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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 12

Book 3 Chapter 12: Face Death With Open Eyes (Part 1)

The ninth hour, 4 pm.

The Hummer finally arrived at the Hudson’s Bay Building on 145th Street.

Shen Yi parked the car by the roadside and Wen Rou opened the map, “This building is a shopping mall, but now it’s closed down. It has a total of 34 floors, was built upon a construction area of 432 square feet and had a total of 12 exits. After the fighting begins, once the situation becomes bad for the mutants, they will try to retreat and escape. We must find a method to cut off all their escape routes, and for that we need enough manpower to solve that problem.”

Hong Lang chatted with Jin Gang, “A ruthless woman can be much more cold-blooded than men.”

Before Wen Rou could raise her whip, Hong Lang laughed and dodged automatically.

“Manpower is not a problem,” Shen Yi also laughed.

He took out the Medal of Honor.

The Medal of Honor projected a hologram screen in front of Shen Yi.

“Please select the number of soldiers you want to summon, elite soldiers require 30 BP per person, ordinary soldiers require 15 BP per person. Once you have selected the soldiers, you can arrange them in separate formations, to facilitate your next summon.”

The hologram screen showed a row of avatars; they were the British paratroopers who fought alongside Shen Yi at the bridge of Arnhem. Beside each soldier’s avatar also listed their attributes, specialty, age and other introductory information. Each of the elite soldier’s’ attributes had different specialties, but the difference was not much, with the average attributes was around 10. They had the following introduction:”Each time the elite soldiers level up, all attributes are increased by 1 point, and the main attributes increase by 3 points. A new skill can be learned every 5 levels. Skill learning requires adventurers to provide BP, and the skill bar has 3 plots.”

Shen Yi could freely select from the list of soldiers available to be recruited.

Lieutenant Colonel Frost and Major Ralph was also in the same column, but Frost’s recruiting price was 100 BP,
Skill 1: Encouraging. For soldiers within one hundred meters around him, increases ranged damage 10%, +1 defense (this effect is limited only to the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers), Priority 10, each level up increases 1 point in Priority.
Skill 2: Blessing. Instantly restores a seriously wounded/dying soldier to full health.

Major Ralph’s recruiting price was 80 BP,
Skill 1: Deathmatch. When the HP of soldiers drop below 30%, the attack damage is increased by 20 percent, +5 defense (this effect is limited to the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers), Priority 10, each level up increases 1 point in Priority.

If Frost or Ralph was killed, proportionally 10 points and 8 points of the Friendliness Rate would be reduced. Each time the two officers levelled up, all their attributes increased by 3 points, and their main attributes increased by 5 points. Their recruitment price also doubled at each level. Frost could learn a skill every 3 levels, skill bar had 5 plots; Ralph could learn a skill every 4 level, skill bar had 4 plots.

Frost or Ralph could be resurrected after the death, but each had only one resurrection opportunity and the resurrection cost was three times the recruitment price.

As for the ordinary soldiers, only their attributes and specialties were introduced, no avatar or name, and their average attributes was 7 points.

Shen Yi chose Frost and Ralph, and then selected 60 elite soldiers and 60 ordinary soldiers, paying 2880 BP in total. It was also thanks to Fatty, if not for him, the BP Shen Yi prepared was really not enough to summon so many soldiers.

The Medal of Honor reminded: “Please select the summon mode.

1: Direct Summon. The soldiers will appear directly by your side.

2: Airborne Summon. The soldiers will parachute in the Mission World at the landing point which can be specified by the summoner (anywhere within one kilometer range in field of vision).

Shen Yi chose a Direct Summon.

The next moment, Lieutenant Colonel Frost, Major Ralph, and 120 heavily armed British paratroopers suddenly appeared around Shen Yi.

The once empty street was suddenly populated by more than a hundred fully-armed men.

Compared to the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion in the World War II mission world, the soldiers who were summoned were more serious, and looked cool and agile. If the former 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers still had their own will, then now they had become downright obedient to Shen Yi’s command as loyal soldiers.

Each soldier carried a walkie-talkie. Shen Yi could directly command them through walkie-talkie. He could also choose to delegate the command and let Frost give order on behalf of him. The World War II mission world had no such advanced communication facilities; but after become summonee of the Medal of Honor, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers that already automatically have this kind of equipment, this could be considered as the only advanced standard equipment.

The moment Frost had appeared, he saluted Shen Yi, “The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion commander Frost reporting for duty, sir. Please give orders”

“Divide the soldiers into three teams.The first team will be responsible for guarding the building and block all the people from the underground garage. Unless with an exception by me or my partner, anyone escapes must be killed on spot. The second team will deploy in the whole street. The third team will follow my partners in implementing the suppression order.” Shen Yi ordered, “the execution time limit is three minutes, start immediately. ”

“As you command, sir!” All the soldiers shouted at the same time.

These soldiers’ personal qualities might be far worse than adventurers’, but they were well trained, had good coordination, strictly implemented the commands, and all had excellent psychological quality. Paratroopers had always been composed of the best soldiers. The task of sneaking behind the enemy lines and using superior forces to ambush ignorant enemy, for them it was a piece of cake, and also commonplace.

Frost waved his arm, 120 paratroopers started to take action at the same time. Although they were many, they hadn’t had the slightest disorder. Frost only made a little gesture a few times and the paratroopers were divided into two teams. A team of paratroopers burst into the building,ambushing the people inside the building, and the other team positioned themselves in the street layout as a line of defense. Only after two minutes, they have been all in place and the whole street was turned into a murderous danger.

At the completion of this step, Shen Yi said with a bit of exciting, “The rest is up to all of you, Fatty and I shall wait at the door.”

