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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 11

Book 3 Chapter 11: Death Race (Part 2)

A red sports car on the highway drove by rapidly, and a white youth leisurely lit a cigarette.

Next to him, a blonde asked: “How do these Asians know where to find the news, they are not American.”

“How would I know?” the white youth reluctantly said: “But, it seems they are Chinese people. Do you know what is the most populous in Bloody City? It is the f*****g Chinese! Before entering the City is the case, and when you go into the City this situation still exists. And then, no matter which corner of the world you go, you can always see Chinese people, and they really make my blood boil.”

The blonde looked at the mirror from time to time, and muttered softly: “Strange.”

“What’s strange?”

“They did not catch up.”

“That’s normal, we’re much faster than they are.”

“But I always feel that it was too easy. Compared to those damn tasks, adventurers should be more difficult to deal with, isn’t it? Especially the Eastern adventurers. Did they go the other way?” Blonde woman still had some doubts .

“Hey, I grew up in New York, and I can swear the road I chose is the shortest one, when we start to get rid of the mutants, they will still be on the road.

“Are you sure?” The blonde woman drove past a high bridge, then to a roundabout and then down to the bridge. But this time the blonde woman looked at the bridge, her eyes were bulging out of the sockets: “Then can you tell me ­which people are sitting in the car under us?”

The white youth looked under the bridge, and then jumped like there was a fire under his butt: “That cannot be!”

An adventurer who sat in the back, pointed to Shen Yi ‘s car and shouted, “Oh my God, they drilled straight through New York!”

“Damn! We met a group of Chinese lunatics!” The white youth angrily yelled: “Lena! Go pass them!”

“How?” Blonde stunned to ask.

“Run through buildings like them!”

“That’s not possible! This is a sports car, the chassis is too low. It can only run on the flat road, you idiot!” The blonde snappily replied.

“Then we can not let them get ahead, catch up, kill them!” Whispered the white youth.

The blonde woman suddenly accelerated and the sports car rushed forward like an arrow out of archer’s bow. This blonde woman had excellent driving techniques, as there were two large trucks in front of her, and the blonde woman Lena shrieked, “Hold on!”

Her sports car suddenly accelerated. The two wheels of the right side even got straight up in the air, and only two wheels still slid on the ground, and they abruptly passed through the middle of two large trucks.

Around 100 meters later the other

two wheels slammed back to the ground, and in a burst of a rapid turn, the car had been around the bridge into the next corner, right behind the Hummer.

The red on the roof of the sports car slowly recovered, and its hatch opened up to be a convertible.

The white man stood up, holding a heavy machine gun, and began to prepare for the sweep.

At the same time, Shen Yi also saw that the rear view mirror caught the familiar car shadow, and the side of her mouth could not help but twist into a smile.

“There’s danger behind us!” Fatty was aware of the threat from behind.

“What happened?” Hong Lang did not react in time.

“Nothing, just some old friends try to catch up with us.” Shen Yi faintly answered: “Looks like they intend to make a dirty move.”

Her words hadn’t finished, and a series of bullets had poured out from behind.

Shen Yi turned the steering wheel, and bypassed the front of a car, and pulled out the Spirit Flame Gun from Bloody Crest,and  fired behind without looking back.

Wen Rou, Jin Gang and Hong Lang at the same time brought up their weapons, and together fired against the red sports car, as gunfire instantly echoed around loudly.

A bus was in the crossfire, and the driver died on the spot. The whole car toward the side of the road, crashed at the fence, and slowly flopped to the side.

There were a few cars also set on fire from the attack, a few more hit the back  of others as the vehicle behind didn’t brake in time, and instantly the highway was a major traffic accident. A continuous collision was taking place, and the entire highway fell into a state of paralysis at an unprecedented speed.

One car after another was forced to stop, but for the adventurers who started this incident … …

For them, the fight had only just begun.


Two cars on the highway passed by very fast.

This was a rare straight road, and the two cars did not need to experience going through buildings across the city, but it was also the only chance for the red car to catch up with the Hummer.

The heavy machine guns in the white men’s hands continued to sweep in front of them, and sparks went everywhere, but Shen Yi drove the Hummer like a fish in the sea. Very slippery, and from time to time there were other vehicles that became a block for bullets, and when they occasionally hit them they were bullet-proof items, so this gun simply could not form any threat.

“No way, they’ll leave the highway!” Shouted the white man.

He was a native New Yorker, familiar with the terrain here. According to this situation, the Hummer will soon re-enter the scene across the New York. It would make use of its strong advantage of direct access to a high-powered shortcut cut, and their sports car could only take the road.

The blonde female weaver shouted, “Paulo, stop them.”

