair.

Wen Rou flicked her wrist, and the man fell down from the air on the rear end of the car. Wen Rou stuck her head out of the window and laughed: “No need to thank me.”

“I never intended to thank you, f*ck!” The man yelled.

The Hummer went rampage inside the square. Wen Rou retracted his head and picked up the map. “In front of us is a mall. We will have to drive through.”

“Not a problem at all.” Shen Yi answered, shifting the gear.

Jin Gang sitting behind him shouted. “Why do I feel like we’re in a Hollywood movie?”

Hong Lang laughed: “The only things lacking are cameras, just cameras, haha! It’s really exciting!”

Along with Hong Lang’s cry, the Hummer rushed headfirst into the mall upfront, crashing into the glass walls before driving crazily on the shopping aisle. Flying glass shards scratched Hong Lang’s face and cut many wounds open, but Hong Lang didn’t cared at all. Because of his adventurer body, this level of injury was really nothing.

At present, crazy screams from the pedestrians everywhere could be heard as they hastily tried to dodge the Hummer.

“After twenty meters, turn left!” Wen Rou cried.

Shen Yi hit the steering wheel. The Hummer burst into a fashion store, knocking many colourful dresses up into the air, before screeching and driving out of the mall.

Wen Rou caught one of the dresses, a long skirt for women: “I always wanted to shop in New York.” She turned the dress around, a small pout formed on her lips before she said with disappointment: “Made in China.”

Once they were outside of the mall again the Hummer went back on road. Behind them many police cars howled, even a helicopter was slowly approaching in the distance.

“Damn, when did the New York police become this efficient?” Hong Lang resentfully cursed.

Shen Yi coldly replied: “This is the war era. Efficiency is first priority. I admit I underestimated them, but they are a bit weaker compared to us.”

“Now what?” Hong Lang asked.

“Shoot that helicopter down.” ShenYi said.

“Why don’t we hijack it?” Hong Lang asked.

“Who can fly a helicopter?” Shen Yi asked back.

Hong Lang immediately shut up. After a while, he said: “Let me shoot it down.”

“No. Using only guns won’t be enough. If you want to really scare them, then we must make things more challenging.” Shen Yi laughed.

Shen Yi quickly shifted gears, and the Hummer went inside a big building.

Most US shopping malls have their own circular driveways reaching from the first floor to the roof, usually there’s also a parking lot on each floor.

Shen Yi drove straight to the rooftop, just as the helicopter outside rose near the rooftop. The policeman inside started to yell: “Immediately put down your weapons! You are…”

Shen Yi’s foot heavily stepped on the accelerator, the Hummer began to roar fast and drove straight into the helicopter.

The yelling police was scared for his life and had to swallow the other half of his sentence down. He turned to the helicopter driver and yelled: “Up! Up!”

But it’s too late!

Like a meteor, the Hummer leaped from the rooftop of the building, straight over the head of the helicopter, and the metal bar on the car’s back even hit the helicopter’s rotor wing. Shortly afterwards, a spark lightened up and the two rotor wings of the helicopter momentary distorted before coming to an halt. The big iron lump lost speed and fell down towards the ground; the people inside let out a frightened shriek.

On the other hand, the Hummer leapt into the air, somewhat unbalanced because it hit the helicopter. Seeing that it wouldn’t be able to reach to the building across the street, Shen Yi cried: “Jin Gang!”

Jin Gang replied, not happy at all: “I knew you would count on me.”

He activated Telekinesis, the Hummer roared and broke through the air, charging at the opposite building.

Normally with Jin Gang’s telekinesis, having to control such a big car would be quite hard. Fortunately, the Hummer itself was accelerated by gravity, he just needed to add a little push then it’s already enough. It’s different from stopping for example artillery shells from falling down, since you needed to push them back to stop them, so the energy consumption gets higher.

Even so, the Hummer still couldn’t reach the roof of the building, instead it crashed directly into the middle part of the glass curtain wall.