Jin Gang and others hesitated, “You’re not coming with us?”

“Someone has to stay outside to make sure our backyard does not catch fire.”

“Then the Killing Point … …”

“Capture a few alive,” Shen Yi lightly said.

“This might not be fair for you … …” Hong Lang still hesitated.

“Go ahead,” Shen Yi interrupted Hong Lang, “I’ve made my decision. Luo Hao, buff Mana Shield onto them and continue doing so before every future battles. If next time, you only buff Mana Shield onto yourself, holding your head and shaking in a corner… I will stuff the gun into your a*****e and then pull the trigger.”

Fatty nodded repeatedly.

Having the Mana Shield, the three of them went towards the underground garage of the building.

It was not long before a gun sounded.

The massacre had officially began …


Shen Yi, reclined in the Hummer with his hands behind his head, and a cigarette dangling from his mouth; smoke curled up, drifting into the air.

Shen Yi’s eyes dazedly stared at the sky, seemed to be thinking about something.

Fatty sat reverently in the seat next to him.

The light of the cigarette flickered, burning down the cigarette a length at a time, showing that the mood of smokers was as uncertain as the cigarette shimmering .

The soot was increasing and Fatty, very consciously, stretched out his hand, so that soot falling in his own hands.

A small amount of ash fell on Shen Yi face, Fatty quickly wiped it off for him carefully.

Shen Yi obscurely looked at Fatty, feeling quite funny.

“Know why I don’t want to go in?” He asked Fatty.

Fatty shook his head.

“Because I do not like killing people who don’t have power to fight back. If I could choose… … I would like my opponent to be a powerful enemy, rather than some innocent mutant, like now. That damn Bloody City is letting us adventurers carry out a genocide.”

“But you’re still doing it,” replied Fatty.

“So, this is life, we always face some problem we do not want to face but still have to face. No matter where we are, it’s the same,” Shen Yi reluctantly shrugged, “We can not resist, but at least we can stay awake.”

He looked at Fatty and suddenly said, “For you, this behavior has always been incomprehensible right? You will never have a hope that’s like mine.”

Fatty slightly nodded, “I am afraid of death. As long as I can survive, I will do anything.”

“But all men must die, don’t they?”

“But it’s always better to live a few more years.”

“Do you feel like living in this way now, it is meaningful to live a few more years?”

Fatty muted.

Shen Yi sat up, took the cigarette out of his mouth and shoveled it into Fatty’s face, giving out a slight “tzzz” noise.

The cigarette made a small bubble burn on Fatty’s face.

Fatty didn’t even dare to move.

“Look at you, do you think it’s meaningful to live like this? I can toy with you as long as I want and you do not even have the power to resist. Do you think it’s worth it?” Shen Yi stared at him.

Angered by his unwillingness to fight!

Fatty shivered a bit: “I … … I do not know, I just fear … …”

“Why do you fear?”


“Because it is your instinct!” Shen Yi immediately said, “But you have to understand that the reason why people are human, is because we have both sensible and emotional sides. On the one hand, we are emotional animals, subject to emotions and the instinct to instigate.However, on the other hand, we also have ability to reason, know what to do and what not to do. Many times we could go and should have gone to overcome some bad instincts! Now I ask you, you know why death is terrible? ”

Fatty blankly shook his head.

“Because it cannot be reversed. You can only experience the human life once, and after death, you can not live again. No one alive can truly tell you what death is like. Precisely because of this, before it occurs, you will never have the experience of it.The difficult of survival in the ancient times have branded the fear of the unknown into our genes. It is the caution out of fear that makes the human grow and prosper. Therefore, it is because of the unknown, unrepeatable or irreversible things that we maintain a great caution, and it accumulates and then changes into fear. This is the nature of why the living is afraid of death! So death is a natural part of the life process, it is indispensable, it is not terrible in itself. We fear death because we do not understand it, we can not repeat it, we can not experience it, we can not reverse it … do you understand?”

Fatty stared bewilderedly at Shen Yi, as he did not understand at all why Shen Yi told him these things.

Shen Yi sighed, “What I just said, is the law of things running on Earth, but here is Bloody City. In this place, death is not something that can’t be repeated, can’t be experienced, can’t be reversed…”

Looking at Fatty, Shen Yi gently patted his face. Due to his high Vitality, the small burn mark on his face was rapidly disappearing.

“Luo Hao, I just want to tell you that in the new world, there is a need for new rules, and a new psychological adaptation process. Your fear of death and danger is meaningless here, it will not help you as it helped human to survive and prosper on the earth, but will become your obstacles of getting stronger. This kind of psychological function and a physical function, the sense of pain, have both become meaningless. They are redundant and unnecessary. You have to learn to abandon them.

“But I …”

“I know that you have Danger Perception, but that just makes you feel dangerous, not to let you fear the dangers. The two are completely different, right?” Shen Yi smiled: “You said that the feeling is like throwing you down from tens of thousand of meters high without a parachute, didn’t you? Yes, it is indeed terrible. But if I were in that circumstance, when I know there is no chance of survival, I will simply enjoy the scenery of the rapid fall, try if I can lit a cigarette in such a strong wind. I will turn somersaults and do gymnastics, or even untie my pants and pee into the sky, laughing out loud … … The real fear is not death, but your own heart. Try to keep calm and restrained in great danger, and if you can, you will grow up at last.

As he spoke, Shen Yi lay down.

“Do you know the difference between men and women?” he said in a lazy tone, “when a woman faces a thrusting blade, she closes her eyes and scream; when a man faces an overwhelming threat, he glares and yells back. Think carefully, Luo Hao. When you are in danger, you want to open your eyes or close them?”

Fatty, as if was struck by a lightning, was motionless.

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