An adventurer sitting in the back said: “Understood.”

That adventurers raised both hands, the surface of the highway violently shook as if there was an earthquake, and then a large piece of soil slowly rose out of the ground. The originally smooth flat skin suddenly grew a green pox, and blocked the entire road.

Seeing the rise of the earth through the road, Shen Yi  slammed on the brakes. The  hummer issued a sharp scream as it slid to the wall, in the upcoming hit a rapid drift of the emergency stop, steady stop the car. But this way, the original line of the Hummer into a red car and the relative face.

“Damn!” Hong Lang shouted: “They have a ranged spellcaster!”

Shen Yi sneered: “Strong enough to make you lose your calm?”

“It isn’t, but makes it difficult to go.”

“Then we won’t go.” Shen Yi lightly: “Get ready to fight, things before were just warm up.”

Stepping on the accelerator pedal, he drove the Hummer toward the red car. At the same time, Fatty at a very fast speed buffed Mana Shield on himself, and then squatted down.

Seeing the Hummer ferociously approach, that blonde woman’s expression changed greatly: “Damn, he want to crash into us!”

The Hummer Shen Yi drove made a violent swerve and, it looked like the massive crash was imminent.

“Quick, out!” White young man screamed loudly, while digging out guns to fire at the opponent.

The blonde woman’s driving technique was really outstanding, and not only to avoid  them but went straight against Shen Yi’s car, and in the moment they were about to crash, suddenly the car was flipped, and ran on two wheels again as it swiped the Hummer side.

“That woman’s driving skill is very superb!” Wen Rou exclaimed.

“It’ll be useless!” In the Hummer Hong Lang issued a loud roar to the sky, then swiftly and violently jumped toward the red sports car.

The black youth in the sports car also followed, and two people in the air fiercely collided. The black youth threw a few punches to Hong Lang’s lower abdomen. Hong Lang punched the other side of the man’s chin, the two men quickly launched their skills.

“Skill: Armor-Breaking Attack (level 3), Deal normal attack damage with 30 additional damage to an individual target, causes 3 seconds Defensive Stripping effect. Priority 14.”

Skills: Strong Impact (Rank D, Level 5)—Deals (2 x Strength) damage to a single target, with a 10% critical chance. Cost: 3 MP. Cooldown: 1 minute. Priority: 17.

Two large “BANG!”s, and two people at the same time were smacked back down.

At the same time, adventurers on the two cars also attacked each other. Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun shot at that black youth, and  the young white man threw out two flying daggers which pierced Hong Lang.

The black youth was hit by a series of fire-attribute bullets. As he was a Strength-Type adventurer, the bullet damage’s threat to him had been greatly weakened, but that attached fire-attribute damage was really a headache. Immediately his body was on fire. On the other side, that two daggers flying in the air whistled by, and apparently also had great power,

Seeing Hong Lang couldn’t avoid, suddenly the two flying daggers stopped in midair, then after losing kinetic energy automatically fell down.

It was Jin Gang’s Psychic Power which controlled the flying daggers. But, his Telekinesis had just been used once, and the number of natural Psychic Energy restoration wasn’t enough, this moment it was completely used by draining his HP.

Shen Yi’s right hand stretched out, and the Spirit Flame Gun disappeared. What reappeared in his hand was the ordinary gun.

Aimed at Jin Gang, Shen Yi fired two shots.

Two rounds of Cure Bullet  hit Jin Gang’s body, Jin Gang just felt a burst of cooling throughout his body and so began a slow and effective supplement.

At the same time, Hong Lang did a roll in the air, and finally fell back to the Hummer.

Coughing, Hong Lang spit out a big mouth of blood, and cried: “That kid was hurt more than me, ha ha ha!”

He certainly had reason to be happy.

Armor-Breaking Attack and Strong Impact. The two skills in mind did a lot in the exchange, and Hong Lang accounted for a great deal overall. Sunder Armor hit the enemy and while the effect was not as strong as strong impact, but with 3 seconds of Defensive Stripping it was very powerful for his opponent. If the fight had continued, Hong Lang might not be able to take the advantage. But now although Hong Lang’s defense had disappeared, the black youth could not take the chance to attack. Losing the opportunity to continue to attack, the 3 seconds of defensive stripping effect was missed. This had been that black youth’s skill to start a long chain and, this approach was naturally reasonable. But he obviously did not understand improvisation, and ignored the battlefield situation, which resulted in a big loss.

The other side of the remote caster once again stood up. Wen Rou lashed her whip. She was a medium-range attacker, and in this case where they were neither far or near, was suitable for maximum effect.