In the office, a man in a suit had dialed in his phone right at that moment:: “Hey, honey. Believe me, this is a big transaction, if this deal goes well, we will be able to live in a luxury apartment. Yes, you heard it right, in a luxury apartment, do you understand me? . . . What? War? No no, believe me, it’s really safe here, no war, no mutants. … …What am I seeing? Oh my God! It’s a car flying in the sky … … ”

The terrified man wiped his head and looked at the roaring Hummer in the sky flying at him. The hummer flew into the building. In an instant a large number of glass shards drowned the man. He didn’t forget to yell into his phone though.

“War! War everywhere!”


The Hummer broke through a wall inside the building, and after a loud bang it stopped. Trembling and shivering all along, Fatty couldn’t stand this anymore and vomited everything on Hong Lang’s clothes. HongLang, now angered, cursed without pausing.

“Where to??” Shen Yi asked Wen Rou.

Wen Rou replied, helpless: “Can you drive on the stairs?”

“Not necessary.” Shen Yi searched all around. Suddenly his eyes went wide.

Not far away was a large freight elevator.

The Hummer sped past the dumbfounded staff members in the building into the elevator. Wen Rou held her hand out of the car, and with an elegant gesture she lightly pushed the button to the elevator. They went to the ground floor.

On the ground floor a manager was cursing at transporters: “When you put it down, do it with care! These office equipment are worth millions of dollars!”

The freight elevator door slowly opened. A Hummer car drove out, hit and made the office equipment in front of the elevator fly before it broke through the entrance, leaving the building behind while screeching on the way.

Countless dumbfounded people stared at the smoke dissipating from the rear of the car.

One of the transporter asked the manager: “Sir, don’t you need to find them for the compensation?”

The Hummer now was again back on the road, behind them the police cars still chased violently after them. However, a helicopter had been destroyed in this way, so now everybody from the New York police was filled with fear. Even though the whistling sound was still loud, it was recognizable that the chasing speed had slowed down.

“We can’t drive any further!” Because Hong Lang was standing, he could see the farthest. Within a short time he yelled: “There is a large construction site!”

Wen Rou helplessly said: “But there’s nothing like that on the map.”

“What now?” Shen Yi asked Wen Rou: “You still have ten seconds.”

“There is a car wash on the right, are you able to go through it?”

“Even if it’s not possible, it must be possible.” Shen Yi almost crazily switched gears, kept adjusting the direction of the car. The car wash factory wasn’t that far away, it kept getting bigger in front of their eyes.

It could be clearly seen that the cars waiting to be cleaned had been parked in two long lines.

Hong Lang quickly sat back inside the car, re-fastening his seat belt.

The Hummer was unstoppable. It sped on a short slope, rose up high in the sky before falling down on 2 cars, crushing them in the progress, and continued to drive on top of the cars, leaving a road of only smashed cars behind. Under the sudden pressure dozens of car tires exploded in a row. The window glasses also exploded in a chain. One after another burst brightly, showering the place in glass as far as the eye could see, even the roof of the Hummer was completely ruined. Fortunately, the people inside the car didn’t receive any damage at all.

The Hummer went into the washing room headfirst, though once inside, the sound of many collisions and crashes were heard.

When the Hummer came out, the roof completely disappeared, thoroughly turning the car into a cabrio. Although the heads and faces of the people inside the car were dirty with grime, their face couldn’t help but be filled with cheer.

In a blink of an eye, the Cabrio Hummer sped on the highway.

As for those police cars, they had already been left behind long ago.

At this point, the five could finally rest for a while.

Everyone let out a sigh of relaxation.

Jin Gang patted Shen Yi ‘s shoulder and laughed: “I must say, you youngster drove crazy enough! Did you learn how to drive a race car before?

“Before I entered Blood City, I already wanted to escape in a racing car, but later I had to give up on that plan.” Shen Yi replied.

“Why did you stop?” Wen Rou asked.

Shen Yi solemnly replied: “Because China has too many toll stations.”

Jin Gang and Wen Rou laughed at the same time.

Hong Lang stared fiercely at Fatty, before pointing towards his own body covered in Fatty’s vomit and said with hatred evident: “Wipe it clean for me!”

Wen Rou handed over the women skirt she caught before: “If you need to change clothes, I have one.”


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