Skills: Whip Wrapping (Level 3)—Uses whip weapons to wrap the target, making the target temporarily unable to use skills to attack while causing the target to take 5 damage per second. Skill duration depends on the gap of power between the two sides as well as skill level and the opponent’s Will. The greater the gap, the longer the duration. Maximum Time: 18 seconds. Cost: 3 MP. Priority: 14. ”

That meant adventurers who were entangled by Wen Rou, immediately lost the ability to attack.

The blonde female Lena’s left hand was covered in an electric light, and turned around and found a grip on Wen Rou’s whip. A sharp electric light even transferred down the lnegth of Wen Rou’s whip.

Shen Yi’s expression changed: “Wen Rou! Quick, let it go!”

Wen Rou slightly hesitated a moment, and that light that had been along the whip body hit Wen Rou square in the chest.

“Ah!” Wen Rou spit out a mouthful of blood.

Skills: Lightning Flash (level 4): Deal (12 x skill level) damage to the target, cause 3 seconds Paralysis effect, Priority 18. During the Paralysis, the target can not use any skills, if skills are being used which had lower Priority than Lightning Flash, the skill will be interrupted and cause a back-bite effect on the skill user.

Wen Rou had disadvantage due to her skill’s Priority was 4 points lower than that blonde’s skill, so Lightning Flash interrupted Whip Wrapping. Wen Rou was electrocuted by the lightning damage at the same time as her own skill’s back-bite. Fortunately, her skills itself was mainly damage control, and the damage was not strong, so the anti-bite effect was not to be. But, the lightning bolt of light itself made the injury hurt a fair amount.

Wen Rou’s little face instantly went pale.

She who had suddenly lost dozens of points of life was very nauseous..

That blonde woman was already ready to cast the skill once again if needed.

In that white youth’s hands two other daggers appeared again.

Shen Yi’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthless. He did not heal Wen Rou, but took back the pistol, and placed the hand on the body of Jin Gang. Despicable Healing Arts activated: “Jin Gang, control their car!”

Jin Gang bit his lips, and nodded. With Cure Bullet and Despicable Healing Arts ‘s support, Jin Gang also risked his life.

After he left the steering wheel, Shen Yi stepped on the throttle again to rush toward the red sports car.

Opposite adventurers expression greatly changed: “Faster”

“The car can not move! Someone on opponent’s side had Telekinesis!” The blonde Lena shouted.

Shen Yi drove the Hummer and severely damaged the red sports car. Even with how good the blonde woman’s driving skills were she couldn’t avoid it all. The Hummer came from the side of the car and like a crazy bull hit the innocent pedestrians, while the red car was lifted like a toy. Flying to the air, the car’s four adventurers at the same time shouted wildly.

Shen Yi fired the gun over and over, and did not look to see a sports car, as a spread of bullets came out.

The red car raced through the air desperately, and the bullets in the air drew a curved line, as they went into the car’s fuel tank … …

Arc Trajectory (Level 3)—Can visually lock onto 3 targets, Visual Lock duration: 7s, Distance Limit: 300m.

Before Shen Yi crashed to the red sports car, he had locked the target.

His goal was not the adventurers, but the car fuel tank.

Three fire-attribute bullets hit the tank, and the next consequences were obvious.

The sports car was still in midair, when a huge ball of fire exploded from the car.

Four adventurers at the same time jumped out from the car, but the ferocious explosion blast instantly pushed them into the air. Four screaming people were sent flying as if four shells out of a cannon … …

“What  beautiful fireworks!” Wen Rou saw the sports car heavily fall back to the road, blown into a pile of scrap metal, and brilliant laughter billowed forth.

She looked at Shen Yi: “Nicely done.”

Hong Lang whispered softly: “Man raged because his woman was hurt.”

Shen Yi pretended not heard him, and gently grabbed Wen Rou’s hand.

Wen Rou instinctively pulled back, but Shen Yi hold on more tightly and said: “I am healing you.” “Oh.” Wen Rou softly murmured, but her heart felt a hint of disappointment.

Hong Lang asked in surprise: “Shen Yi, you just used your healing skill to heal Jin Gang, right? Don’t you have to wait for a minute before its cooldown ends? Why are you clutching her hand now …”

“Shut up, Hong Lang!” Shen Yi roared.

Wen Rou’s face flushed, and behind her Jin Gang and Hong Lang at the same time exposed same evil smile. The four adventurers after flying out of tens of meters, finally landed back on the ground. Since their physique was much more powerful than ordinary people, they luckily survived, but all were injured. Shen Yi looked at them from distance, and coldly said: “Count them as having good luck, we go onwards.”

Staying here for meaningless fight,  would only delay them and cause unnecessary damage. Shen Yi restarted the Hummer and,  drove toward the destination.

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